Role of Artificial Intelligence for SEO Success In 2021

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Written By Ankit Patel

Artificial intelligence has been impacting greatly for the past few years and this is a very good topic to discuss. In the present era of digital marketing, one of the biggest trends is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What Is (AI) Artificial Intelligence?

In simple and understandable language, Artificial Intelligence is a kind of program training smart devices, computers, and robots to think and act like us humans.

AI does not require any human interference to make any decision. It has been programmed in such a manner to make decisions on its own.

It is because of AI the systems simulate human actions and perform even the most complex jobs just like we humans do. The chances of accuracy and success are so high in digital marketing because of AI.

How Artificial Intelligence Has Helped in SEO Success?

Search engines are not following the same algorithms. A huge transformation is clearly visible in SEO. The manner we used to search in 2008 is completely different from today’s searching practice.

The evolving and sophisticated technology has changed the search pattern entirely. Today, the old search practices are considered unethical and spam.Role of Artificial Intelligence for SEO Success In 2021

To provide a person with the best matching and relevant results, search engines make use of AI. Hence, it is advisable to get acquainted with this too and acquire it for formulating strategies for the success of SEO.

Old strategies failed to bring the target audiences to a particular website because these keywords of low volume were often different from the user intent or main business operation. Due to this, the marketers too failed to deliver relevant results to their prospective clients. Thanks to AI, together with keyword selection various SEO tasks got simplified.

With AI, you not only succeed at SEO but also get the ranking for your page as you want. You also get the opportunity of creating better content as well as SEO strategies.  Let us get to know in detail, what will be the role of Artificial Intelligence behind the success of SEO in 2021:

1. AI-Powered Voice Search

The popularity of voice search is gradually rising; hence it has become very essential to make use of this trendiest technology – Artificial Intelligence and optimize the website fully to provide the best matching results.

Google is the biggest search engine that trusts in AI to provide reliable and relevant results to the search queries of the users. 

People prefer voice searches more to find recipes, directions, or to find a nearby café, etc. Devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home enable the user to search by their commands.

You can grab the opportunity of appearing on voice searches if you make your website compatible with voice searches.

2. AI For Insightful Content

AI helps you in creating supportive and insightful content. Nowadays, different search engines are used by internet users to search for relevant and exact results. However, this is true that the search engine will search for the most matching website that is using the same sentences or keywords and lists those websites.

For example, when you type a search query “Which is the best Web Series on Netflix?” Google will automatically list the website that is answering the same question.

Also, the search engine will provide a list of related searches which you can view for more knowledge. Here Google will use RankBrain artificial algorithm that processes the query, recognizes the relevant answers, and delivers the matching results.

With AI SEO, you can earn heavy traffic towards your website and can get your website listed at the top. Peek into consumer behavior using different Artificial Intelligence tools and unearth insights for creating more informative and compelling content. 

3. AI Improves Your Digital Marketing

AI is going to change the formula and technique in which you have been handling your business digital marketing to date.

AI generates reports for SEO tools that will make it possible for you to facilitate and accept new strategies. Online marketing has been completely transformed by AI and now you can:

  • Make use of AMP for minimizing the loading time of your website and improve your ranking on different search engines. 
  • Provide your customers with a personalized and enhanced user experience via chatbots, push notifications, and micro-interactions.
  • Link the core content with the sub-content nodes and enhance your ranking as well as performance.
  • Predict the purchasing behavior of your website visitors or customers and pump up your sales.

4. AI Optimizes Content Strategy

With the evolving ML technology, it has become easier for AI to help search engines in comprehending visual content also.

As of now, when web browsers can clearly understand different languages, they can swiftly perform searches made via voice commands and display the relevant videos, images, and content.

This is the reason why businesses are creating and implementing powerful content marketing tactics, which can be allied better with voice search and visual content.

Other than this, AI tools help in gathering reliable event data for a better understanding of internet user’s behavior on social media and for analyzing how they respond and interact with the websites. This tool helps you in identifying the gaps and loopholes in your content marketing strategy as well as offers data-driven critical insights for developing a more precise and detailed consumer persona. 

Boost your content’s visibility and extend business outreach by focusing more on keyword targeting, optimizing descriptions, and other related SEO metrics.

5. AI Creates Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Unleash real-time analytics’ true potential. AI-powered strong analytics solutions bestow an inclusive blend of technologies, infrastructures, and reporting paradigms.

With the help of AI, make your business services more accessible as it enables you to check the progress of your business visibility on the internet.

You can get exact analytics and reports through Artificial Intelligence for developing the right strategy for enhancing your online command. You can make use of these analytics to:

  • Evaluate the traffic to your website or app
  • Perform an all-inclusive search demand’s visual analysis
  • Collect insightful data regarding your visitors
  • Measure buyer personas on the basis of users’ activity
  • Find out conversions by item category and with segmentation
  • Respond to different streaming queries, requests, and values
  • Generate precise custom reports
  • Track the progress and performance of your content and web pages

6. Hyper-Personalization

Role of Artificial Intelligence for SEO Success In 2021

Hyper-personalization is something that helps you in developing a healthy relationship with your customers. A client would always appreciate when you show interest in their unique concerns and needs and assist him by delivering him an enhanced engaging experience.

By using AI in hyper-personalization, you can better understand the persona of the buyer so that it becomes easy for you to personalize the product and message as per the expectations of an individual. This leads to more traffic and high ranking.

7. Local Search

SEO professionals very well know what it means to rank on the first page of the local SEO like Google.

To get incredible and outstanding solutions to rank at the top, you need to make use of AI tools. AI tools are being utilized by most SEO companies while planning marketing plans for their clients to keep their ranks on the first page of search engines.

8. AI Helps in Creating Topic Cluster & Pillar Page

AI is considered the best strategy for helping brands produce content for any given category. Therefore, for creating topic clusters and pillar pages in a streamlined manner, AI is deployed.

HubSpot, one of the tools of AI is said to be the sophisticated ML used for understanding the themes, which search engines link with your published content. Also, it suggests building an ideal pillar plan for capturing search traffic.

Pillar Pages basically form the outline for the topic that has to be covered. From these pages, answers to the main questions of your website visitors regarding your business can be given. 

Whereas Topic Clusters are those pages that are linked up with the pillar pages. These pages can be anything videos, blogs, or content. These pages help you in:

  • Enhancing the architecture of your website
  • Making it easy for the search engines to determine related content
  • Create an enhanced user experience
  • Boost visibility on search engine 


With the help of AI you can provide:

  • Unique landing pages
  • Dynamic pages
  • Enhanced user experiences on the basis of the consumer behaviors and data

All these above-mentioned things will obviously lead you towards SEO success. Artificial Intelligence-based tools make it easy to predict the performance of the content on search engines.

AI uses the right keywords and helps you in triggering your potential consumers with the right emails. Therefore, AI has influenced many marketers and they are using AI to achieve SEO success and improve their page rankings on search engines. 

With the change in the customer’s searching pattern, search engines will keep on evolving to provide them with the most appropriate search results.

From making use of the right high-volume keywords to generating the right emails, whatever comes in between the influence of AI in SEO, in 2021, AI is going to be the technical partner of the search engines as it will help in improving the SERP.

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