The 5 Benefits of Hiring a Remote Developer for Jobs

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Written By Nikunj Shingala

With the growing development of technological advancements, the present era is looking at a big transformation.

The huge changes we have seen over the last two decades. The big turn in values, ideas, workforce, and human intention is a different era with new desires and requirements.

Trends are changing rapidly and with the lack of ease and comfort in life, the courage of people toward a 9 to 5 job is decreasing. This schedule binds them and slows down their growth. Therefore, remote developers, freelancers, and digital nomads are getting attention from almost all industries.

In case you are running an IT industry or a corporation involved in the software development business, hiring a dedicated team of developers is your first need. But, choosing between full-time employees or hiring remote developers is not an easy decision.

A decade ago, employers were not interested in hiring remote employees but with the changing time and conditions of the world, their mindset has changed. 

Hiring remote programmers doesn’t mean that they are not productive and can’t deliver the project. These professionals have the same or more expertise as your full-time developers may have.

Hiring remote workers is always beneficial in terms of cost-savvy and lots of options for choosing the best talent.

The 5 Benefits of Hiring a Remote Developer for Jobs in 2020

How do remote developers help you?

You can expect the same workforce from remote developers. They can offer you the same service as an office employee.

However, they don’t come to your office and can work from any part of the world. These professionals take responsibility for different tasks like designing layouts, building prototypes, webpages, writing easy codes, and others that are required for your project. 

With the lots of advantages associated with remote employees, one of the benefits is that you can hire them as per your need without the need of paying them monthly even without work. You can get them for one-time requirements, developing a website, page, or social media integration tasks.

Remote hiring saves workers as well as the employer money. If businesses hire remote workers even for half the time then they will save an average of $11000 per year and workers would contribute more than $700 billion in national savings.

This statistic is just a single piece of data showing the benefits of hiring remote developers today.

Below are some skills you can check while hiring remote developers for jobs:

  • Experience in programming
  • Understanding of APIs
  • Understanding of widgets and plug-ins
  • Know the usage of libraries
  • Understand the general coding standards
  • Ability to ensure cross-device and cross-browser compatibility
  • Aware of the user interface design
  • Strong skills in developing a strong and quality product as per your requirements 

The roles and responsibilities performed by remote developers are no less than an office developer. Most of the time they bear the same responsibilities. 

Here we have described some of the top five benefits of hiring remote developers for jobs. Let’s start the journey.

1. Remote developers are highly productive

Most of the time companies hire software developers as per their productivity and their skills to complete the task within tight deadlines.

Many times we have seen that people feel mental stress in full-time office jobs due to boundaries and time durations. But a remote developer never feels such type of work stress and can be more productive to deliver your task in the minimum time.

Remote work means job satisfaction. According to the reports, 53.3 per cent of developers preferred remote working while searching for a new job. They choose it due to the highest job satisfaction.

Remote developers are free to work as per their time zone. They can be more productive and deliver the task assigned by you even during the halftime of an 8-hour employee along with lunch break, tea, coffee, and snacks.

It is beneficial to hire remote developers and assign your task to them. Don’t try to pressurize them and let them work at their comfort level. You can tell them the number of hours to complete the job and hire them on an hourly basis; this is not possible with an office employee. This will give you a huge benefit in terms of cost-saving and time.

While developers will also feel happy and comfortable while working at their place. This comfort level is mainly responsible for making them more productive. 

2. Robust company communication

Hiring remote employees always tend to strengthen communication for companies. What is the reason for it?

The main cause of better communication practices is that remote companies rarely rely on face-to-face interaction with their employees. So, they always need to describe the whole task in written communication, which is an additional benefit and a plus point of remote hiring.

There is less fragmentation among remote workers. When we talk about web development and app development projects then written communication is the best way to give the details of the job.

The 5 Benefits of Hiring a Remote Developer for Jobs in 2020

3. Cost-savvy

If you set up a decent workplace or office infrastructure along with the best architectural design, system infrastructure, sitting arrangements, technology execution, and an appealing environment for your employees then you have to spend a good amount.

But remote developers don’t require your physical infrastructure from your side so there is no need to spend any amount on infrastructure with them.

On the other hand, if you hire full-time employees on monthly salaries then it becomes essential to pay their wages whether you have worked for them or not. But, with the remote developers, there is no need to pay them any fixed amount as you can hire them as per your project requirements, hourly basis, and others.

Additionally, there is no need to pay them a package to do the job. This has made remote hiring a boon for start-up businesses, that don’t have sufficient amount to rent or purchase office space. Start-up businesses can easily put up all benefits at a lesser cost by hiring remote developers.

4. Flexibility in working hours

Flexibility in working hours is the biggest advantage of remote working. It plays a major role in giving comfort to the developers and helps them increase productivity.

Remote developers generally give you a timeline to make the job done in this way you can choose the best timing as per their comfort to get the best possible results.

So, there is no need to keep a record of their working hours, in this manner you can focus more on your core activities. Hence, it is fruitful for both employee and employer. 

5. Higher retention

Remote developers always offer high retention rates. Most the employees say that they can be more loyal to their employer if they get flexible working hours.

In this way, they also give direction to remote working opportunities. Also, shifting of homes can’t affect your work as remote developers don’t face any issues in their position.


The benefits of hiring remote developers are not limited. Remote hiring always gives productivity and financial benefits for both company and employees.

To get a higher volume of skilled people and better work-life balance at a decreased cost you should hire a remote workforce or remote developers.

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