The Best Kept Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

I learned some of the most valuable business and life lessons in my early adulthood, while working day and night to grow our family business into a $60 Million company.

1. Never stop learning

One of the most important lessons I learned was to never stop learning.

I always tell people to take any opportunity you can to educate yourself.

One example is simply to read, and to read about anything you’re interested in.

Most people I meet don’t take advantage of the vast array of reading materials that we have instant access to.

So follow a different path and read as much as you can.

In my early twenties, while most of my peers were out partying and enjoying life, I spent all my time studying.

While other people were watching TV or out having fun, I read about programming, psychology, business growth, famous entrepreneurs and leaders.

I did everything I could to get ahead of everyone else.

2. Business is a competition.

I am very competitive, and for me business is a competition.

If you want to win, you have to preempt your competitors, so keep your head in the game. Never stop trying to gain an edge on them.

After all, there was always someone trying to put us out of business.

I would imagine that I was one of our competitors, and look for any possible way to take our business out.

I would ask:

What weaknesses in our company could a competitor take advantage of?

Then we would identify those weaknesses before someone else did!

3. Run your company like you are competing with the best.

Another thing we did was that we always tried to run our company as if we were going to compete with the best.

So in your own business, if you’re aiming to compete with Google, start acting like it – it will prime you to deal with less dangerous competitors.

In business, you need to have an edge.

You need the will to win and to be the smartest and most prepared person in the room. You have to be willing to sacrifice long hours while maintaining a positive attitude and treating the people around you well.

The game of business never ends, either. As long as you’re working, you’re competing.

Don’t ever settle and think you’ve won, because there’s always another company out to get you!

Yaseen Dadabhay is a dad, former lawyer,  entrepreneur and business coach who has built two $30 million dollars businesses. He also led HR for Starbucks.

There you have it. These are some of the best kept secrets of successful entrepreneurs.