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Best Flower Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers That Works Well

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

What does a flower gift symbolize for your co-workers?

For most people, the better part of their day is spent at work. It is only customary to find yourself a part of your colleague’s achievements, milestones, and even their hardships.

If a colleague is celebrating a special day or you simply want to show your support, you may want to get them a gift. Despite the countless hours you spend together, finding the ideal gift for them can prove challenging.

Whether your colleague has a taste for style or a more reserved attitude, you can never go wrong with the right choice of flower gifts. Different types of flowers can send various messages, and they are not just displays of romance and love. Knowing the style, colour, and message behind each flower will help you choose the perfect flower gift for your colleague.

Before we get into the best flower gift ideas for your workmates, here is some etiquette you should follow when gifting flowers to your colleagues.

6 Best Flower Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers That Works Well

Flower Gifts Etiquette in the Workplace

The basis of flower etiquette in an office setup is the occasion. Different occasions require different types and colours of flowers, while, for others, it is best to steer clear of a flower gift altogether.

For instance, getting flowers for co-workers for no apparent reason may be mistaken as having romantic intentions behind it. The last thing you need in the workplace is the awkwardness that may follow this sort of misunderstanding.

You may also want to avoid red and pink flowers, which often depict romantic gestures. As long as there is an event where gifting is appropriate, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t get flower gifts for your work colleagues.

Here are the best flower gift ideas for your workmates according to various types of occasions:

1. Congratulatory Flower Gifts

In the workplace, these events are the most common. Whether it is a promotion or simply a recognition of a job well done, you may find yourself in situations where congratulations are in order.

In such a scenario, the perfect flower gift would be an indoor flower or plant. Peace lilies have the ideal balance of elegance and are also low maintenance, making them a fantastic choice for office settings.

Attaching a personalized congratulatory message on a note or inscribed on the vase will do wonders for your colleague’s morale. Such a gesture may only work if you’ve known the colleague for quite some time.

If you know their taste, you can couple the flowers with a gift card from their favourite shopping site or restaurant.

6 Best Flower Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers That Works Well

2. Birthday Flower Gifts

A person’s birthday is always special to that individual. If you are close to a co-worker who is celebrating their birthday, getting them a gift is a nice gesture.

Making a birthday floral arrangement is a unique, yet ideal gift in such cases. Avoid flowers that may have romantic overtones, and instead, opt for tulips, orchids, and other subtly coloured flowers.

For flower gift combinations, it is always advisable to avoid getting too personal with your gift choices. Picture frames, stationery sets, and books are ideal gift combinations to add to floral arrangements.

Be sure to pick a floral arrangement size that fits the colleague’s desk. You wouldn’t want to give a tall flower arrangement to a colleague with a small desk and limited space.

3. Flower Gifts for Sympathy at Work

Let’s face it: losing a loved one can happen to anyone. If you are close to the person, it is always advisable to attend the funeral service as a sign of respect and support.

Whether you can or can’t make it to the service, sending sympathy flowers is a thoughtful way to express your condolences. White roses signify remembrance, making them the perfect flower type for such occasions.

During such times, you may want to check with other co-workers and make a contribution to the family. Any monetary assistance towards either the funeral service or any medical bills is the ideal gift to accompany the flowers. Since they will need time off work, you may also volunteer to cover their work responsibilities while they are gone.

6 Best Flower Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers That Works Well

4. Flower Gift Ideas For Maternity

If you have a co-worker who is pregnant or has just delivered a baby, giving them a gift is a thoughtful gesture. Any mild-scented flower combined with either some treats or chocolates is the perfect gift for an expectant co-worker or new mom. 

If you are attending a baby shower or the colleague has already delivered, combining the flowers with soft toys or stuffies, baby picture frames, baby board books, and other accessories is the way to go. You can style them into a flower gift box. You may also have to confirm their preferences before deciding what to match with the flowers.

5. Get Well Soon Flower Gifts

Being unable to go to work due to illness can be frustrating. When a colleague has to take time off due to illness, sending gifts is a thoughtful way of showing support. Sending a cheerfully coloured bouquet of fragrant flowers with a get-well-soon card is a great flower gift to send. You can also send a blooming indoor plant, depending on their preferences.

In such cases, yellow roses may do the trick. Even though such gestures can’t make them feel physically better, your thoughtfulness will surely brighten their day.

You can also couple the flowers with some crossword puzzles, magazines, or DVDs to keep them preoccupied during their sick leave and recovery. While they are away, you can also take some work responsibilities off their hands.

6. Flower Gift Ideas for Retirement or Departure

Every journey has an end. Due to several reasons, a colleague may be leaving your place of work or could be retiring.

If you are close to the person, you may want to express your gratitude for their work and friendship over the years. Getting a flower gift basket with orange and gold roses, which imply enthusiasm and appreciation, is ideal for a retiring colleague.

Depending on the person’s preferences, you may want to add a bottle of wine or a fruit basket to accompany the floral basket arrangement.

You could also throw the person a retirement party if you were friends. Such gifts give them the strength to move forward with their retirement plan and goals and make them feel appreciated for what they have done for the organization.

Flower Gift Ideas for Retirement or Departure

Strengthen Your Business Relationships With Flower Gifts

Corporate flower gifts can be perfectly appropriate and just as thoughtful as any other gift.

Showing genuine appreciation for your work colleagues through gifting will strengthen your working relationships. When it comes to corporate flower gifts, quality and timing should be at the top of your list of priorities.

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