Blog Sponsorship and Adverts

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Blog sponsorship opportunity and advert placement is now available on Ideas Plus Business blog for startups, and brands who are looking to promote their products and services to a new audience.

IdeasPlusBusiness is a small business and marketing blog for business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. Our contents are focused on starting a business, launching and marketing a new product to the market.

B2B blog sponsorship offer

We accept adverts (texts and graphics) that are relevant with what we write about –business, sales, marketing, career, productivity, social media, personal finance, passive income, and business technology.

IdeasPlusBusiness has been featured on The Huffington Post, Evan Carmichael, TweakYourBiz, GoodMenProject, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Buzzfeed, and other publications online.

On a regular basis, contents are also syndicated across our publishing platforms.

B2B blog sponsorship offer

Your sponsorship can be in form of banner ads of your choice on the website, new and relevant contents that promotes your products or services, or a comprehensive review of your products or services.

IdeasPlusBusiness audience are millennials, aspiring entrepreneurs, PR and advertising agencies, marketers, business leaders, technology journalists, CEOs and founders.

IdeasPlusBusiness offers multiple ways for you to promote your business and get your message across to our audience across the world. Advert spaces are available for a minimum of one year.

#1. Banner ads 

We accept banner ads of the sizes below:

  • Home Page Banner (468 x 60)
  • Sidebar Banner-Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
  • Sidebar Skyscraper (120 x 600)
  • Sidebar wide Rectangle (300 x 600)
  • Homepage Square Banner ( 125 x 25)

#2. Text links

You can place relevant in-text and in-content link placements in selected posts (past or present). We also accept new and relevant content from advertisers with a minimum 800 words.

#3.Context links within posts

You can place a context link within one of our posts on the site for one year (this is renewable). You can use your preferred but relevant anchor words of your choice.

#4. Exclusive post advertising

We only use this ad option at our discretion only. This advert option combines a review of your product with a direct link to your site. No other ads (third party) will be displayed in the content of the review. Sponsored reviews will show on the homepage like a regular post and will not be marked as a sponsored post. This gives your review post equal exposure as the other posts on IdeasPlusBusiness.

#5. Sponsored posts and products reviews

Sponsored posts and product reviews are custom written posts, published and distributed across all our social media channels and publishing platforms. These posts will be featured on our homepage and shared multiple times with our audience within the week of publication.

#6. Sidebar recommended tools

We have a recommended tools sidebar widget that appears on all the pages on our site. You can promote your b2b products and tools on this widget for as long as you want and for as short as six months.

Adverts and Content Promotion

Adverts, sponsored posts, and content promotion is a perfect way to reach out to business decision makers and business professionals. We can help you build and showcase your brand around engaging content that is relevant to our global audience across all platforms.

Here are some the the benefits of promoting and creating a sponsored post on IdeasPlusBusiness:

#1. Brand awareness

Increasing the brand awareness of your brand, products or services is a great way to attract customers to your business. This is especially true in competitive markets when you’re launching a new product line or services.

#2. Educate your target audience

One of the best ways to educate your prospects and target audience about your brand is by using sponsored posts. You can educate your target audience about aspects of your brand, industry, company, products or services. You’ll reach a new audience as more people will find your content highly useful.

#3. Develop thought leadership

Sponsored posts are usually on informational topics that you want your brand to be associated with in your target audience mind. If a business or a decision-maker has a business need, your sponsored posts should be able to meet these needs or provide solutions.

#4. Build positive sentiment toward your brand

By default, we don’t mark sponsored posts as “sponsored”. This is to give all contents on IdeasPlusBusiness equal opportunities to thrive. This way, we’re making it easy for your brand to get due recognition as all our posts are fully SEO optimized for maximum reach.

This is part of the overall marketing campaign to support your brand and create a positive perception about your brand in the business community.

Attributes of sponsored posts on IdeasPlusBusiness

1. We accept sponsored posts and adverts from relevant and ethical companies whose products and services are relevant to our audience. Your brand will be promoted as a relevant resource to our readers.

2. We’ll write relevant and useful post to promote your brand. You can also send your contents (educative) to be published on IdeasPlusBusiness.

3. We’ll give you a voice on IdeasPlusBusiness. You can review and re-purpose contents on this website to align with your overall marketing message.

4. We recommend (but subject to your approval) that text links to the advertiser in sponsored posts are “nofollowed”. This is to protect your brand from Google penalties.

5. We’ll share, republish and syndicate all sponsored posts on all our platforms.

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