Yoga as a Career: Course, Scope and Benefits of the Yogic Sciences

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Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy that combines exercises and controlled breathing to calm and heal the body as well as the mind.

Yoga today is a significant part of many alternative treatments that focus on holistic healing. Although originating in India, Yoga is quite popular and practised by millions of folks across the world. Hence, this natural healing science is a thriving industry in itself.

So, if you are someone who is an avid health enthusiast and looking to pursue a career in yogic sciences, we are here to help. This article will walk you through all the necessary information you will need to pursue a yoga career option today.

Yoga as a Career: Course, Scope and Benefits

Career Courses

As with any profession, yoga needs to be learned and mastered before imparting its knowledge. Yoga is a highly specialized science requiring knowledge of holistic sciences such as the importance of diet in meditation and yoga asana.

There are several courses at diploma and degree levels that individuals can take to specialize in yogic sciences. Besides, many institutions and universities across India also offer short-term certificate courses such as the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher’s Training Certification to ace this ancient practice.

Below is a list of yoga teacher training courses on which we can enrol at various levels of proficiency. 

1. Diploma courses in yoga

This short-term course can be taken by people who have at least completed their schooling. The course broadly includes therapy, yogic science and the role of nutrition in meditation and yoga asana.

Besides, there is also an emphasis on mental health and naturopathy in such diploma courses.

2. Yoga Degree Courses –  Bachelors and Masters

In the Indian context, a minimum of 10+2 eligibility is required to pursue the bachelor’s course. This 3-year course inculcates a deep understanding of yogic sciences through learning body anatomy and the positive impact of yoga on our overall health. 

The Master’s degree course is offered to those individuals who have completed the aforementioned Bachelor’s degree course. Various courses like anatomy, ancient Indian texts of Vedas and Upanishads along with physiology and health are covered. 

3. Yoga Certification Courses

Many people prefer taking short-term yoga teacher training courses to learn the nuances of yoga. Most often, fundamentals and yoga therapy are covered in such certification courses.

Usually, such courses are offered by accredited bodies such as Yoga Certification Board (YCB), Yoga Alliance and AYUSH in India.

Furthermore, aspiring individuals can also opt for the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher’s Training Certification to get started in a career in yoga. Similarly, the 300 and 500-hour courses are also offered depending on proficiency levels in yoga.

Yoga colleges in India

As discussed above, these yoga courses are conducted by renowned colleges spread across India. We have enlisted some of the best-known alma maters teaching yogic sciences.

  • Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya
  • Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana
  • Bihar School of Yoga
  • Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Pune
  • Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan

Scope of yoga as a career option

Scope of yoga as a career option

Yoga Career opportunities

Today, urban areas have thriving health centres that include health spas, gyms and yoga centres.

Many corporates have tied up with such places to ensure the well-being of their employees. Plus, people are now opting for personal one-on-one classes for specific needs and ailments. 

Furthermore, the recent Covid pandemic has upsurged the demand for online yoga classes. There is a proliferating segment of yoga influencers on social media platforms like YouTube who have managed to garner a record number of subscribers besides enjoying tremendous clout.

Furthermore, various TV channels and OTT platforms now showcase regular yoga shows. Taking a cue from this, we have curated a list of jobs you can get after training in yoga.

1. Yoga teacher: A yoga teacher is a learned senior position in yogic teaching. Yoga teachers have many years of experience teaching yoga at a professional level.

2. Yoga instructor: This can be an early stage in a yoga teaching career where an instructor teaches various yogic asanas to students.

Today, there is an upcoming breed of instructors called hybrid yoga instructors who combine yoga with other forms of exercise such as aqua yoga, Zumba, aerobics and much more.

3. Yoga presenter: This is a highly sought-after and trending job owing to digital media, television and workshops.

Yoga professionals showcase their yoga knowledge to people through such media. However, such jobs require added skills such as good communication and interpersonal skills, strong determination and the willpower to showcase the most difficult yogic exercises with elan.

Yoga Career Income Opportunities

As elucidated, there are vast income opportunities that a certified yoga instructor can tap into. Although the average salaries of yoga instructors in the Indian context might seem low, one can always gain experience and grow in terms of income through various avenues already discussed above.

Building a reputation is important in this field of work as taking personal classes with individuals or celebrities can help one earn big bucks. Besides, a reputed yoga instructor can tie up with a multitude of corporate organizations to earn a decent living.

In Western countries, income opportunities abound in yoga teaching. Also, more and more people abroad are turning to yoga and there is a dearth of seasoned yoga instructors. So, anyone especially with a Masters or a Doctorate in yoga can explore income streams abroad.

Benefits of yoga as a career option

Benefits of yoga as a career option

Today, most of us reading this post might be well aware of the many benefits of yoga for physical and mental well-being.

However, we will walk you through the many hidden and uncanny benefits that a career in yoga may offer. Let’s take a look.

1. A soul-satiating experience

Unlike regular jobs which are stressful,  yoga teachers can actually live their dream based on spirituality and divination to heal people.

2. Offers flexibility and freedom

Yoga as a career can actually jumpstart one’s entrepreneurial journey. One gets to conduct workshops and classes based on ethics and own terms.

3. Build lifelong fruitful connections 

Good yoga instructors should be able to associate with their clients spiritually. Many such people usually opt for yoga lessons to heal themselves physically and mentally.

By offering them the panacea they are looking for, yoga teachers can easily endear themselves to such people.

4. Travel the world

A seasoned yoga teacher has the opportunity to participate in yoga retreats and teach in Yoga Teachers Training programs abroad. By tapping on such opportunities, one gets to travel the world, meet new people and experience different cultures.

5. Lifelong Health

An experienced yoga teacher has already mastered the art of keeping the mind and body fit.

Unlike other jobs, especially those in the corporate sector which are ridden with anxious moments and stress, a yoga teacher’s daily routine is filled with blissful moments and delightful banters with clients and colleagues alike.

Yoga Career Guide

Yoga Career Guide

Today, when the world is reeling in the aftermath of a raging pandemic, more and more people are turning inwards to find answers to unresolved questions. Yoga offers a healing touch and much more to live a fuller life.

A good yoga teacher is almost revered in some cultures like in India. A career in yogic sciences hence can actually beget your fortunes and your inner peace.

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