best business locations for women in the US

5 best business locations for women in the US

Have you ever aspired to be a successful businesswoman but you’re unsure how or where to start? New research from Sharefile reveals that sometimes, a change of location is key to opening... Read more »
Calm in crises

5 outstanding reasons why your business needs you to be healthy

I ran into an old friend about a week ago. She was excited and happy to see me. We were all chatty and excited as any reunited old friends would be. Over... Read more »
best business ideas

The 10 best business ideas you keep glazing over

Sometimes the hardest part about starting a business is actually coming up with the one business idea you want to focus on. Many entrepreneurs, or wannabe entrepreneurs, have great ideas but fail... Read more »
Business research

7 Ways business research benefits your e-commerce platform

Do you really know your market? Do you have insight as to what their needs are or are you just basing all of your marketing on a guesstimate? Making assumptions is a... Read more »
Digital marketing trends

Top 10 digital marketing trends that will change in 2018

It’s a known fact that digital marketing trends are changing every day and smart marketers are already planning on how to keep up with these trends in the coming year. Digital marketing has... Read more »
Network marketing

How to use network marketing to promote your business

Network marketing, just like affiliate marketing, is a type of business opportunity that is popular with people looking for a flexible passive income. Network marketing, also known as pyramid selling, referral marketing,... Read more »
website internationally friendly

Top 9 ways to make your website internationally friendly

Almost every business wants to make their website internationally friendly. With the growing internet penetration rates and a rapidly homogenizing millennial culture, your business easily can rapidly expand its growth internationally. However, there... Read more »
How to launch a product

8 Best Practices That Will Help You Launch a Product Successfully

Before you launch a product to the market, their are certain factors that you must put into consideration. When you ignore these factors, it could result in financial ruin and complete disaster.... Read more »
Making Money Online

What You Don’t Know About Making Money Online

The key to making money online is to follow a proven system. A system that will refine and mold you. A system that will stretch you and lead you on a personal... Read more »
How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery

I was talking to my Coach recently. This is someone who is a millionaire , many times over, is a brilliant entrepreneur, and has an asset and property portfolio worth close to... Read more »
What type of entrepreneur are you

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

What type of entrepreneur are you? No, not what type of business do you own but what type of entrepreneur are you? Over the past decade helping entrepreneurs build seven-figure businesses, I’ve... Read more »
Do not quit

Why You Have To Keep Showing Up And Never Quit

Here’s the story of Tom Mapother. Tom Mapother was not a good student in high school. He had some learning difficulties. He went to Glen Ridge High School in Glen Ridge, New... Read more »
Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

The Best Kept Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

I learned some of the most valuable business and life lessons in my early adulthood, while working day and night to grow our family business into a $60 Million company. 1. Never... Read more »
Why You are not making enough money

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Enough Money

I’ve made money, I’ve lost it, I’ve made it. A bunch of times. This is not peculiar to me alone. And I would like to share with you the experience of James Altucher, who... Read more »
Business Ideas in Las Vegas

The Gas Station in the Middle of No Where (California Gold Rush)

I have an insanely great business idea that I can totally give away for free, and if you want you can use it yourself. But I warn you, you might think it’s... Read more »
How to Become a Millionaire

Two Biggest Obstacles to Becoming A Millionaire

Chad Holmes is just a young lad who knows really little, honestly. “All I know, is that I know nothing”… However, he has managed to accomplish a few things in his life... Read more »
Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

9 Basic Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Make (And Should Avoid)

I’m not the best entrepreneur. And I’m not the worst. But I’ve seen a lot. I’ve started 20 businesses and failed at 17 of them. I’m invested in 30 more. I ran... Read more »
Time Hack

Time Hack for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs. Simple To-do Lists Are Powerful.

“If you are starting a business, your main focus should be anything that makes money or leads directly to making money” Daniel DiPiazza One of those people I regularly listen to is... Read more »
Free Online Courses

Free Online Business Education : 30 Best Websites For a Self-Learner

Be a lifelong learner! Lifelong learning is about creating. developing and maintaining a positive attitude to learning both for personal and professional development. It’s a rewarding experience and it gives you countless... Read more »
start a small business

How to Start a Small Business That Will Go Viral (Even If You Lack Business Ideas)

  This could be you: Buy two plastic chairs, a large poster board and a marker. Then find an area with some shade (and moderate walk through traffic). You can then scribble... Read more »