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4 Powerful Reasons to Use Instagram Marketing for Business

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Written By Walter Moore

In the year 2012, Mark Zuckerberg had purchased Instagram and it definitely seemed like 1 billion dollars was a lot for purchasing this visual platform.

Back then, Instagram had only 30 million users.

However, as time progressed, Instagram has shown that it is the best platform for not only gaining popularity but also the ideal place for marketing big and small business ideas.

People are using Instagram marketing not only because of the visual experience that it is responsible for providing but because it is helping them to get success in some way or the other.

Instagram is also going to overtake Facebook within the next few years. And if you still do not have an idea as to why this is going to happen, below is a list of the reasons that you should definitely consider Instagram marketing for your business.

4 Top Reasons to Use Instagram Marketing For Your Business

Instagram marketing

1. Instagram marketing is more user-friendly and mobile friendly

Instagram used to be a mobile-only platform right from the beginning and that is why it is responsible for providing a much better experience to the users in comparison to Facebook.

You cannot deny the fact that Facebook has also managed to come a really long way but Instagram is definitely made for the mobile phones and nothing can surpass that.

According to www.convinceandconvert.com, 80 percent of the content from social media is consumed in the mobile environment.

Instagram is anything but difficult to utilize when you’re in a hurry.

It’s a mobile-restrictive stage and can promptly alter pictures you take progressing to post on the stage.

That makes it an in-the-minute experience, which normally draws in more individuals.

It’s likewise an extremely basic application to use, with just a bunch of posting choices and the adorable “unbounded look” of the new substance.

2. Instagram marketing has better integration for Stories

This is also another reason that you cannot ignore at any cost.

Instagram was inspired by the “Stories” function from Snapchat.

Numerous people have been using Instagram stories and the brands have been using it for their benefits for communicating with their customers for showing the inside stories of their brand to their followers.

It is true that Facebook also has introduced this feature currently, but there is a slight difference between the interface of Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

When you open the story screen of both the applications, you will discover distinctive alternatives at better places.

In fact, they both have similar choices, however, their positions are unique.

For example, the Gallery symbol is available on the correct side if there should arise an occurrence of Facebook stories and on the left side in Instagram stories.

Thus, glimmer and camera switch symbols are available at the top in Facebook stories, nonetheless, in Instagram, they are at the base.

Curiously, on Instagram, everything is at the base, making every one of the choices effectively available.

Both the tales let you redo the story settings directly from the story screen.

Correspondingly, you can twofold tap the screen to switch camera in the two stories.

Likewise, catching a video by holding the camera catch remains constant for both.

Both Instagram and Facebook gather bits of knowledge about your accounts, however, the sum and quality are very unique.

In your Instagram Insights, you can discover measurements for impressions, connect clicks, exits, calls, profile visits, answers, shares, and a ton more.

Facebook Stories, then again, just shows a restricted measure of bits of knowledge about your story’s execution — and they must be gotten to from the work area rendition of Facebook.

These incorporate interesting story opens, forward taps, in reverse taps, forward swipes, and exits.

Okay, since we’ve secured the contrasts between Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, we should take a look at how you can repurpose the content of your account for the two channels.

This is why people prefer using the feature more on Instagram in comparison to Facebook.

3. Young Americans are more interested in Instagram

It has been proved that Americans, who are aged between 12 and 34, stopped using Facebook and started using both Snapchat as well as Instagram.

However, they were also facing certain problems with Snapchat because of the continuously changing user interface.

However, the popularity of Instagram has not declined and it is not going to decline anytime soon because it has already won over the young generation of social media users.

And very obviously, the current generation is the future of social media networks. If you want to get real likes from real people, you can use a website like stormlikes to do so.

4. Instagram marketing is commerce-friendly

Instagram has allowed businesses to flourish. It is the best platform where both the big and small businesses have been finding out their target customers.

With the huge audience base that Instagram provides, brands have seen nothing more than success when they have used the ideal marketing strategies.

Lately, we notice the tendency of utilizing YouTube instead of Google.

It has become clear that Instagram marketers have likewise decided to extend their network’s usefulness and encourage people to use Instagram instead of Google.

Specifically, the new e-commerce features which were developed in cooperation with BigCommerce and Shopify.

These novelties permit a huge number of any-scale worldwide retailers to offer their items by means of Instagram accounts, gather feedback, retain their customers, and attract them directly to their websites for buying.

Some Instagram e-commerce arrangements which could help e-store owners support traffic to their website and improve their customer steadfastness.

This demonstrates how creativity is essential in the era of representation, and how this can bring you revenue.

Also, the experience that Instagram marketing provides is ideal for both the Instagrammers as well as the advertisers, unlike Facebook.


Facebook keeps changing the display algorithm, and this is responsible for making it extremely difficult for most of the users.

However, Instagram has a simple and convenient interface and it is believed that Instagram has already started taking over Facebook.

And within a few years, it will be more than clear as to why Instagram is winning among the other social media platforms as well.

Some of the Influencers also suggest (hiddenly) to buy real followers for your Instagram account at the starting of your account and that is because it gives you an initial boost, later on, you can grow by posting more and more good content and by using the right hashtags.

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