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Top 7 Useful Content Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season

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Written By Andriana Moskovska

Without a doubt, content marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient practices in digital marketing.

However, content marketing itself isn’t all too easy, as those who use it are taking a risk by providing articles, photos, or videos that might be completely ignored.

When done properly, though, content marketing is a boon for conversions and a valuable source of extra income.

Here’s the thing:

Content marketers are constantly looking for big opportunities and content marketing ideas to start their next campaign.

And as we approach the holiday season, a lot of content marketing ideas and opportunities are opening for them.

Here are some amazing content marketing ideas to implement during the holidays.

Top 7 Useful Content Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season

1. Gift Guides

The season of giving is always a big opportunity for getting great and profitable marketing ideas for marketers.

The same goes for content marketers, as those without a keen eye for what presents would be perfect for Christmas are definitely looking for gift guides.

During this season, the most common searches on Google and other search engines are probably “best gifts for dad,” “best gifts for kids,” and the like.

What’s more, gift guides are the perfect way for retailers to promote their products and services while doing some content marketing along the way.

By giving consumers an in-depth look at their products, they are most likely to turn those views into sales.

What’s even better is that there are many types of gift guides to be published, thus allowing brands to continuously generate effective content.

2. Holiday Promotions

On the topic of gift-giving and buying, marketers should understand that people aren’t only looking for the best gifts possible. They are also looking for the best bargains out there.

A lot of brands offer big holiday discounts. So brands that don’t do the same are probably losing out on sales and bigger marketing opportunities.

Marketers should focus mainly on publishing catalogs or images that showcase the discounts and promos they have to offer during the holidays.

It’s also important for them to put in the schedule and mechanics of the promo, as consumers are most likely looking for deals that don’t have any weird rules.

So, it’s important to disclose as many details as possible.

3. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is any type of content that is created by unpaid contributors, which is most likely the fans or consumers of a brand.

Self-generated content could be anything, including tweets, blog posts, comments, articles, and more.

What makes it great even beyond the holidays is that brands are being promoted by their consumers for free.

According to a recent study by Business Wire, consumers are 2.4x more likely to say that user-generated content is more authentic than branded content. 

There are many ways to boost your holiday season sales with the help of user-generated content.

For starters, retailing brands could hold contests that allow fans to showcase the gifts they got for Christmas for rewards.

Another effective way to do it is by asking fans to show off their Christmas trees during the Yuletide season.

Bottom line:

The possibilities are endless.

As people are more cheerful and willing to share during the holidays, businesses can generate a more positive brand recognition through this type of content marketing.

4. Holiday Style Guides

The winter season is the time to flaunt our best coats and sweater that help us fight the cold weather.

Fashion brands can benefit from the holiday season by posting content featuring style guides that fit the weather.

Of course, marketers shouldn’t limit themselves to fashion options that protect us from the cold.

The holidays are also the season for parties and get-togethers.

This means that beyond winter style guides, brands can also try to create catalogs for the perfect outfit for Christmas parties, reunions, and New Year’s Eve.

This will be an effective content marketing strategy, as people are always on the lookout for the latest seasonal fashion trends.

5. Product Showcase for Next Year

While people’s attention is mostly focused on Christmas, it’s important for marketers to keep in mind that New Year’s Eve is also a treasure trove of opportunities.

In fact, one of the most effective types of content they could publish as the year nears its ends are product teasers and showcases for what’s to come the following year.

This will encourage its customers to prepare for the next line of products or services that the brand has to offer in January and beyond.

It’s not wise to go all out and revealing everything in one go.

Instead, brands should incite some sort of mystery by teasing their customers with multiple hints and previews.

Once people are hooked, they are more likely to come back again and again until they know what the product is.

6. Tutorials and Demos

DIY gifts are a big hit nowadays.

Brands should seize this opportunity and engage with their customers by generating content that teaches them how to do certain DIY gifts.

For instance, brands that sell essential oils could create DIY videos about scented candles that make perfect presents. 

It’s not just about DIY gifts, either. Marketers could generate content that teaches their audience how they could make the perfect Christmas dinner.

Again, as with most content marketing ideas on this list, the possibilities are too many to list.

Marketers will need to do some research to see what people are mostly looking into creating during the holidays.

7. Year-End Summary

Lastly, companies should use the last couple of days of the year to look back and showcase what they have done during the past year.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for brands to acknowledge the journey that their fans and most devoted consumers have taken with them.

This is a great start to the next year, too, as fans will begin anticipating the next step.

After all, you don’t want that journey to ever end, do you?

By doing year-end summaries, companies will also begin setting expectations for themselves. It’s a must for them to show that they are always willing to raise the bar for their consumers.

People appreciate brands that listen to customer feedback and go the extra mile to implement their suggestions and address their concerns.

Here’s the key takeaway:

The holiday season is a fun time for everyone and, apparently, that includes marketers! The good news is that there is still time to prepare before that season arrives.

And now that you’ve read our content marketing ideas, tips and suggestions, you too can begin devising the best possible content marketing campaigns for your business.

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