Why Superior Residential Proxies are Taking Over the Market

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Proxies have increasingly become a vital part of a business. But why do we think residential proxies are taking over the market?

Ideal residential proxies provide the option of targeting locations like countries and cities. This means they are attached to a real location, making them more trustworthy to most websites

Requests sent through a residential proxy are HTTP encrypted, which guarantees high-level online security and anonymity. These advantages make residential proxies a popular choice for both personal and business use.

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What are proxies?

In short, proxies are gateways between you and the website you want to access. They act as a shield to hide an IP address. 

For example, when you want to maintain anonymity in online activities, proxies receive your requests and forward them to the relevant servers on your behalf. They also send the response back to you, ensuring your real IP address is masked

The most common types of proxies are Residential Proxies and Data Centre Proxies.

What are Residential Proxies?

What are Residential Proxies?

It is a proxy that uses a genuine IP address called a residential IP address. This address is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and it is attached to a physical location. 

This means that when browsing the internet, the websites you visit can see an actual location say, a precise home address. Due to their location precision, sites tend to trust residential proxies as opposed to others that are not attached to any physical location.

Residential proxies can undergo anti-scraping measures which lower their tendency to get blocked by the site. They can also imitate normal human behaviour online and provide you with a higher success rate for it to run smoothly. 

What are Datacenter Proxies?

Unlike residential proxies, data centre proxies are not attached to a physical IP address, so they have nothing to do with an internet provider. They are acquired in bulk, which means one has a variety of IP addresses to choose from.

Before we look at the reasons why residential proxies are dominating the market, here is how they help a business:

  • Balancing web traffic.
  • Web scraping.
  • Online security.
  • Promoting online anonymity.
  • Improving network speed.

So, what makes residential proxies superior?

If you are planning to buy residential proxies, make sure that they are recommended by professionals. All things that are of good quality come with a price so avoid those who are offering them for free.

Setting up a residential proxy should not be something you should worry about since your proxy provider will give you a guide on how to correctly set up these.

There are also a lot of helpful resources online for various proxy setups. Do your research before purchasing a residential proxy and consider checking out the following:

Why Superior Residential Proxies are Taking Over the Market

1. Real and legit

One of the challenges that businesses face in web scraping is being blocked from accessing and retrieving data from target websites. 

Residential proxies display authentic regional IP addresses, making them trustworthy to many websites. This helps businesses conduct their online activities without suspicion. 

2. Ad verification

Online marketing is getting bigger every day. Businesses are investing a lot of resources in online ads to reach customers across different regions.

Hackers are aware of this, and one of the ways they steal revenue is through fake ads. Companies are using residential proxies to see if ads shown in other countries during their ad campaigns are real.

It also helps website owners verify if ads displayed on their sites are genuine. Ad verification also helps to ensure your competitors don’t use the internet to tarnish your brand. 

3. High-level anonymity and online security

These features are the top-most priority among businesses when choosing a residential proxy.  Every business has online activities that they would like to conduct anonymously.

As mentioned above, residential proxies use a legitimate IP address, so while browsing, there is no indication that one is using a proxy. This makes them a great choice for businesses looking for high-level anonymity.

Shared proxies such as data centre proxies are likely to be abused, exposing you to malicious online activities. Residential proxies, on the other hand, offer a superior layer of security to safeguard your organization against malicious activities like data breaches. They minimize security vulnerability. 

4. Best for data scraping

Data scraping is an automated process of gathering data from websites and exporting it into a usable form. It is a way for businesses to collect information about their competitors’ customers and products.  

Residential proxies are excellent for companies undertaking large-scale web scraping because they allow continuous rotation of IPs. Good quality residential proxies mimic human behaviour while gathering data. This helps to avoid blocks and being perceived as a bot.

5. Better internet marketing

The internet is an effective marketing platform, but it is also extremely competitive. One of the best ways to survive in online marketing is to stay ahead of competitors by gathering information on how they do things.

Residential proxies can help make use of social media campaigns, email, and ad automation to improve market reach. They can also be used for social media management. A business can create and manage many social media accounts seamlessly.

6. Pricing intelligence

Price intelligence is vital to a business. It helps to know how market prices are affecting purchasing decisions and business performance thereof. 

Residential proxies are useful in tracking and monitoring data about product prices in different marketplaces. This information helps to improve the business’ pricing strategy.

Why are residential proxies popular?

Why are residential proxies popular?

These are the top reasons why residential proxies are taking over the market:

  • Real and legit.
  • Ad verification.
  • High-level anonymity and online security.
  • Best for data scraping.
  • Better internet marketing.
  • Pricing intelligence.

The business world has become data-driven. Many businesses want to be able to mine data effectively without being blocked or compromising their online security, especially since more and more transactions are transitioning online.

No one wants to be mistaken as bad automated bots. That is why residential proxies are starting to be in great demand with many businesses. 

The authenticity of the IP address in residential proxies makes them provides high-level anonymity and low chances of getting blocked.

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