Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Friendly Traffic From Twitter

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Written By Ibrahim Dahy

Generating traffic to your affiliate website is very important if you want to make sales.

The more traffic coming into your website means that more people will be reading your product reviews, and potentially clicking on your affiliate links. With all the obvious benefits of generating traffic, it is still something that many affiliate marketers struggle with.

Affiliate marketing is a form of business just like any other online business that will benefit from any online traffic source. These are some of the traffic sources and techniques you can use on your affiliate website:

  • SEO (Organic Google traffic)
  • Paid Ads (PPC, banners, solo ads…etc)
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…etc)

Some of the above traffic sources are free and others are paid.

But I want to show you how you can utilize free social media websites, and in particular Twitter, to generate quality and targeted traffic to your affiliate website.

Twitter is a massive social media platform with 100s millions of active users spread across every possible affiliate niche. Tapping into this massive source of traffic will help your affiliate marketing business in a great way.

How to Do Twitter Keyword Research For Affiliate Websites

Unlike the Google keyword tool, there is no official tool that Twitter provides for doing keyword research and getting traffic data.

But I will show you a simple trick you can use to find out how much traffic your niche keyword is getting searched. This should give you an idea of what kind of traffic you can expect to your affiliate website.

The trick is searching Twitter for your niche keyword and find out how much traffic the top websites received.

So enter your niche keyword in Twitter and switch to the “Live” tab:

Twitter Keyword Research

This should return to you a list of all recent tweets related to your keyword.

From these tweets, you need to find the ones that are promoting their websites using a URL shortening service:

Twitter Keyword Research

The tweet in the above screenshot is by an affiliate marketer who is promoting a weight loss product.

If you can find out how much traffic she generated, you can know if Twitter has high searches for this particular keyword.

Twitter has URL shortener services like and provide click stats for any of their URLs and they provide daily and monthly click stats.

Enter “+” at the end of the links or links to get the traffic data:

Twitter Keyword Research: Traffic data

Hovering over those blue bars will show you the daily traffic amount this link received.

How to Get Twitter Traffic to Your Affiliate Website Product Reviews

Now that you have determined that your niche has many active users on Twitter, it is time to find out a way to direct this traffic to your product review pages.

The best strategy is to constantly post a niche relevant tweet along with the URL of your product review page. What happens when you post a tweet is that Twitter will place your tweet along with your link at the top of search results.

So anyone searching for your niche keyword (which should be included in your tweet) will find your link as well and click on it. You need to post around 5 tweets per day and spread them across different times of the day.

This will ensure that your tweet and your links get the maximum exposure for anyone searching your niche keyword. Avoid inserting your affiliate link directly in your tweet (although it is allowed by Twitter).

Getting people to read a product review is much better than a sales letter. That’s because people on Twitter are not mainly looking to buy anything but rather read information and socialize.

Sales letters directly sell your products, but you can write your product review to be informational and at the same time promotes your affiliate product.

For example, if I am to promote a “protein powder” product, then my product review can be a recipe for how to create smoothies. And at the end of the product review, I can recommend my product since it is used in the recipe.

Getting Twitter Traffic to Your Product Reviews

Doing List Building with Twitter for Affiliate Websites

List building is a great affiliate marketing strategy that allows you to build long term traffic and sales assets.

Many super affiliates generate 6 figure profits just from promoting their products to their list and that is not counting the regular traffic they receive on daily basis.

Twitter if used effectively can help you build your list of subscribers and then you can promote any of your affiliate products to this list. To be able to do list building using Twitter, you need mainly three things:

  • A leads capture page (i.e. squeeze page).
  • Autoresponder service
  • Free PDF guide or mini-ebook

Squeeze pages (sometimes called landing pages) allow you to offer free stuff in exchange for targeted emails, and they look like this:

Squeeze pages (Landing Pages)

Autoresponder services are specialized companies that handle the technical aspects of email marketing.

The top autoresponder companies are:

  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • MailChimp

They store your list of subscribers and allow you to send newsletters and promotional emails in a very easy manner. You might be thinking: Can’t I just send emails by myself?

Well, email marketing is not that simple. When you send an email, you are not actually the one sending it but your hosting company does.

And for your email message to be delivered to the inbox of your subscribers (not the spam box), then the sending company (web host) need to have a high reputation.

Those autoresponder companies have this kind of reputation that deliver your email message to 1000s of subscribers with 1 click and right into their inbox.

Creating a free PDF guide is what will make users subscribe to your list and give you their emails.

You also get the added benefit of boosting your authority. If you are providing a helpful and information-rich guide, then your subscribers will know that you are an expert in your niche.

All this increases your chance of making many affiliate sales. Now that you have your squeeze page ready to receive subscribers, you need to start promoting this squeeze page to your niche on Twitter.

Collect gurus’ accounts by searching Twitter for your niche keyword and switching to the “Accounts” tab:

Doing List Building with Twitter

Find accounts with high followers and low following ratio:

List building with Twitter

This ensures that those are gurus and they don’t have fake followers.

Now open up the “Followers” page to see the list of people interested in your niche. You then start sending them a tweet that tells them to go to your squeeze page to download your free PDF guide.

To contact anyone on Twitter without using “Direct Message”, you can write a normal tweet and add “@PERSON” in your tweet text:

List Building On Twitter

They will then find your message in their “Notification” tab and read it.

Since those are people who are interested in your niche, many of them will click on your squeeze page link to download your free PDF guide and give you their emails.

Conclusion: Generating traffic to your affiliate website with Twitter

Twitter is a good source of traffic for affiliate websites just like many other social media sites. You need to be able to use it in a smart way and not overdo it so you can avoid your account getting closed.

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