How To Make Your Wellness Center Stand Out From The Rest

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

In recent years, global interest in the wellness and health industry has witnessed an incomparable boom. Now more than ever, people are looking to stay in shape and take care of their bodies.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only taught us about the importance of health but the value of life. An active lifestyle and a balanced diet are recommended by doctors worldwide, so what better way to encourage this than by setting up your own wellness center.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between a wellness center and a gym? Rather than solely focusing on your fitness needs, wellness centers offer a more holistic approach and can cover a greater array of health needs.

Apart from offering gym lessons like yoga or Zumba, many wellness centers offer in house advice from nutritionists, physiotherapists, and even masseuses. These kinds of wellness institutions aim to restore equilibrium in the body and help people lead healthier lives.

If you have dreams of opening your own health and wellness center but you are afraid that you may blend into the crowd, here are some tips to stand out from your competitors.

1. Create a Well-Balanced Environment

If you want your wellness center to stand out from the rest, you should invest time, money, and effort into making it a relaxing space. You should envision what your customer’s experience is like from the minute that they step through the door.

Make Your Wellness Center Stand Out Using 5 Easy TipsThe best way to stand out from competitors is by offering the highest quality service and letting existing customers spread the news through positive word of mouth.

This involves having a seating area, plenty of plants, relaxing music, and maybe even a bar or cafe. You could set up your own juice bar within the facility and offer customers the option to buy smoothies or detoxing juices.

If you don’t have enough space for a bar, you could consider installing healthy vending machines. These offer nutritious alternatives to the sugar-loaded drinks and snacks found in typical vending machines.

Another method you can employ to attract clientele is by creating an “insta-worthy” feature wall. Think of this as a combination of decoration and marketing. Stick to something within the theme of wellness and add an eye-catching quote.

You could stencil out a person meditating along with the tagline “in my happy place”. Add your socials to the wall and tell your customers to tag you if they post it on their social media. This will help create useful content that can then be used to market your brand.

2. Offer Online Services

The pandemic has taught us the importance of adaptability and flexibility. Just as offices, shops, and restaurants all over the world were forced to close, many fitness centers were left struggling with what to do.

Most fitness members were afraid to return due to concerns about hygiene and safety. It is your duty as a business owner to reassure your customers about the new safety regulations and precautions that you have adopted.

With a quick google search, customers can now see what different wellness centers have to offer with their membership. By offering unique services, you will stand out from the rest of your competitors.

If you offer yoga lessons or sessions with nutritionists online, this will expand your clientele. This could be a great alternative for the older generation who aren’t as up for leaving the house.

Given that we are unsure about when this pandemic will end, offering an online version of your services or lessons will give you an added advantage. You may think that this is more hassle than it is worth, however, it is relatively simple to do!

You don’t even have to designate new lessons for the online class, you could even choose to record and live stream existing lessons that are taking place in the wellness center.

3. Keep Up to Date with Wellness Industry Trends

Make Your Wellness Center Stand Out Using 5 Easy TipsJust like any other sector, the wellness industry is constantly experiencing new and exciting trends.

The trick to this aspect of the business is to learn about any upcoming trends and only focus on those that will be around for a while. A great way to keep ahead is by regularly reading blogs and following influencers within the wellness sphere.

Influencers are a great asset to any business. Target local social media stars and invite them to experience a full day at your wellness center in exchange for some promotion. 

Once you identify which trends are worth checking out you can develop a program for your clients. If you are one of the first wellness centers to offer these trendy services, you can keep the interest of your current clientele and also attract new customers.

Over the last few years, CBD treatments, holistic therapy, and meditation have taken the wellness world by storm. You can include these products or services in any existing programs or even offer workshops for people to get familiar with these new trends and concepts.

4. Start a Social Media Competition for Your Wellness Center

What better way to get your name out there than by starting your own social media competition? This is one of the easiest and cheapest marketing methods you can utilize to your advantage.

All you have to do is post a picture that can be clearly identified with your brand and wellness center. Ask people on social media to follow the account, like the post, share it with friends, and mention other users in the comments for the chance to win a free prize. Then sit back and watch the post snowball as your content is shared and your followers grow.

Although this method is relatively foolproof, it will only increase your social media engagement temporarily. You need to make sure the prize is enticing enough for people to compete.

Offering a simple discount on your services won’t attract the same amount of engagement as a free one-hour facial or massage. Whatever competition you choose to do, make sure you have fun with it and make it easy for people to take part in. 

5. Learn inbound marketing

Make Your Wellness Center Stand Out Using 5 Easy TipsOne of the best ways to bring in lots of customers to any business is to use the right marketing channel. And inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to go about this.

The reason is that you are not casting a wide net and scooping up leads that won’t actually be interested.

Inbound marketing is a system in which your target market finds you instead of you going out and looking for them. It starts with a solid social media presence that allows people that are searching for ways to stay in shape and get back to a healthy life to find you.

If they like your content then they will look for more. At this point, you’ll want to direct them to take action.

Taking action can mean going to your website and booking an appointment or, better still, to sign up for an email list to get more information. This is better than a sign up because you can continue to market to that person over time so they are always in the loop. You’ll make more money in the long term when you have an email list. 

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