Keep Your People and Premises Safe and Sanitized During the Pandemic

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The truth is, is that the last year, 2020, was awful for nearly everyone on the planet.

The problems from the Covid pandemic and the trying times continue into 2021 and the foreseeable future. None of the generations living now have ever had to bargain with something as bad as this before. This leads us on to how to best deal with it.

For most people, staying safe and clean is the priority. For corporations, it is somewhat different.

If you are a business owner, you will, of course, be thinking of yourself and your family. You will worry about your friends also. But, for you, there are many more responsibilities than the average person will not consider.

Businesses of all types need to provide safe surroundings for consumers and workers. How do you do this during current times with all the restrictions and constant changes in the rules? 

What are the things to consider during Covid regarding cleanliness?

Keep Your Premises Clean During the Pandemic: 7 Big TipsDifferent businesses will have to make their own rules regarding cleaning.

However, no matter what business you are involved in, there will be some basic considerations. Surfaces will have to be kept clean and sanitized. Hands need to be cleansed with sanitizer. Masks need to be worn.

Apart from the things most people are already doing, business owners need to keep on top of changes to local advice and rules. There is also the problem of how to deal with an outbreak of Covid in the business.

There are risks of being fined and even jailed if legislation is not followed. The rules change so quickly it could be easy to get caught out. You may want to reflect on some of the following measures. 

1. Social distancing in venues

This is one of the toughest areas for a business during Covid. The fear is that if people come into contact, then they can spread the virus. Of course, this also means that if someone touches a surface area, a door handle, a glass, and someone else picks it up, they can be infected.

Businesses like restaurants need to clean areas, seating, surfaces, and more constantly. It can be very hard to keep on top of this, so high demand cleaning services are needed to come into some establishments and make sure everything is safe and sanitized.

Because of cleaning services such as these, other operations are still allowed to be open. Professionals are needed to wipe down anything that can be touched with EPA approved cleaning products and keep patrons safe. Sadly so many businesses such as cinemas and arenas are more difficult to control. 

2. Traveling during the pandemic

traveling during pandemicA difficult area for the general public and business owners. The rules change quickly and often.

As a business owner, you will need to bring in products and supplies, often from other towns and even other countries. How do you know these items are cleaned?

The virus can live for varying durations of time on surfaces, depending on the covering material. Of course, there is a lot of misinformation. If you are receiving goods, then you should wash the outside packaging as much as possible. It may be only a precaution but sanitizing is the best option. 

Public transport operators have also come up with measures that seek to reduce the spread of the virus. For instance, you will find that most trains and buses take temperatures before they allow travelers to board such vehicles. Airlines have also gone a step further and require people to have a covid-19 certificate.

Ensure that you wash your hands whenever you touch anything in public transport. You can also have a sanitizer that you can carry in your bag.

3. Keep up to date with imports

As you have just read, some products may not be ideal for importing. Your business needs to appear to be safe and secure.

Unfortunately, getting products that do not follow the right procedures is not good for your business. The ideal supplier should have measures in place to reduce the spread of this deadly virus. 

Show on your website where you import your products from. Let people know about your sanitizing procedures and how you look after your staff and customers. Also, check what products are being banned or restricted. For instance, shrimp from Thailand is now banned by some countries for the risk of Covid. 

4. Supply your staff with PPE

Regardless of how good your cleaning procedures are, make sure your staff is protected with the proper kit. This means personal protective equipment, masks, and gloves, plus sanitizing gel. If your staff feel safe and happy, this will reflect in customer service anyway and is a win-win situation. 

Most countries have made it mandatory for business owners to have booths where workers and clients can sanitize before they get tended to. You can have a simple structure with water and soap where anyone who intends to visit your premises disinfects. 

5. Set guidelines for customers and staff

This can be a tricky area. You will want your customers to feel welcome when they enter your establishment. You will also want your staff to feel safe when meeting and greeting them. 

How you deal with this will depend on your type of business. Do the customers need to wear a mask when they enter? Do you require proof that your guests are from the same household? The main thing is that everything is safely cleaned before any customer touches it and cleaned straight after use, so your staff is not at risk. 

Having someone who will deal with customers with courtesy is the first step towards winning this journey. Such a person will make the customers learn why it is important to have these measures in place. You can also have masks for customers just in case one comes without one. 

6. Partner with experts in the field 

The fight against the spread of Covid-19 is not an individual task. It is something that needs collaboration, and you must thus bring strategic partners in this fight.

For instance, you can partner with companies that manufacture hand wash and help them grow their brand. You can approach various companies with good proposals. 

Check out government programs that are also likely to help you create a better working space. Take advantage of the free aid from the government to make it easy to fight the pandemic. 

7. Create a welfare kitty for your employees

Keep Your Premises Clean During the Pandemic: 7 Big TipsThe pandemic has been a wake-up call for many people. We have all realized that we do not care enough for those who are close to us.

It is time that business owners came up with health packages that cater to their employees. Such employers also need to understand that every human is vulnerable to diseases. 


Setting a cleaning protocol, updating yourself with local laws, and current safety advice will help you along the way. You can utilize home-working for some staff.

However, using a professional cleaning service may be the best way to tackle your Covid and sanitization issues. After all, running a business during these times is difficult enough. At times, it is best to leave some things to the specialists.

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