5 Solid Reasons Why Good Web Design is Important For Your Business

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Written By Anna Wattson

Are you looking for a website that represents your business and provides value to your customers?

By now, millions of businesses know that having a great website design is as important as their business is. Why? Because it shows how professional or good you are at your business.

After all, your online presence plays a critical role in your business and it can make or break your business. But this doesn’t stop at just having a website design, there are a few more steps that you need to take. 

If you’ve spent any time thinking about how to create a web presence for yourself on the web, you’ve heard of WordPress. It is one of the key content management systems (CMS) people use to design their websites and go online.

However, many people try to design a website on their own and don’t want to hire a WordPress agency to help them. Although this is not a bad approach, it has remarkable downsides that you need to be aware of.

In this article, we aim to bear these downsides and put them on the forefront. 

Why Website Design is Important?

Website Design for Business: 5 Solid Reasons to Start NowAs you look into designing your website, you may wonder about the importance of website design.

For many small businesses, especially if you have limited technical skills and a low budget. And investing in a professional and responsive website design may seem risky and daunting. 

Besides, many studies found that having a responsive and good web design is essential and affects a business’s online presence and customer experience. So as the lead generation, sales, and revenue of your business.

Why Website Design Matters?

The reason why your website design is important is that is what your customers care about. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we’ll react to visuals, and people are naturally like and trust good visuals and design.

When it comes to website design, your visitors will judge your business based on your design and visuals, and if your website has pr visuals – they’ll leave.

Here are some amazing eye-opening facts about why you should invest in a good website design:

  • According to CXL, it only takes 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form a first impression of your website.
  • Another study by CXL in which British researchers show that 94 percent of user’s first impressions on healthcare websites were related to web design.
  • In a statistic report by BrandWatch, it was found that 75 percent of users make a decision about a company’s credibility based on their web design.
  • According to Sweor, 38 percent of users don’t engage with a website if the layout and the content are disturbed or unattractive.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the points why you should invest in good website design for your business.

1. Web Development is Becoming More and More Complex 

Early websites required little more than just other basic features, so learning the knowledge required wasn’t a daunting task for aspiring web developers. But with the increasing pace of technological advances and the increasing complexity of web technologies, pros with specialized knowledge may be a better bet.

Ideally, the web development team you hire will consist of at least one person who has a broad understanding of the programming and development issues that pertain to your service. This is to make sure you easily communicate with the web agency and tell them what you exactly need. 

2. It Takes Less Time for A Web Dev Agency to Deliver Results 

Website Design for Business: 5 Solid Reasons to Start NowDo you want to finish the project as fast as possible? Does the delivery date of the website matter to you?

Are you exploiting some business opportunity that is time-sensitive and you need the website almost immediately? 

Well, an agency is going to be much quicker than doing it yourself. Not only do they have more experience with WordPress, but they also have a full-fledged team capable of tackling the task systematically and quickly.

It is going to be much more efficient than a one-man job. If you care about deadlines and want quick results, this is the way to go! 

3. They Have the Expertise Necessary to Make Your Website Visible 

Imagine this: you design an excellent website with the latest techniques and technologies. A website that is gorgeous to look at and functions smoothly.

What next? How you’ll get people to your website? How you’ll make your website visible on search engines like Google? Do you know how to market your website correctly? 

Learning how to increase a website’s visibility is essential for its success. It doesn’t matter how good the design is if nobody is going to lay eyes on it. This is where a web development agency comes in.

A web development agency has the SEO and marketing skills necessary to allow you to create a website that will be visible to potential visitors: a website that pops up in local search engines when people look things up, a website that can be used to effectively market online. 

4. Delegation is Necessary For Today’s Economy

What do you do for work? What do you do after work? How much money does an hour of your time cost? These are all important questions a businessman needs to be asking themselves.

Time is money, and if you are going to spend a whole lot of it developing a website, it behooves you to learn what the alternative costs. 

Web development is painfully slow, especially for people who don’t have a lot of experience, and if you are a busy, productive person, this time might be better spent elsewhere. This is why delegation is such an important force in today’s economy. It might even save you money.  

5. It Helps in Building Credibility

Website Design for Business: 5 Solid Reasons to Start NowWhen someone visits your website, they form a first impression of your business. As mentioned above, it takes them 50 milliseconds to judge your business. At this time, you have to deliver a positive impact on your audience. Or, that’ll hurt your business credibility.

Having a website helps a lot in building the credibility of your business. In today’s digital marketplace, businesses that don’t a website are considered less credible.

The reason is simple, companies who have a website, gain more credibility because people think that those businesses that don’t have maybe hiding something or unprofessional

You must be thinking, how a website can help me in building credibility? Here is the answer, it allows customers to see all about your company like how much experience you have, your background, client’s portfolio, testimonials, your pricing, and many other factors.

In addition to showcasing your services or products, you can also describe your company’s mission to your customer to help them better understand your business. By doing this, you are creating a bond with your customers and establishing trust, which is the essential pillar of a long term relationship.

When a customer comes to find an online business, he wants to know the company’s status in the marketplace. Where a brand or this company stands in the industry. You can use the content on your website to help your customers know your service or product more.

By providing valuable and educational content, you can build good relationships with your readers and then convert them into customers.

Your website not just only gives you an opportunity to build credibility but also sets you apart from the competition in the marketplace.

Every company has different and unique content. That means you have an amazing opportunity to show leads and customers through your content. You have to stay one step ahead of your competitors.


If you want to have more leads and sales for your business, then you must go online and capture the international marketplace.

These days, almost every business has a website. According to the SBA, only 64 percent of small businesses (the US only) have a website. This means a lot of business opportunities are waiting for you. So, prepare your business to go online and grab those opportunities.

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