10 Coolest Content Marketing and Advertising Ideas for a Blog

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Written By Felix Svensson

Having a blog is a commitment. You need to crop up ideas for posts and continuously update your site. You need to take care of the aesthetic side as well as the content side of the blog.

Moreover, if you wish to grow your website, you may want to look for advertising and marketing strategies to get started.

In this article, you’ll learn about ten content marketing and advertising ideas for your blog.

1. Write a post about FAQs

You can write a post by involving your audience in your blog. Maybe you have a FAQ section on your menu. However, you can encourage your clients to ask questions.

For example, suppose you have a catering company. One of the most frequent questions could be about your famous chocolate and organic mint pastries.

Write a blog post about the ingredients you use and how the chocolate is fair trade and 75 percent cocoa. Talk about the organic mint and the secret ingredient.

If you involve your followers, you’ll increase your blog’s traffic. Besides, you may attract more clients because they see that your business reaches to customers and considers feedback.

2. Promote your site on other sites

You can use other sites to promote your own. This method is called “guest posting.”

The first step is to contact similar websites to yours and write a guest posting proposal.

If they accept, then you may want to write an article with a couple of outbound links to your domain. This way, you invite more people to your site, increasing your traffic.

Remember to add some hyperlinks and an author bio. Also, you can use online tools to find sites like yours.

All you have to do is to browse a list of domains and find the most appropriate ones for guest posting.

3. Write about a top 10 compilation

10 Coolest Content Marketing and Advertising Ideas for a BlogThink about lists of products, services, and benefits regarding your business.

You can start with the top ten trends, tips, and products. Also, if you group related topics, you can create a top ten list out of any series of posts.

Remember that the list doesn’t need to focus on ten, it can be about any number.

4. Include social media advertising

Social media is great for bonding with your audience and to make people more interested in your domain.

Instagram and Snapchat are two platforms that allow you to make short videos.

If your business sells products, you can start by shooting some behind the scenes clips. For example, you can film the packaging process, creative meetings, or a day at work.

Then include those videos in your blog post. Lastly, you can post on your social media about your new blog article and attract even more viewers.

5. Interview guests

Whether you are a cooking site or a DIY blog, you can interview experts in your field.

You don’t need to meet them face-to-face. Ask if they are willing to answer some questions regarding their craft.

Then you can set up a virtual meeting. If they are not available in person, then you can interview them through the phone, email, or messages.

You can try to do a series of interviews with experts. You don’t need to write lengthy posts, but rather brief and interesting conversations that attract more people to your blog.

6. Write about misconceptions and assumptions

Consumers are attracted to topics that deal with the products they wish to buy.

From the quality of the item to the price, to the packaging process, you can write about industry misconceptions.

Also, you can develop a FAQ section about negative assumptions, myths, and controversial topics.

Remember that customers like to know more about the product and service you’re providing. So, look for “myths about (your industry).”

7. Use SEO to come up with an idea

Do some research about the most popular keywords, phrases, and topics. Try to find what readers look for most frequently. Then write a post about a trendy topic related to your firm.

Also, don’t forget to use appropriate keywords in your article, and add a hyperlink to one of your featured products.

This way, when readers look for a common topic or product, they’ll find the link to your website. Moreover, if your meta description is attractive, they’ll click on your blog.

You can find the keywords by using SEO online software such as Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty Tool.

You first type in words related to your company. Next, you can choose from the most popular keyphrases.

8. Update your old posts

You can start updating and reposting old posts. Check out Google Analytics for this. Search for the blog entries that are outdated and have a low SEO score, and traffic.

Then post them again with more keywords, a fresh idea, and better writing. You can also add some useful examples, extra hyperlinks, and titles.

The great advantage of old articles is that you don’t need to come up with new ideas, but rather to get in-depth with the topic.

Content marketing does not entail blog posts only but also includes posting on social media and a variety of other distribution channels.

When creating content, keep an open mind to this and try to identify how you can repurpose the blog posts created.

For example, you might want to convert a blog post to a YouTube video or infographic to post on social media. 

There are many different approaches to do this but you have to ensure that the posts you are going to choose for this purpose are performing well.

Repurposing content that is not doing well can waste a lot of time and financial resources.

9. Use indirect advertising

If your blog is related to your business, try connecting posts to the benefits your company offers to its customers.

For example, if you are the owner of a gym, write posts about the importance of fitness, a healthy diet, and more. This way, you promote your products without insisting too much.

Make sure that you cite credible sources of your post and use hyperlinks that redirect the reader to one of your products or services.

So, whether you’re a cleaning supply firm, best essay writing service, or a yoga website, write more about related topics.

10. Write reviews

Consumers wish to find out which products are the best and most convenient. So, if you can write about the products you’ve tried. If you have a restaurant, you can review the food.

Alternatively, you can review services. For example, if you are a website that deals with car parts and other related products, you can create a review series about the safest cars or the best mechanical help services.

Conclusion: Advertising and content marketing ideas

If you want to grow your blog, try these ten advertising and content marketing ideas:

  • Write a post about FAQs.
  • Promote your site on other sites.
  • Write about a top ten compilation.
  • Include social media advertising.
  • Interview guests.
  • Write about misconceptions and assumptions.
  • Use SEO to come up with an idea.
  • Update your old posts.
  • Use indirect advertising.
  • Write reviews.

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