8 Common Causes of Taxi Accidents Cab Business Owners Should Know

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Taxi businesses are flourishing these days but there are some major challenges that come along with the opportunity to make big money.

The biggest challenge that taxi businesses encounter is related to dealing with traffic accidents. When you have commercial vehicles on the road, this is one risk you have to live with.

There are chances that your vehicle may be hit by another vehicle or your passengers may be injured due to the driver’s negligence. Moreover, you may even have to pay the cab driver if he gets injured in the course of duty.

Whatever the reason for the mishap may be, the probability of legal claims runs high. Such cases can spell a major burden for your company, in terms of compensation to the injured, business disruption, and loss of reputation.

It makes sense to be aware of the common causes of taxi accidents so that you can prevent them in the first place. Here are the most common causes of cab accidents that taxi business owners need to be aware of.

1. Speeding

Beware! 8 Common Causes of Taxi Accidents in Cab BusinessAt times, drivers are in a hurry to complete the rides so that they can start with another one quickly. This elevates the risk of speeding-related mishaps for your cab business.

Speeding is dangerous because it can cause crashes and serious injuries to the driver and the passenger. The results can be catastrophic if the driver is on a highway and at a very high speed.

Business owners need to have speed limits in place to ensure that the employees behind the wheel adhere to them.

2. Distracted driving

Cab drivers often need to talk on their cell phone or text for booking rides and making arrangements with the passengers. Doing so while driving can distract them and cause mishaps, which is the reason why this habit must be discouraged.

Other practices that make things risky are eating and drinking, talking to passengers, and checking the GPS while driving. Include these aspects in employee training so that the people you hire steer clear of these habits every time they get behind the wheel.

3. Drunk driving

Another major risk factor that taxi business owners need to be aware of is drunk driving. Intoxication impairs driving skills such as vision, judgment, and reaction time, and DUI is considered a serious offense.

Whether the driver injures the passengers, other drivers, or pedestrians, you can expect the victim to hire the best car accident attorneys in town for filing a claim against your company.

Having a zero-tolerance policy against drunk driving and checking the DUI records of the drivers are some measures that can save you.

4. Drowsy driving

Apart from distracted driving and DUI, drowsy driving is another preventable cause of taxi collisions. Ensure that your drivers get adequate breaks between rides and do not have excessively long hours of duty.

Keep a check on their schedules and have a proper system in place to monitor their rides. This seems like a small step but can go a long way in protecting your business against litigation.

5. Unqualified taxi driver

While it is the responsibility of cab companies to have only trained people behind the wheel, they may be negligent with hiring once or more.

Unqualified and untrained drivers cannot be trusted to handle the vehicles safely and may end up injuring the passengers or pedestrians. For this reason, it is mandatory for taxi businesses to implement a proper hiring process that picks only qualified people.

At the same time, you also need to invest in regular training programs to ensure that the drivers are capable of handling all kinds of situations. If you fail to do so, you can be sued for gross negligence.

6. Unsafe lane changes

Like speeding, unsafe lane changes make another dangerous practice that elevates the risk of car accidents.

Besides making unsafe lane changes on the highway, cab drivers may also maneuver between lanes aggressively just to get through congested traffic and complete the rides quickly. This can be extremely risky during rush hours or when the vehicles are at high speed on the highways.

Once again, implementing stringent controls for drivers is important for cab companies that want to avoid such mishaps.

Cab owners can go the extra mile by installing telematics in their vehicles to track driver behavior and take strict action against the ones who are guilty of breaking the rules.

7. Violation of traffic laws

Beware! 8 Common Causes of Taxi Accidents in Cab BusinessTaxi drivers have an unspoken responsibility to ensure the safety of their passengers and obey traffic laws. They are also obligated to their employers for following the law as they handle the company vehicles.

Practices like running red lights, driving aggressively, and failing to use a turn signal not only get the cab company in trouble with the law but also become a leading cause of accidents.

Employee training and regulations, once again, become a necessity for businesses operating in this domain.

8. Lack of vehicle maintenance

While a majority of cab mishaps are attributed to driver negligence, the business may also be liable for not ensuring the safety of their vehicles.

They have a responsibility to inspect and maintain their vehicles on a regular basis. Also, they must make sure that the ones that need to be repaired should not be taken on the road.

Flouting these maintenance norms can lead to crashes due to brake failure, steering malfunction, and tire blowout. If the victim proves the negligence of your business in such a mishap, you will have to pay massive compensation for their injuries.

Now that you are aware of the most common causes of cab accidents, it becomes important to take a proactive approach to manage the risks.

Business owners need to go the extra mile for passenger safety. From proper hiring practices to regular training for the drivers, scheduled maintenance checks for the vehicles, and implementation of safety regulations, every small step can make a big difference.

They not only prevent accidents but win passenger trust and build the reputation of your company in the long run.

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