5 Awesome Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing with Appealing Videos

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Written By Usman Raza

This morning I was checking my emails, and I found that I usually get excited about the content that was highly engaging. One common thing that I was in all that appealing emails is the term video. 

Indeed, it won’t be wrong to say that videos are the best way to communicate and share thoughts. Therefore, using videos in emails makes sense as it will not only increase conversions but also boosts brand awareness. Yes! You are reading it right! Just by using videos in emails, you can do wonders. 

Emails and videos go hand in hand. If you want your emails to hit the pace, you can probably explore using excellent videos to make your email marketing campaign a success. All the brands who didn’t have much experience in creating videos took the help of animation video production companies to get videos that were actually converted. 

Do you know that 86 percent of brands consider videos as an effective marketing tool? Still, thinking about the benefits of using videos in emails? Have a look…

Benefits of using videos in emails

Benefits of using videos in emailsi). Improve Customer Experience

Emails with videos hook the audience and help them to consume content easily and for a longer time. There is around 72 percent of people believe that video content helps them understand the product/service better. Remember, the more the understanding, the better the experience. 

ii). More shareable

Emails that include videos draw not only the audience’s attention but also increase the chances of getting more views. Videos make more impact on the audience, which further inspires them to share them with their friends and relatives. 

iii). Increase website traffic

By adding videos in emails, the chances to attract visitors to your website increase. The more people read the video and click on the link, the easier it becomes to attract them to your site. 

iv). Time-saving

Sharing content in the form of video emails not only has the chance of getting viral but also allows you to share and understand the information in less time. 

Are you excited to use video in emails but don’t know how? Well! Check out the points below. 

1. Make sure your email subject line highlights the word video 

Email subject line is one of the major factors that can make or break your videos. Just as blogs’ titles help grab the audience’s attention, similarly appealing subject lines of the emails increase the number of open rates.

 By adding a single word, the video inspires the audience to open the email and make a click. As per the research, it is also seen that emails that include video experience a 96 percent more click-through rate.

So, if you want to engage your visitors with a cold emailing approach, then don’t miss using “video” in your email subject line. 

2. Embed a video using a play button 

Boost Email Marketing with Great Videos in 5 Awesome WaysOne of the simplest ways to use videos in your emails that will boost your video and email marketing campaign together is a play button. Also, it’s a rewarding and cost-effective way to distract the audience and generate ROI. 

Now, you might be thinking about how to proceed with this task. Well! One of the simplest approaches is by adding a single screenshot or an appealing thumbnail. Moreover, you can also utilize an image for adding a play button to make the image look like a video. 

Many marketers prefer this way to attract an audience because it is not only easy but also takes less time to process. 

Moreover, you can also animate the play button to make your email eye-catching and effective. Say if you go with this step, then make sure you link the play button to the video as it will help you to redirect your readers towards the respective video. 

3. Can incorporate actual video in the email marketing campaign

When it comes to video email marketing, then you can also use actual video in your emails to make it appealing.

Say if you go with this approach, then you need to be very particular with the content that you add in the respective email. Because the content is not accurate and describes most of the things, then there are very few chances that they will stay on your content and click on the video. 

But, one thing that you might miss out here is that the prospects who will open the emails won’t redirect to your website. So, if you don’t want to focus a lot on engagement, but are looking forward to increasing the open rate of your emails, then yes, you can proceed with the addition of actual video in the email marketing campaign. 

4. Add appealing animated GIF in your email 

Animated GIFs are another short and sweet way to win the audience’s heart through emails. It allows people to play the video immediately. Well! GIFs are simple graphics that incorporate limited text and colors, which is good for emails. Also, it is supported by almost every email client. 

Say, if you don’t have much time to create a GIF for your emails, you can also go for the same GIF that is already added to your website landing page but make sure it is relevant to your content. 

Also, if your target audience is younger people, then also you can leverage the GIF content in your emails to see excellent results. Whenever you implement this step, then make sure it does not have any sound. But yes, you have the option of adding a subtitle to it. So, get creative with your emails via excellent GIF content. 

5. Incorporate HTML video 

Incorporate HTML videoDo you have any experience in HTML? If yes, then you can always utilize your technical expertise to boost your email marketing campaign.

But, here one thing you need to consider is that the HTML videos do not support the playing option in the inbox. This is one reason why some marketers do not implement this approach. 

This step is highly focused on by the members whose target audience or subscribers are Apple or Outlook mail users. One another advantage of adding HTML video is that you can easily track the performance of the emails along with the videos.


Videos are one of the most incredible ways to share content and engage the audience. As we know that emails are the traditional and most common way to share information; therefore, incorporating videos in emails is helping marketers to generate excellent results

When we talk about email video marketing, then many people get confused in understanding how to make the best use of videos in emails, but hopefully, the above tips and benefits will make you understand how you can repurpose the videos easily in emails as well. 

Still, if you want to have any discussion or want to share more information with the readers regarding email video marketing, do share in the comments below.

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