How to Get Backlinks: Seven Strategies That Don’t Need New Content

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Inbound or incoming links are the links from one website to a page on another website; they are also called external links or backlinks.

Backlinks act as a ladder to increase the organic reach of a page. Authentic backlinks increase the search engine rankings of a site. Backlinks increase a page’s credibility; it is an indirect way of boosting another website’s useful content.

Companies who want to create a partnership with new businesses create their page’s backlink on their website. Never compromise on the quality of incoming links.

Also, look for a trusted website. Fake external links are not helpful; search engines cannot recognize the address, so your website pages fail to make it in the top search engine rankings.

Here are seven good strategies that can help you to get backlinks without updating the content:

1. Donation

When websites donate to a non-profit organization, they earn free backlinks. It is an easy and fast way of increasing your backlinks and organic search.

Search for websites that need donations and are related to your niche; this method is a win-win situation for both parties.  Dropping your website link on these platforms boosts your organic reach as more people will search your page.

You can check backlinks after the donation to see the donation’s effectiveness. Finding these websites will take time and double-check to confirm the authenticity of the sites.  Many people use the following combination to search for websites that need donation:

Donation + contributors + your keyword

You can check different combinations for searching. This way of increasing your valuable SEO backlink does not require content. The non-profits can link to you when they notice your cause. 

2. Arrange Interviews

When you build your website, invest in improving the quality of the content. Once you excel in your niche, and the content is ready, you will not need to update it every time.

Other websites can interview you and link to your website. Getting interviewed becomes easy when the market contributors are sure about your excellent grip on your niche.

The number of online audiences is increasing and gives access to people all around the globe. Reach out to the group who carry out regular interviews.

3. Contact Influencers

Get Good Backlinks: 7 Strategies That Don't Need New ContentThe marketing strategies are continuously evolving. To stand out from the content noise, you can contact influencers.

Influencers get in touch with another section of society; they know how to reach out to the public and media to impact substantially.

You can send a proposal to an influencer and tell them about your services and business. Interested influencers will contact you and create their content to advertise your website.

Your task is to send proposals and all the necessary information and products to them. When these influencers link to you, it will increase your page reach and generates a high-quality backlink for your site.

4. Use Social Media for Backlinks

Almost every industry is using the power of social media to increase their organic reach. The average social media user rate is much higher than other platforms.

If your website is facing backlink issues, you can create a social media presence and link it to your website. News agencies, businesses, and services are using their technique to raise their search engine ranking.

News agencies post only a news headline on social media and link their website there; users who want to know the complete news click on the link to read the whole story. 

5. Learn From Your Competitors

Keep an eye on the digital market trends; if your competitors are performing better, it means they are utilizing their resources well.

Analyzing your competitor’s backlink techniques is a professional way of assessing the competition in your industry. Check their number of backlinks and prepare a guideline for your website pages.

Hire a professional to fix the SEO backlink algorithms; sometimes, the problems are complex and need a detailed professional review. Use the information from your competitor’s site and apply it to your backlink building.

6. Use Infographics

When you design your website, consider infographics to deliver your message. Infographics are a combination of images, charts, and texts; it is a great way to gain users’ attention.

Always try to focus on the design and make it creative with well-researched statistics. Sites looking for information from your niche will backlinks your website page and expand its reach.

This way of increasing your backlink circle is operative and cost-effective. When the search results appear on the user’s screen, the colors and graphics attract more audience.

7. Broken-link building 

Get Good Backlinks: 7 Strategies That Don't Need New ContentThrough broken-link building, you contact other websites and webmasters to correct your present website page address.

You can also report another website’s broken link, and they will take care of it. It gives you a chance to build a professional connection with other sites. They will appreciate your efforts by linking your site’s address on their page.

The Final Word

Backlinks help readers to move from one website to another without exiting from the page. Google uses this backlink to create the ranking of a website on the search engine.

Unworthy backlinks decrease the search engine ranking of websites. Many website owners think their content is not up to the mark and focus on recreating their content. They miss building important backlinks without renewing their current range.

There are two kinds of backlinks; follow backlink and non-follow backlink. Contact influencers create a social media presence, and you can have a significant amount of backlinks.

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