The Modern Trends of Digital Parenting Using Technology

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What is the difference between parenting and digital parenting?

Parenting has never been simple but it has become tougher with the widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet.

In this digital age, it is not stress-free to bring up a child and ensure her protection.

Our kids get their hands on smartphones, tablets, gadgets, apps, software and smart devices at a very early age.

At the time of life when they are unable to make rational and mature choices, they are provided with powerful technologies that are hard to handle. 

There are social media apps that expose kids to bullying, scams, child predation, sexting, and more online crimes.

The video games show violence and adult-oriented stuff to younger children.

The digital lives of our kids are filled with innumerable dangers having a negative influence on their physical, mental and psychological health.

In this situation, parents are needed to be watchful for their kids’ digital behavior.

This article provides guidance to parents about ensuring their kids’ protection in the digital world.     

What is parenting? 

The Modern Trends of Digital Parenting Using Technology

Raising a child is never been easy than ever before, so taking care of a child from all means such as food, sleep, and unless growing up and talk, walk and start recognizing and exploring things is called parenting.

Parents can take care of their children all the time in every way and protect them from all real-life dangers.

The action parents do for the betterment of child living is known as parenting.

However, there is plenty of parenting techniques that different parents adopt to make them confident human being at the end of the day. 

1. Authoritarian parenting

In this particular style of parenting, parents are obsessed with the roles and regulations.

They always want to form kids in discipline with no regard for their child’s opinion.

2. Authoritative parenting

In this style of parenting, parents make roles for their kids with little regard for their child’s opinion.

3. Permissive parenting

In this parenting style, parents make roles for kids and also want them to follow, but they are strict as much as authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles.

4. Uninvolved parenting

Parents with an uninvolved parenting style want their kids to live free and do things they want to and they don’t bother what kids are doing.

They want to raise their children with the confidence to make their own decisions.

What is digital parenting?

Digital parenting is to shape how kids use powerful digital media and digital devices.

In this digital age, parents are responsible to play a key role to protect kids from the menaces of the digital world.

Digital parents educate kids about the usage of digital devices connected to the internet.

They train their offspring about the secure and responsible use of digital media.

Meanwhile, they supervise their digital activities to prevent them from wrongdoings and protect them from online criminals. 

The digital parents take the support of apps or devices in their daily activities particularly associated with parenting.

While there are several apps and tools that facilitate parents in looking after their kids, it can be challenging to make a smart choice.

We have reviewed here the most advanced digital parenting app that enables parents to supervise the digital behavior of children and protect them from vulnerabilities of the online and offline world.

How to use digital parenting apps

TheOneSpy provides the most advanced mobile app for parenting. The app is intended for parents to enable them to remotely supervise their kids’ use of digital media.

Once you get your kids’ mobile phones and computers installed with the app, you can monitor and operate those devices without having physical access.

And from anywhere in the world, you can find out where your kids are and what they are doing. 

1. Supervise social media

The social media obsession of teens has made them vulnerable to cyberbullying and child predation.

Many underage social media-obsessed kids are suffering from psychological issues, low self-esteem and poor social and behavior skills.

Parents can manage and monitor the social media use of kids by supervising social networking apps.

The spy app enables parents to witness activities performed on popular socializing networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, and WhatsApp.

They can supervise their kids’ chats, posts, friend-lists and more without following them or accessing their devices.  

2. Track GPS location

Want to know where your kids are at the time?

The digital parenting app keeps you updated about the GPS location of your loved ones.

You can find out their accurate current GPS location and can get detail of locations visited earlier.

3. Monitor Emails, SMS, MMS & IM

The digital parenting app enables parents to watch out the online and offline chats of their children.

It automatically creates a backup of incoming and outgoing emails, short messages, multimedia messages, and instant messages.

You can access this backup right from the online portal of TheOneSpy. Also, you can get contact numbers and names of communicators.

4. Track and manage calls

The phone calls made and received by your children can be supervised from anywhere.

The app for child monitoring records all inbound and outbound phone calls without letting kids know.

It also accesses call logs containing detail of calls and contact numbers of callers and recipients.

5. Monitor real-time surrounding activities

The high-tech cell phone spy app enables parents to protect their children from the potential dangers of the real world.

You can prevent your kids from bullying, substance abuse, self-harm activities, and wrongdoings by keeping a secret eye on their surroundings.

You can turn on cameras and microphones of their smartphones by sending the secret commands to that device.

It lets you see and record what is happening in the vicinity of your kid’s cell phone.    

6. Monitor computer activities

The desktop and laptop computers running Windows and Mac operating systems can be monitored with the computer tracker software of TheOneSpy.

Parents can witness and capture computer use of their kids by getting the screen recorded.

The software provides a complete report on the usage of the monitored computer comprising the app, website, program and software usage.

It also provides access to passwords, email addresses and usernames of online accounts operated on kids’ devices.

Hope this article would be helpful in learning about digital parenting and the tools facilitating parenting.    

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