25 Tactics on Using Webinars to Convert Paid Traffic to Paying Customers

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Written By Daniel Doan

In this article, you will learn how to use webinars and in-person seminars to convert paid traffic into paying customers.

This is a huge list of 25 tactics you can start using immediately.

Being the huge growth marketing & CRO nerd I am, I’ve been to quite a few in-person events designed to sell me training programs. I get retargeted a lot on Facebook.

I would drag myself to these in-person seminars and force myself to watch countless online webinars in an effort to figure out how they tick as well as how effective they might be in terms of conversions.

I’ve seen upwards of 40 to 50 percent conversions to the next stage of the paid funnel at a lot of these events, which means that these tactics work pretty darn well (as sketchy as some might be).

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How to Use Webinars to Convert Paid Traffic to Paying Customers

Here are some of the most common tactics I’ve noticed:

1. During the beginning of the event, ask broad qualifying questions to gauge the skill level of the audience so as to modify the pitch correctly to match. 

If it’s a beginner-level audience, lean towards an emotional or hype-based pitch. If they’re more advanced, drop the hype and go for a more logical pitch.

2. Have attendees introduce themselves to their neighbors to foster a sense of community and belonging.

If their new friends convert, they’ll be more likely to feel pressured to convert as well.

3. Congratulate them repeatedly.

Instill a feeling of pride in them by reassuring them that they’ve made a good decision by attending your webinar. 

Congratulate them for taking action.

4. Lead with a set of promises to have them visualize the end result.

Then, tease them with secrets to build anticipation.

Tell them the secrets that they’ll eventually learn will fulfill whatever promises you made to them at the beginning.

5. Tell them you’ve been in their place before, and share your journey. 

This makes you much more relatable to them.

Tell them that you, too, used to be lost and confused until you found knowledge that’s contained in the later stages of your funnel.

6. Tease them with an “n step system” to make it sound easy. 

How to Use Webinars to Convert Paid Traffic to Paying Customers(25 tactics)

Whether it is the 3 pillars of wealth or the 12 step system to financial freedom, make it sound super simple and easy for them to get what they’re looking for.

7. Make them visualize their dreams to make them want it more.

Tell them to close their eyes and picture success. Make them want it real bad. Show them photos of successful people next to supercars. In Bali.

8. Tell them you’re actually in the trenches doing it, unlike the competition

This builds trust

No matter what niche you’re in, tell your prospects that you clearly are superior to your competitors in every way. 

Use the straw man tactic if you need to go there.

9. Ask them if they can imagine themselves doing something like this and succeeding. 

Get them in an overly optimistic mindset and tell them that if they follow your process, the chance of success will not be “if” but “when”.

10. Tell them the biggest thing that holds people back is not making decisions quickly enough.

This primes them to actually take action and get closed.

11. Tell them saving money is overrated and a false narrative that their loved ones have told them over the years. 

Reinforce the fact that their friends and family will be skeptical, but reaffirm them that this is an investment for their future. 

This primes them for a much easier sell.

12. Throw out quotes periodically about how they need to change in order to succeed.

Shame them into taking action by letting them know that only losers stand still.

13. Get them to say “Yes” as much as possible by asking questions every so often where the only possible response is “Yes”.

Then sneak in a statement that affirms your value proposition in there.

14. Get the audience to repeat phrases after you say them. 

Now, do it a few more times. Great. 

You’re getting in their heads and subconsciously acting as their tribal leader of some sort.

15. Continually reassure them that they’re in the right place to reduce any fears they might have of making the wrong decision. 

How to Use Webinars to Convert Paid Traffic to Paying Customers(25 tactics)

Tell them how lucky they are to be at your seminar or webinar, getting exclusive knowledge that only you’re able to provide.

16. Get them to raise their hands periodically. 

Make them take notes. Have them do work and participate. Make them commit more time and energy.

17. Pitch a 3-day high-performance workshop that fills in the gaps left open by the free webinar. 

Tell them that you and your team will go 10x deeper and 10x harder to 10x their life and 10x their money. 10x all the things.

18. Tease them with an outline of your easy 7-step system to 10x their dreams. 

“Would you like to see the seven steps? 

I can’t teach you that because it takes 4 hours, but I can show you the outline.” 

Want access to the whole thing? That’s inside the 3-day workshop.

19. Reaffirm that the contents of the workshop are things that they can’t just learn anywhere. 

“We can teach you these insider secrets so that you can do it for the rest of your life. Here’s your chance to invest in your future.”

20. Show them a bunch of your students’ success stories. 

Purposefully neglect to mention that these are the one percent of students, and that this cohort is much deeper into your sales funnel, having bought into your $10,000 a month mastermind.

“Take a look at a bunch of our success stories. They’ve done it, and so can you.”

21. Sprinkle in some scarcity when pitching the 3-day workshop. 

Tell them that the workshop is normally valued at $1,200… but if they act now it’s only $297.

22. Tell them that if they purchase the 3-day workshop, they can bring someone else to the workshop for free. 

Increase your viral coefficient while simultaneously giving them a “deal” at the same time.

23. After the full advertised length of the webinar, offer the sale. 

Then, ask the remaining non-converting audience for any objections and address them directly.

24. Tell them that today is their last day to get into the 3-day workshop at that rate.

Let them know that they’ll get exclusive access to a few bonuses that’ll 10x their results if they act now.

25. Repeat 23 and 24 a few times until you close every last person in the room and/or get too hungry to continue your pitch (whichever comes first).

But yeah, hope these tips will help you out.

If you’ve ever attended any of these webinar or seminar events, you’ll agree that these are the exact tactics used to convert paid traffic to paying customers.

Now is the time to take action.

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