18 Promising Techniques To Make Your TikTok Videos A Smashing Hit

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Written By Anne Joseph

So you are admiring how to make your viral video content via TikTok? Good.

TikTok is a social media network, and the app has acquired a massive growth in quarantine days. It is a spot for the teens and tweens to do lip-sync and silly dances, but a network where all the age groups share various video contents from funny dog videos to life as a sky-diver.

A primary fun fact on the platform is that any kind of TikTok video content can succeed in a short span.

The main thing you want to recognize is that in its current position, the platform is a meritocracy that provides every video content an opportunity by appearing it to a small group of people on the FYP(For You Page).

If your TikTok video content performs fine within this small group, the platform starts to push your content to a large group of people even if you have null followers.

One of the top profiles on the platform receives above 15 million video content views within a month. A bitter truth is they opened an account on TikTok just three months ago; that is why I am here to provide some techniques to make your stunning video contents a smashing hit on the TikTok platform.

Yes! How to do it? Here are the powerful techniques to make your TikTok videos a smashing hit. Let’s jump in.

1. Come Up With Your Brand Video

Make Your TikTok Videos A Big Hit: 15 Promising TechniquesTikTok is the quickest growing app where you need to quickly acquire audience attention before they swipe to the next video content. If there is no attraction in the starting few seconds of your TikTok video content, most audience swipes up your video content to watch the next one.

Set the video topic and tone within a few seconds from starting so that the audience can quickly get what your content contains and the unique points they will grasp.

2. Keep Your TikTok Video Length Short

I recommend you keep the short content and the point unless you make lengthy TikTok video content. TikTok notices the average watch time length compared to the video content length to evaluate the quality.

It is more possible to watch eight seconds of ten-second TikTok video content than 50 seconds of a minute-long video.

3. Record Your Audio

All know that our apps and mobiles have the incredible power to grab what we are pronouncing and make decisions depending on the audio.

The platform needs to share your video content to the targeted audience and utilizes all the tools you provide to get what your content is about, and delivers it to the right audience.

You are providing more information and keywords to the audience using your voiceover on your video content.

4. Use Viral Sounds Or Music

Whether you are using the voiceover or not, it is always worth adding the trending sounds or music in your video content.

You can also select your songs, but the maximum number of people on the platform go for the trendy one because TikTok hikes it quickly to a massive audience. So use trendy music in your TikTok video content. And attach a song as a video background also with your voiceover.

5. Describe A Story

Dances can go trendy on the platform, but stories too. Unless you are a skilled dancer, your video content won’t go viral. So, the mates are likely to go trendy by describing a compelling and exciting story.

Whatever your story will be, such as what happened in your day, your projects, anything, but it needs to compel the audience. 

6. Share Advice, Tips, Favorite Things

Audiences love to learn on TikTok. If you are an expert in any field, you can make informational TikTok video content to help the audience grasp more about the field. Bullet point video contents work perfectly with over screen texts guiding the audience via mini-lesson.

In the same way, audiences love to shop on TikTok. So, sharing trendy products is the best way to obtain TikTok views and also a great way to monetize.

7. Provide CTA (Call To Action)

It is crucial not only to make TikTok video content go trendy but also to gain more active followers.

Naturally, when TikTok recognizes massive people liking, commenting, and following video content, they will spread to the most audience on the platform. So, it is a great thing to consider CTA in your video caption and at your video content ends, such as “follow for more,” etc.

In addition to this, you should have compelling video content to make this work. 

8. Mention Some Details For Audience To Comment

Make Your TikTok Videos A Big Hit: 15 Promising TechniquesMany audiences on the platform love to comment on something in the video content.

If the TikTok video is about car racing, but a dog runs between the race tracks and receives huge comments about the dog rather than racing. Audiences love to odd out little things, but they are not the video content’s primary target.

As mentioned earlier, the more comments you receive, the more likely you go viral. So the random things you will give the audience to comment on drives to receive more comments. 

9. Unanswered Questions

It is the perfect way to grab more comments on your TikTok video content and go viral as a result.

If you upload video content on TikTok and provide an interesting question, don’t answer it. It tempers the audience to know the answer and drives to the comment section to ask for the solution directly to you or with other people who are already in your comment section.

Sometimes, you can tag your circles in your video comments to get the right answer. This increases comments and helps your video content perform well. 

10. Do Controversial Things

As already knows, commenting helps virality; bringing something controversial in your TikTok video content, allows you to go more viral.

Audiences wish to provide their two cents on the internet things. If you give any content controversially, many people will jump in your content, comment on their opinions, and tag their circles on it. This way, your TikTok video content can go viral.

11. Provide Some Texts In Starting Video Frame

By beginning your TikTok video content with some texts, the FYP viewers take a few seconds to read and stay on the video to understand what the texts are revealing.

Not only does it increase the watch time, but also it helps to grab more viewers if you bring an exciting story.

12. Don’t Use Generic TikTok Hashtags

Avoid using generic hashtags. Use the niche tags, or don’t give any hashtags at all to your content. If you have perfect niche video content, niche hashtags help the platform reach your content to the targeted audience. If you post something on the platform, it will appeal to various kinds of people in terms of hashtags.

13. Respond To All Comments

As said earlier, the more comments in your content, the more likely to go trending on the platform. It works well when you engage with the commenters and start a conversation on your TikTok video content.

Respond to your viewers’ feedback and begin a conversation with them by raising some interesting questions or facts. It leads to increasing comments, and TikTok shares your content to a massive audience on the platform.

14. Upload Regularly

Going trendy on the platform is a game at the day’s end. If you post regularly, then your post goes viral in a short time.

Also, don’t skip the quality; if you post quality content continuously, then your content is more likely to go viral on the platform.

15. Keep Watching TikTok Video Contents On FYP

It is critical to spend a few minutes every day on the For You Page(FYP) watching others’ video contents. It helps you more with the present trends and more new ideas related to staying on the top to perform video content.

16. Design Your Video Content To Be Rewatched

There are considerable benefits in developing video content where some points are too quick for someone to watch, read, or recognize in the first viewing.

For instance,  if your text’s placement on the video content is quick to grab, then someone replays your video content to capture the texts well and might pause at a particular point.

Most audiences spend a massive time on your content, which amplifies TikTok’s unique video content. It leads TikTok to show your content to a broader audience.

17. Don’t Hold The Niche At Start.

Make Your TikTok Videos A Big Hit: 15 Promising TechniquesAny content can go trendy on TikTok, and if you follow your niche at the start, you are straight forward to one group of audience on the platform.

It is always best to create various kinds of contents at the beginning, posting content in different topics and formats.

When you measure what the audience likes, then pick the niche according to that. Produce some other exciting content even after that.

18. Don’t Anchor Link Right Away.

If you are trying to monetize your TikTok video content through affiliate links and doing a product review, it tempts you to place a product link in the comments section. Please don’t do it.

You get more comments from the audience asking where the product from or product link, which helps your TikTok video content gain more traction and go trend on the platform.

Summing Up

I know that every person takes nearly a month to measure TikTok’s style and how to bring your video content well. If the content didn’t go well on the platform, don’t lose your hope and keep trying.

I hope these 18 techniques help you out more to make your video content top on TikTok. It is your turn now; just do it.

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