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10 Best Minimalist Travel Gadgets and Tech Accessories For Vacation

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Written By Rebecca Siggers

Whether you are heading for a tropical vacay in winter or finding it hard to resist the call of the mountains in summer, the travel gadgets and gear you bring along has a lot to do with your comfort. 

Of course, it is essential to unplug to some extent when you travel. And, understandably, you don’t want an extra heavy suitcase carrying all the travel tech you can think of.

But, the right kind of travel tech gadgets can significantly improve the quality of the trip. It will give you the much-needed peace of mind to make the vacation even more pleasant.

What are the minimalist travel gadgets and tech devices that need to find a place in your backpack? Here are the ten options that you should consider.

1. Smart luggage

The first thing you need when travelling is smart luggage. Whether you are travelling for business or simple leisure, or frequently, this gadget comes in very handy. You can power it as well as other devices using the in-built lithium battery.

Its luggage tracking facility helps you track your luggage’s location while with proximity tracking, you can easily know whether it is near or far.

Most smart suitcases and backpacks have in-built scales to help you know the weight of your luggage. In-built sensors let you check the weight of your smartphone. 

It also has Bluetooth smart TSA lock so that you can lock or unlock your luggage using your smartphone from anywhere. Also, you can fit it easily on the roof rack when travelling in your car. 

2. Wireless earbuds

Settling for the flimsy in-flight earbuds might not be the best idea when you are going to be on that flight for several hours.

Use something like the Bose SoundSport that fits perfectly and isolates all the noise in your surroundings, right from that constantly crying baby to the hum of the engine. 

You are good to go with other brands, too, as long as the earbuds come with silicone tips to be comfortable in your ears. You can grab the over-the-ear headphones too, but they are usually more expensive than these.

10 Best Minimalist Travel Tech Gadgets and Accessories 2020

3. High capacity power bank

You might already have a power bank that you use to charge your phones and tablets. But, what about charging your laptop? Companies like RavPower have brought a 26800mAh power bank to you that can charge your USB-C laptops with its 30W output.  

All you need to do is remember to charge the power bank before you head out for your vacation, and you’ll not have to worry about your laptop running out of battery on the way.

It can charge an iPad pro twice and a Samsung S10 about five times. So, you are pretty sorted with this one!

4. Portable travel router

Hook up the Ethernet cable of your hotel to this travel router, and you are good to go. It will give you a stronger signal in the room and keep your devices secure.

Of course, it can’t get your connectivity, where there is no Wi-Fi. But, it can improve the connectivity of weak Wi-Fi.

You can even use it to connect your Roku Streaming Stick to the TV in your hotel room if it is not going well with the place’s guest Wi-Fi.

10 Best Minimalist Travel Tech Gadgets and Accessories 2020

5. Waterproof phone case

Fancy phone cases are wonderful, but they are not very effective. A durable phone case is needed for your travel to get that extra protection.

This phone case is for the iPhone and the material used in it is silicone. The case is snow, water, and shockproof. It will protect your phone just fine even if you drop it from over six feet.

This is just an example of the travel accessory you need. You can look for other waterproof phone cases, too, if this isn’t compatible with your own model.

6. Mini steam iron

If you have to travel often for work and business, it helps to keep a mini iron and steamer near at hand.

This way, you will not have to pay extra to get your hotel to iron your stuff if the need arises. You can get this mini steam iron from Steamfast for that purpose. 

It will not take up too much space in your luggage, but will effectively smoothen the wrinkles on your shirts and dresses. The portable steam iron comes with a long cord and an anti-slip handle for ensuring ease of use.

7. Portable water purifier

This one is especially for hiking enthusiasts among you. If travelling is synonymous with hiking, this bottle would be one of the smartest travel gadgets owned by you. You can use it to turn any natural water or tap water into pure drinking water.

Grayl ultralight water purifier removes over 99 per cent of protozoans, bacteria, and viruses to give you freshwater. Now, you no longer need to carry an additional water bottle because you have a gadget that purifies water in fifteen seconds and stores it. 

8. Mini espresso maker

If you are not a serious caffeine addict, then you can skip this travel tech gadget and move on. If you are someone who feels like you can’t function without enough caffeine in your system, this one is a trusted travel companion.

It is small enough to fit in the corner of your luggage and useful enough to be your constant travel buddy. You will only need some coffee powder and water to get the perfect cup of fresh espresso anywhere you want. 

Put hot water in the tank, unlock its piston, and give the piston a few strokes to extract the espresso. With just a button, it is very easy to operate and clean too, when done. 

9. Clip-On phone lens kit

What is travelling without amazing photos that you can post all over Instagram and Facebook? Your phone camera cannot give you all the features you need for clicking the perfect photos.

All you need to do is invest in a clip-on phone lens kit, and your photography needs are taken care of. 

In this kit, you will get a wide-angle lens, macro lens, starburst lens, and kaleidoscope lens. The price is pretty affordable, given the number of lenses and the quality that you are getting.

Travel adapter

10. Universal travel adapter

No need to carry too many plugs and cables. Just have a good travel adapter with you, and you are good to go.

The universal travel adapter from EPICKA is a good product that you can consider for this purpose. It comes with interchangeable AUS/EU/USA/UK plugs, along with international voltage compatibility.

There are four USB ports, with one type-C USB, one AC socket, and an 8A overload fuse. You can check out other universal adapters, too.

Ensure that the product you choose has international voltage compatibility to work well in your international travel destinations.

Minimalist travel gadgets

Here are the minimalist travel gadgets and tech devices that need to find a place in your backpack:

  • Smart luggage.
  • Wireless earbuds.
  • High capacity power bank.
  • Portable travel router.
  • Waterproof phone case.
  • Mini steam iron.
  • Portable water purifier.
  • Mini espresso maker.
  • Clip-On phone lens kit.
  • Universal travel adapter.

That is it for the ten must-have minimalist travel gadgets for tech enthusiasts. You must have surely found quite a few names that you didn’t think you would need until now.

Which of these travel gadgets are you going to invest in? Is there anything that you already own?

When you make the travel plans the next time, don’t forget to include these minimalist travel tech gadgets and accessories in your plan too. They will really make your trip comfortable and memorable.

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