Top 9 Smart Tips for an Efficient Business Travel Today

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Written By Maggie Holmes

If your business or work position requires you to travel frequently, you are not alone. 

Ever since we humans figured out planes and flying, we’ve been getting more and more interconnected in the business sense. (And every other sense, for that matter.)

A single company can have its representative branches on several continents, so it is not uncommon for employees to be sent off on business/diplomatic missions to build bridges, establish networks, and find new markets. 

That said, while traveling has become way more efficient than before, business people still lose hours, days, and even weeks (if you add up all the time) on planes, trains, and automobiles.

In this article, we are going to talk about traveling for business and how you can approach this necessary evil so that it is not only no longer an evil, but that it becomes a useful temporal slot, which you can make good use of.

As you will see, it is all about careful planning, finding time for yourself, and optimizing the otherwise bothersome aspects of traveling such as carrying the baggage and waiting around.

Right then folks, without further ado, here is the deal. 

9 Smart Tips for an Efficient Business Travel 

1. Travel Light 

Efficient Business Travel? Top 9 Smart Tips To Start WithOne of the best ways to ensure your business trip will be an absolute horror shot is to pack all of your winter collection in a large mountaineering backpack, take along your dog, and bring the kitchen sink AND your momma along. 

Your trip doesn’t have to be a horror shot though, even if you wish to be bringing along everything. There are options like storage units from The Lock Up available for hire. You can store all your excess baggage in these storage units and make your errands without any fuss.

The key to reducing stress and the levels of inconvenience when traveling is to pack light and bring only the essentials.

If you are going to be staying at a hotel, you don’t need all of your cosmetics with you, as the hotel will surely provide some to you. Unless you have some sort of special homemade face mask you don’t want to miss out on – but don’t bring the whole tub of that, either.

Also, you don’t need many clothes for your business trip as all you require is formal business attire and perhaps a spare pair of knickers just in case.

2. Pay Attention to Your Diet

It may not seem like much, but having a proper diet on business trips is important. You only have a good and fulfilling journey when you are in good health. So be careful when eating vegetables and avoid harmful snacks and fast food.

3. Souvenirs; Yes or No?

Of course, when you are on a business trip, nobody expects you to spend a lot of time in the market and shopping malls to make a good souvenir for relatives or friends. 

But that doesn’t mean you should go back completely empty. It is best to buy souvenirs from nearby shops to save time and make your return more enjoyable.

4. Note costs

The last point is to invoice all travel expenses. Before traveling, you need to know what kind of costs the company or agency that sent you the trip will have to pay for the trip. Jettly, for example, provides a tool that allows you to get free charter quotes in minutes.

But keep in mind that you should not sacrifice some comfort during your trip. Don’t forget you are on a business trip right now, but you are not even going to enjoy it!

5. Stick to One Airline (if you can)

… because most airlines have some sort of program in place where you gather points for always traveling with them.  

This way, you’ll not only always know what to expect on the flight (because you know the company’s policies intricately after a couple of flights), but you’ll also earn valuable discounts down the road, which can save you a lot of money if you travel frequently. 

6. Dress the Part 

Efficient Business Travel? Top 9 Smart Tips To Start WithMany people who fly on a regular basis make the mistake of putting their best foot forward in the dressing department before even boarding the airplane. 

This may make you look all official and professional, but it is not important for the airplane passengers to see you mean business – you should leave that for your business meeting.

As for the traveling part, make sure to wear something comfortable. There are many traveling-oriented clothes and accessories you can get that will make your traveling easier, so you shouldn’t shy away from trying some of those out, either. (Those padded sleep thingies that you rest on your shoulders spring to mind, for example.

7. Bring Your Entertainment 

… or it will be a toss-up once you are onboard on whether or not you’ll actually like the film that is on. 

Now, the great thing about carrying your own entertainment with you is that you can enjoy watching whatever film or documentary you fancy at the moment, or listen to podcasts or music of your choice. 

Chances are, you are probably going to be bringing your laptop or tablet on your business trip anyway, so it is not like you are going out of your way to bring your entertainment with you.

Here is another useful fact about this solution – you’ll probably also carry a special case for your laptop or a spacious laptop backpack, so you can use that extra space to store more items without stuffing it all in your main bag. 

All in all, going on a business trip is often the most stressful and boring part of your job, so taking steps to make it not only bearable but enjoyable is essential for succeeding in whatever it is you are doing.

The bottom line, as long as you pack light, takes good care of your own entertainment, and pick your attire thoughtfully, you can rest assured that your flights and bus travels won’t be that stressful.

8. Carrying a first aid kit and essential medicines

Top 9 Smart Tips for an Efficient Business Travel

If you are taking a particular medicine, do not discontinue it while traveling and take the medicine with you.

Health is important during travel, along with some preventive medications, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, allergy, and insect repellent pills, acetaminophen pills and colds, and a variety of painkillers.

No accident, your hands may get injured on the trip, having a first aid kit helps a lot.

9. Sufficient water consumption on the journey

It is important to pay attention to body water while traveling and consuming two glasses of water a day. Not drinking enough water causes digestive problems and fatigue.

Make sure you pay attention to your water consumption and have a bottle of water on your trip. Never use ice and water to drink while traveling, as it is unclear what the city’s water is and how the ice is made with water.

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