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Top Ecommerce SEO Strategies to Adopt While Designing Your Website

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Written By Morris Edwards

Ecommerce has completely changed over the last few years. Online shopping is growing at a very fast pace. In such a competition, it is essential to think big and different from others. To promote a business online, it is vital to have a website. 

If you want to drag more traffic on your website, it is crucial to make your website more impressive and attractive. These can only happen if your website is SEO-friendly.

Outlook, feel, and user-friendliness is important factors considered on the website. People are getting more tech-savvy and mobile-friendly. It is essential that your website must be very responsive.

Ranking becomes very crucial when it comes to eCommerce websites. Using the right e-commerce SEO strategies is the factor that keeps you ahead of others. If you miss the clock, then there are chances that you miss sales. 

In this modern world, smartphones become the best way to browse the internet. Mobile phones are taken over the desktop. To rank high on Google is the most important factor.

It is significant to consider e-commerce SEO strategies in your decision-making process while designing your website. In this article, we look upon the vital SEO strategies to adopt while designing an eCommerce website.

Top eCommerce SEO strategies to adopt for your website

Whenever you design something and it does not come on the first page, then you feel disappointed. You need to use SEO techniques for your e-commerce website to take it in the first position. This process helps to increase the visibility of the website in search engines.

SEO will help to drag more traffic to your website. Better eCommerce web designs make you more effective and appealing. Here we will discuss some of the features that are important while designing an e-commerce website.

Let’s get started:

1. Relevant keywords

SEO-friendly and reachable websites are the two most important factors to divert the traffic on your website. For that choosing, the right keyword is a significant element for the site.

You must start with the targeted keyword list that is most commonly searched on google. 

Some of the developers do not concentrate on the keywords, and this thing can deduct their ranking on google. Title and description must include the important keyword on the webpage. You can use the keywords inside the tag like title tag, footer links, internal links, etc.

2. Website navigation

Most designers care about the visual elements and how users interact with the elements. To navigate easily, try to encourage people to stay whenever they visit your webpage.

The more users visit your brand website, the more it gives confidence to you. If any user started crawling your site with ease, then there are fewer chances that users will leave your site. 

Easy navigation with the relevant keywords helps to increase the purchase rate of your brand. Moreover, it helps to engage more customers.

In good navigation, another important factor is a consistent flow of the content. If your visitors can connect and chain the links, then it will help to increase the visitors.

3. Mobile friendly 

This is the revolutionary era of smartphones. Mobile phones are taking over the world. It is estimated that 3.5 billion people are using mobile phones, and this number will going to increase in the future. If you have an eCommerce website, then it is crucial that the website can be optimized on the mobile phone. 

So if you want to boost the traffic of your website make the website mobile compatible. The website must be compatible with android and ios. If you’re going to examine the compatibility, then you can check on the Google mobile-friendly test.

4. Website images 

Top Ecommerce SEO Strategies to Adopt While Designing Your WebsiteA picture speaks more than words. Generally, people quickly connect with the pictures more in comparison with content.

An eCommerce website requires good pictures so that the customer’s emotion can connect with the image. Not much time has passed before people have finally attained the correct idea of what an eCommerce website is. But still, there are many individuals who are hesitant about buying online simply because they cannot touch and feel the product.

This is the reason why a 3D configurator is used to create high-quality pictures of every product which gives a real feel to the customer on ECommerce Websites. There must be no blurriness as it can proffer the idea to customers that the products are cheap Depending on your product, you can include videos as well.

Most eCommerce website platform resizes and compresses the image that will improve the loading times. Nowadays, compression of the image does not reduce the quality of the image. Post the picture with natural emotions so that visitors can easily connect with the photos.

5. Optimize the content 

Choosing the right material is equally essential to the keyword. Most of the eCommerce website does not use the right material for the website or forget to add enough content on the webpages.

Make sure that you use the maximum keyword on your webpage. Integrate the content with the different keywords like the page, shopping, car page, blog page, description of the product, etc. 

Last, you can add the review, question and answer, and many more. This technique will help to increase the overall quality of the picture. Always use high-quality content rather than duplicate content with no plagiarism. Choose quality over quantity so that users love to read.

6. Social media engagement

With the advancement in technology, people are more engaged with social media. People generally spent 136 minutes on social media. This shows that people are more connected to social media. It would be best if you started thinking about how to include social media in the website. 

Visitors prefer to visit those websites which are integrated with social media. You need to drag and drop the icons of different social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. on the main web page. Your social media share buttons give you the potential for free on different platforms.

Concluding remarks: Ecommerce SEO strategies for your website

Above we have discussed some of the e-commerce SEO strategies to keep in mind while designing a website. Choosing the right eCommerce SEO strategies will give you the best rank in the search engines. It is totally up to you to choose the option that will work best for you.  

It is essential to choose everything smartly before spending time and money to achieve the results. These tips will surely help you to rank better and will help to design a better eCommerce website.

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