3 Top Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Our World

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Written By Kashyapi Prajapati

In the current technology-driven era, there are many technological innovations which are slowly changing the world around us.

Among all the technological marvels, the one that has become a hot topic of debate for both positive aspects and negative perceptions is artificial intelligence (AI).

As science fiction is slowly turning into reality, Artificial Intelligence has slowly started to infiltrate both workplace and homes.

From accounting to space exploration, artificial intelligence is being used everywhere. 

The advent of the amazing artificial intelligence may not be a doom yet but it surely holds the key to our future and that’s how it gives us a glimpse of futuristic technologies. 

Currently, we use AI to interact with our phones and speakers through Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.

AI is being used in transportation. For example, some of the cars built by Tesla analyzes the surrounding around it and then intelligently drive themselves.

Even Google shows us ads on the basis of the interest and searches of users, which is powered by the exceptional Artificial Intelligence technology.

With so much use and high level of implementation, you might start thinking that artificial intelligence has become a complete technology.

But you should know that we are able to harness all these benefits just through the infant stage of this powerful technology. 

Artificial intelligence has lots of opportunities in the future.

Looking at the current rate of technological evolution, that day is not very far when we will witness the more complex and advanced implementation of AI.

So, let’s look at some of the most common ways through which Artificial Intelligence is transforming our world. 

3 Top Ways Artificial Intelligence AI is Transforming Our World

1. Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity 

The number of cyberattacks is increasing every year and even its severity and impact is getting more and more dangerous.

You should know that the total numbers of cyberattacks in 2017 were 350,000. And in 2018, due to the severity of cyberattacks, cybercriminals landed on the FBI’s most-wanted list for the first time.

You can understand the severity of these cyberattacks as it was even responsible for US presidential elections. 

Most of the masterminds working on making the online platform secure by using the traditional tools are not able to match the pace due to the increasing number of threats and their always evolving nature.

In such situations, the self-learning and automation capabilities enabled AI can increase the effectiveness of security measures on the internet and keep us safe from each and every type of possible security threat.

The AI-enabled solutions are more proactive and can take actions on threats before it becomes a real danger for businesses and individuals.

Currently, platforms like Secureworks are using the predictive capabilities of AI for detecting threats on a global scale while Cylance and Deep Instinct are using AI for fraud prevention and endpoint security.

You should know that in future, AI will become an affordable and secure solution for keeping threats astray as the AI-based tools will look for patterns associated with viruses and malware so that it can be suppressed at an early stage. 

2. AI in Transportation 

The adoption of the latest technology is a common trend in the automobile industry and companies like Tesla are setting benchmarks for integrating modern technological marvels with the automobile industry.

The concept of self-driving cars which was once imagined for the futuristic world is now being made possible by the use of AI.

Unlike humans, AI never looks at the radio, check mobile or become careless while driving.

And that is why in the near future, we may witness less number of accidents on roads as driverless cars will slowly become a new normal for the whole world. 

Artificial Intelligence is completely transforming the transport sector and autonomous cars are just the first step towards this transformation.

From helping cars, ships, trains, and airplanes to function autonomously, artificial intelligence is also helping in making the traffic flow seamlessly.

With the help of AI, we will witness a much safer, cleaner, and less risky transportation system in the future.

You should know that autonomous trains are already being used on the tracks of European cities and airplane manufacturing giants like Boeing are working on autonomous jetliners.

Imagining all the cars on the road, airplanes in the sky trains on the track and ships in the oceans becoming autonomous might look like a very distant future possibility but it’s not unimaginable. 

3. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Healthcare is another major industry which has been affected because of the introduction of artificial intelligence.

Currently, more than 86 percent of healthcare providers, life science companies and technology vendors are using artificial intelligence in one form or another.

You will be surprised to know that by the end of 2020, these organizations will spend almost $54 million on artificial intelligent products. 

One of the most widely used applications of artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry is compiling and analyzing information and data management.

The amount of data produced by the healthcare industry is gigantic and that’s why only a system like AI is capable of collecting, storing, re-formatting and tracing data to provide quicker and better access.

In addition to this, the amazing artificial intelligence technology is also being used for repetitive jobs of healthcare industry like analyzing X-rays, CT scans, data entry, etc. 

Disciplines like cardiology and radiology require a large amount of data analysis which is both complex and time-consuming.

But the use of AI can make these disciplines much simpler as cardiologists and radiologists will only intervene in those cases where human intelligence is required. 

This is just a glimpse of transformation happening in the modern-day world due to artificial intelligence technology as its implementation is very wide.

The exceptional artificial intelligence may look like doom for many people because of its misrepresentation in Hollywood movies but till now, we have only been blessed by AI in various fields and industries.

From large data analysis and finding useful patterns to introducing driverless cars on road, artificial intelligence has become a major part of our lives.

But still, this amazing technology is not being used at its peak efficiency since it is still in its stage of infancy.

If this powerful technology can do so much at such an early stage of its evolution then imagine its uses and implementation when it reaches its peak effectiveness.

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