The Top 3 Skills That Creates True Wealth

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Top Skills for Entrepreneurs

I’m not extremely wealthy by any means. But I have interviewed and been mentored by many millionaires and I am on track to obtaining a substantial amount of wealth myself.

After studying and interviewing hundreds of millionaires I’m convinced there are 3 areas of expertise in which they all excel way above and beyond the average:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Networking

These are the top 3 skills that will help you create true wealth.

Most people will tell you these are just soft skills that you’re either born with or you’re not. Well, these are usually the people who aren’t rich…

I’m 100% convinced within each of these skills lies the key to unlocking true wealth and control over your professional (and personal) life.


Most people will say you should learn hard skills that are needed in society.

Spend 10,000 hours and dedicate your life to a craft that is proven to pay off and you will be financially rewarded. Such as Doctor, lawyer, investment banker, etc.

Sure these skills are valuable and are rewarded… (after 6–10 years of burying yourself in student loan debt and another 4–6 years in the field).

But if all you’re wanting to do is obtain wealth, they ARE NOT the most effective—and efficient—way.

Sales, marketing, and networking are the most versatile skills you can possess when it comes to generating wealth.

If you know how to sell, you can exchange goods, ideas, and services for money—that’s how every business makes money.

If you understand marketing, you can spread goods, ideas, and services to the world—that’s how you truly get rich.

And if you know how to network, you can surround yourself with the right people who will support you and be the catalyst to creating, selling, and marketing your ideas.

Think of all the most successful billionaires and millionaires:

Steve Jobs: Did he get a degree in computer technology? No. He hardly knew anything about computers.

But he knew how to network and how to sell the crap out of a personal computer which is what launched him and Steve Wozniak into world domination

Richard Branson: Owns an airline company and knows jack squat about flying planes.

But he knows how to influence people of his ideas probably better than anyone in the world—which is another way of describing sales if you didn’t know.

Mark Cuban: Owns the Dallas Mavericks. Does he know how to play basketball?….hell no.

Does he know how to influence people and connect himself to the right people?..hell yes)

I know these are exaggerated examples but they are 100% applicable to a microscale.

Long story short, if you know how to influence people, how to persuade people to believe in your ideas and follow you, how to connect yourself with people more influential than yourself, and how to get your ideas in front of thousands of people and make them act on them, you will be successful no matter what field you’re in.

Especially if you’re an entrepreneur—which, by the way, is the most lucrative career in the world.

So if I were you, I would focus on these three skills.

  1. Get a sales job
  2. Start a small company, read as many books as you can on marketing and influence
  3. Start surrounding yourself with influential people

Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, these skills are always in high demand, and they’re irreplaceable.

You can always go hire a guy to make something or to meet specs, but you can’t always hire a guy that will bring you business and increase your cash flow.

That’s what these skills generate.

Chad Holmes has over four years of sales experience. Two of which he managed top sales teams and was in the top 5% of his company—generating over 2.5 million dollars in personal sales.Chad has interviewed over a 100 millionaires on his blog. You can read them all to get inspired.

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