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6 Top Reasons Why Team Building is Important For A Productive Workplace

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Any team, whether it’s a sports team or corporate office, needs to be united under a common goal. It takes collaboration among a group for this to be a possibility.

For decades, businesses have been trying to find ways to get their team on the same page by creating team bonding events. Even so far as going away to the country together and doing trust-building exercises.

To reach that common goal, it takes creativity and trust within the members of the team. In essence, it brings out the best in people. 

The types of exercises for team building are getting more creative and even more fun. It has bled into other areas of office life including fun icebreakers for meetings

Let’s take a look at how important it is to do some team building for your office or company.

1. Team-building vs team bonding

Team building is a good way to work on specific objectives with specific exercises. Something like improving customer relations or encouraging communication for effective strategizing. 

You take an area of the business that is underperforming and build up an event to help get all of the team members on board.

Usually, team building is something that happens when you already have an established team.

Team bonding, on the other hand, is done to help invest in each other through shared experiences. That may sound vague but it is different than simply using exercises to reach a goal. Bonding happens when people have a stronger social connection with each other.

That social connection helps people pull on the same rope together and help each other to be better workers and people.

2. Cooperation helps productivity

One of the biggest barriers to growth within a business is that many departments do not work together. In some of the worst scenarios, they are positively antagonistic towards each other.

When you do team-building exercises, this can lead to cooperation between departments. 

It’s important to separate departments into other teams so you don’t pit one department against another. That would only make things worse.

Instead, break up departments and have them mixed into other groups so they can bond with other people within the company. There will be more of a spirit of cooperation to help build bridges instead of walls. 

3. Employees feel valued

6 Top Reasons Why Team-Building is Important For A Productive Workplace

Nobody wants to feel like a cog in the wheel. When they feel replaceable and not valued, they will have low morale and their productivity will drop.

When there are team-building exercises being done, then it helps them to feel valued by their peers. And when this happens they will want to work harder to pull their weight and then feel like they are a valuable part of the operation.

Good salaries are helpful, but a worker will be more motivated to do their best when they feel that they are empowered to make decisions and that their voice is being heard. 

Positive feedback is essential to maintaining that sense of being valued. Make sure you are providing employees with a way to be part of the decision-making process and then following up with praise when their ideas are working. They will be less likely to look for a new job if they feel like they are making a positive difference in the company.

4. Keeps a positive environment

When done correctly, team building can be a lot of fun. It will create a positive atmosphere in the office when the team has bonded over some fun events. When this happens, then there is less tension, office drama and under-performance. It creates an office that is fun to be a part of. 

Team building gives the company’s organization the ability to motivate staff much more effectively and the positive atmosphere is a big part of it.

Employees are also likely to reach out and ask for help in this type of office environment. An office in which there is a camaraderie between employees encourages communication. A lack of communication can stymie efforts to confront problems within the company or to find a creative way to grow.

The most innovative companies have an office culture that is positive and dynamic as a result. 

5. Finds hidden potential

Team building events can bring out the best in people and show their managers exactly what they are capable of.

They can even surprise themselves with what they learn about themselves and how they work with others. This can carry over into the workplace where they have the confidence to use the lessons they learned in their job.

Hidden potential being revealed will allow management to understand how best to utilize these employees based on what they’ve found out about their talents. 

Teams can be rearranged to get the most out of the way different members work with others due to their unique set of talents that were only exposed through the team-building event.

6. Helps with conflict resolution

When you put a group of people together with different personalities and ideas on how things should work, you inevitably will have conflicts that arise. There is no way to have a 100% cohesive team all of the time, but conflicts don’t need to tear the team apart, either.

When lessons learned from team bonding exercises stick, they help employees deal with these conflicts among themselves so resentment doesn’t build. 

These employees that are able to resolve issues without management coming to their aid are the ones who will make great managers later on in their corporate career. 

When employees feel they have a valid voice in things, they are more able to clarify their position without it being antagonistic towards others. It’s miscommunication that usually leads to conflicts, to begin with so many are headed off at the pass.


Get creative with team-building exercises and don’t just rely on the corporate picnic for team bonding. Have a team-building event that is fun, spurs creativity and challenges people to be their best. 

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