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10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

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Written By Rebecca Siggers

During a trip, you experience the world differently.

Some places soothe while a few rejuvenates. Some places heal while a few leave you happy inside. Either way, the places you visit will pay you back and change your life.

Travelling is about busting your stresses and unleashing your independence. Not every time, but travelling is surely about getting inspired and changing something within.

Have you ever wondered about not being the same monotonous person returning home after a soulful journey? Well, travel changes a tonne. We’ve compiled ten beautiful vacation destinations that will change your life. Give it a read once. 

10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

1. Remain in awe looking at the Northern Lights

“Nothing, but nature inspires the best.” To prove this statement, no other example then of Northern Lights is unmatched.

These lights are the outcome of tampering with the earth’s magnetosphere. The best sights for witnessing northern lights are in Iceland.

Other than Iceland, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are blessed to have seen these dignified lights.

The one thing these lights will change in you is the way you look at everything creatively. Some real-time apps help tourists to schedule the visit exactly when it appears in the imperial sky.

10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

2. Restore yourself by swimming in Icelandic Hot Springs

Keeping oneself soaked in the hot springs and letting the soul relax by itself is something that all travellers would be fascinated by. The Blue Lagoon Hot Springs in Iceland attracts millions of visitors every year from around the world.

Amid the volcanic cliffs, there lies a pool of naturally scalding waters, allowing you to feel the warmth of nature. Between August to April, when the winters have just started to chill people visiting Blue Lagoon would be the best oomph one could have.

The silica flooded water pool is like a retreat for your soul. The spectacular spa of earthly healing properties would not make your mind step out for hours. The accommodation in Silica hotel or Retreat hotel is something you look at on a classic vacation. 

3. Shower under the Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan

The first flower budding after the fall is the most magical phenomenon to see through the naked eyes.

Just imagine the heavenly scene in front of your eyes, merely including hundreds of purple wisteria flowers! Doesn’t it multiply the beauty by a million times?

When you head outside Tokyo for two hours stacking up your universal roof rack, you stop by these beautiful Kawachi Fuji Gardens stretched in 20 acres of land. While the entire garden is a celebration ceremony for human experience, the Wisteria Flower Tunnel is the crown’s jewel.

The tunnel is life-changing because it is full of the wisteria flowers that Buddhists used as a prayer representation symbol. There is no second reason tourists visit Kitakyushu, Japan, except to experience the overhead mattress of these beautiful purples in the Wisteria Flower Tunnel! 

10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

4. Cruise the European excursion with some stress-free itinerary

Often travellers trick into visiting all the European destinations with the same ease and comfort. No matter how effortlessly they create an itinerary that flows well, cruising is the best option to see Europe they could ever have.

Cruising the multiple places is like a sneak-peak in most of Europe at a single shot. You will sail the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean and The Black Sea and come across gorgeous scenes midway.

Conceive a whole vacation on the water, and you’ll be mesmerized at the moment! Booking a European cruise could facilitate sailing the waters of the Black, Mediterranean, Arctic, Atlantic, and Baltic oceans. Pause through the splendid Santorini or Captivating Croatia.

Tour Venice town or Barcelona in between. Strike the greek isles or Mykonos islands. Cruising on the European coastline will change your life vividly.

10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

5. A trail on Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Terrains

Worldwide admired in the name of Salar de Uyuni, the salt flats in Bolivia are no less than a wonder. An ancient lake changed desertlike, leaving behind the legacy of the largest salt flats existing on the earth of 11,000 Sq. Km. to be precise.

Wherever your vision hunts through 4,247 Sq. Miles, the salt flats follow it side by side, level by level. The place is a white paradise blissed with rock formations where pink flamingos flock in November for a few frosty months.

The flats’ original hexagonal arrangements made Neil Armstrong believe it to be a glacier when he saw it from space!

The hugely spread Bolivian salt flats have islands highlighted with cacti. The picturesque flats in Uyuni will allow you to click life-changing photographs for your Instagram profile. 

10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

6. Bike Route 66 in America and head towards Heaven

We never thought of putting a road on top ten vacations until we knew about America’s legendary Route 66.

They completed the official formation of the route on 11th November 1926 and created a link between Chicago and Los Angeles. Drawing for over 2,000 miles in total, the route regularly stuns any traveller biking on it.

Apart from Los Angeles and Chicago, the route passes major cities like St. Louis, Detour, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, and Sedona, and ends at Santa Monica touching the Pacific Ocean’s edge. 

Including fascinating motels, incredible hotels, and charismatic cafes, the route has many other attractions. Cadillac Ranch tops the list, Blue Whale of Catoosa ranks second, while Meteor Crater Natural Landmark grabs third place.

If you seek a remarkable lifelong experience, prefer a road trip on Route 66! You can always get an Amarillo party bus for hire to get started on your trip to Route 66.

10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

7. Snorkeling and surfing the Bays of Costa Rica

You can snorkel the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines in Costa Rica. However, learning to surf is more life-changing there.

In Costa Rica, you’ll find all beaches, diverse nature, and active volcanoes too. In the rugged lands of Costa Rica, you will find bays to pop out and learn to surf. A sport that you can learn while accompanying the dolphins on the reef will change your life’s travel experience. 

Besides learning to surf, there is a lot to do in Costa Rica. Hike the hot spring in an active volcano of mount Arenal. Meander the Corcovado National Park with strangers and explore nature’s biodiversity.

Give away your awe seeing the La Fortuna Waterfall. Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is the place where you will find beaches and rainforests with peace and solace. 

10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

8. Beaching the Vancouver Island in Canada’s British Columbia

It is a sheer delight to view the towering mountains of Vancouver Islands tucked with Cedar and Spruce’s dose. The seaside is this extreme maneuver of mountains and trees, which is more than a miracle. 

There are a few parts in Vancouver that you can access by ferries or floatplanes and perform activities like fishing, heli-hiking, archery, and fly-fishing. During the time you expedite the Vancouver islands, the glassy water would await your priceless visit once.

You can be as wild as you want, and Vancouver won’t complain about it. Do not forget to add one life experience to your bucket by visiting the mountain peak through a rented helicopter or chopper. 

10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

9. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Believe it or not, when you do something without paving the way, it becomes extraordinary! It is enough to think about the usual vacations. If you really want to change your life by going on a trip, attend the carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

After all, The Guardian and The New York Times also admit its glory! The carnival is one of the largest entertaining events in the world that attracts a global audience.

Fancy costumes, dramatic depictions, funky parades, samba dancers, singing, dancing, music, drinks, cheers, people, and fun, all you demand in one vacation is what Rio’s carnival is all about. 

10 Beautiful Vacation Destinations That Will Change Your Life

10. Fly balloons in New Mexico’s Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

How scintillating would the sky look tethered with thousands of hot air balloons? If you visit New Mexico on the first of October, no one would be fortunate like you to gaze at the colourful sky carrying the herd of hot air balloons up and up.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is one of its kind that elongates for nine days. Meantime you can relish the musical shows and several events happening as a part of the fiesta.

You must remain amazed by looking at the ground tied balloons with their inflamed propane burners at night. The glow of the festival is irreplaceable.

What is the most popular vacation destination in the world?

Here are the most popular vacation destinations in the world today:

  • Remain in awe looking at the Northern Lights.
  • Restore yourself by swimming in Icelandic Hot Springs.
  • Shower under the Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan.
  • Cruise the European excursion with a stress-free itinerary.
  • A trail on Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Terrains.
  • Bike Route 66 in America and head toward Heaven.
  • Snorkelling and surfing the Bays of Costa Rica.
  • Beaching the Vancouver Island in Canada’s British Columbia.
  • Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Fly balloons in New Mexico’s Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

The world might not seem prettier to you until you make efforts to visit life-changing places relentlessly.

Now you have the list of ten most beautiful life-changing vacations, start visiting them one by one. Tick off this list as early as possible and comment down your activities, stories, and journey experiences. 

Nobody but, we would be happy to hear about your mind-blowing experiences with travel life. Happy travelling!

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