Opportunity to write for or contribute regularly to

We are looking for regular writers who will write for us. We cover a lot of topics such as business, marketing, productivity, sales, technology etc.

What’s in for me as a contributor/writer/guest blogger?

write for us

– Reach a new audience: All the posts on Ideas Plus Business are syndicated and shared on other websites were we have access to.– Join a growing community of entrepreneurs who are committed to building their brands and also helping others do the same.

– Ideas Plus Business is another platform for you to promote your content and your personal brand.

What topics can I write on?

This is an online community for entrepreneurs that is focused on business, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, careers, and everything within. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs live a balanced life.

We welcome topics from the following categories: social media, cryptocurrency, blockchain, productivity, marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, technology, freelancing, passive income, advertising, artificial intelligence, branding, copy writing, market research, public relations, SEO, sales, information technology, mobile product development, video & multimedia web etc.

The idea is to have posts that falls into the theme of digital ideas and business that are relevant in our world today especially to entrepreneurs.

Write for us: Guidelines

Content: We love useful posts that answers a question or solves a problem for our readers. Your post must be relevant to the theme of this website. Write in a conversation tone like you would talk to your family or friends. Please avoid the use of big grammar when necessary.

Post length: We will only accept posts in the range of 1000-2500 words. We will not accept anything that fall below this range. Please send us only original and unique articles. We don’t accept syndicated or plagiarized contents.

Grammar: If your article or post requires a lot of editing, it will be rejected. Please check your articles for grammar before you submit them.

Links: Authority links and contextual links are accepted. Links can only point to blog posts not the homepageor product pages of a site. If your link is spammy and doesn’t add meaning to the context of the article, it will be removed.

Guidelines for submissions

Post format: Submit your posts in the body of your email with a working title. For regular contributors, upload your posts directly on the platform for approval.

Images: Visuals are to be included in all posts with attributions when necessary. We recommend that you use Pixabay for your images. Your images should be sent as attachments and properly labelled.

Author bio:A two or three sentences about yourself with a link (one link) to your blog or website.

Regular contributor

To become a regular contributor, send all the details above to the email address provided with “Contributor” in the subject line. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Hopefully before 48 hours.

If you’ve ideas which you think will benefit the readers of this blog, then you can submit your post here.