Career Opportunities for Students: Best Jobs to Try Today

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Many students start working in college as it is a good option to get money for various activities. Of course, the stressful educational process does not allow looking for a full-time job.

However, several options will work well for many students as they will not take all the time and will not affect the learning process. Here are the best student job opportunities you should try during college to make extra income today.

1. Nanny or Babysitting

Babysitting opens up many opportunities for students as it means flexible hours and the ability to combine studies with daily responsibilities. If you have to look after a small child, then you can do your essays or homework while he or she sleeps.

Many people are also looking for a nanny who would do only a small range of work, including cooking food or cleaning the rooms. If you manage to complete all your daily work on time, you will be able to stay on top of your training schedule.

This kind of student job or work won’t make you $100 a day, but at least you won’t ask every friend, “Can you write my paper for me, please?”

2. Call Center Representative

10 Best Student Job Opportunities for Extra Income TodayMany call centers offer remote work for which you only need a laptop and a headset. This usually means that you will advise clients on standard issues and have a relatively flexible schedule.

Many students may opt for evening shifts to advise commercial clients or advertise certain promotions and products.

You have to receive calls or customer complaints and also record data that will need to be transferred to the delivery service or other structures. Typically, this student job opportunity is for you to study customer problems and offer them a quick solution.

It is noteworthy that you must have a good hold of language if you are looking forward to taking up this career option. Maybe enrolling in English courses for beginners can help you refine your hold on the language and assist you in better communication.

This may not be the easiest way to jump-start your career, but the most successful call center representatives can make up to $25 an hour.

3. Virtual Assistant Student Jobs

The virtual assistant’s position is being introduced everywhere since many successful business people need the right hand to do all the dirty work.

The virtual assistant’s tasks are organizing events, creating timetables, and schedules. Typically, you will be organizing meetings, hosting events, and providing general technical support.

Many business people need to maintain social media accounts, so you have to explore this niche too. In general, you can get a variety of technical tasks and earn good money, depending on your boss.

The only point may be that this student job or work will take up all of your free time, so you may sometimes wonder, “Who can do my homework for me?”

4. On-Demand Staffing Jobs

Such work can range from the most trivial to the most creative. Usually, companies need versatile employees for this position. For example, you can transport goods, organize events, advertise something, or just hand out flyers.

If you are ready for daily changes and something new, then this student job can be a great start for you. It is not a fact that you will earn a lot, but you will improve your communication skills.

5. Warehouse Associate Student Job

Such student job or work is associated with the transportation of goods, preparation of sets, and even special heavy equipment management. You will also have to deal with administrative affairs and inventory management to know which items need to be ordered.

If you show good organizational and administrative qualities, you can get a promotion and even become a warehouse manager. It all depends on how well you recommend yourself. As a rule, the average salary in this segment can be up to $20-25 per hour.

6. Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

dog walkerMany people have pets that need walking or medical attention. If the owner is on the road, then he needs someone to look after his dog.

Some many specialized sites or companies deal with pet care, treatment, walking, and other tasks. If you are willing to interact with animals, then this might be a good job for you.

The main task of the person who takes care of the dog is feeding, daily walks, possible visits to the veterinarian, and transportation around the city. Depending on the type of task, you can earn up to $50 per hour.

Of course, not all people offer such payment, but really purebred dogs require special care. If you show your communication skills, you can make good money. If you get too busy with this student job, then you should order of writing an essay. This will free up more time for your responsibilities.

7. Food Service Worker

As a rule, catering and fast food are the two main areas that will allow you to earn money if you are a student. It may sound like a cliché, but it is the easiest job to master and get your first paycheck.

For example, you can make coffee for visitors, serve as a waiter, or set tables. You can also get tips. Many of the students who started working part-time in cafes and restaurants remained there as main employees after graduating.

The main part of the income of such an employee is tips. You can earn twice as much as you officially receive if other clients appreciate your professionalism level.

This area has enough room for your career development as a student so that you can consider this as your main income for a certain amount of time.

8. Home Health Aide

If your education is related to medicine or you have completed appropriate courses, you can look after the elderly and patients who need home treatment.

Such a side student job can be profitable since the average salary in the United States is about $25,000 per year. Nevertheless, you need to understand that your tasks’ complex will concern not only home comfort, cleaning, or cooking.

Typically, you will have to prepare a medication schedule, take patients to a doctor, and monitor your patient’s health. You also need to be prepared to write daily reports for your guardian or family. If you are not afraid of such difficulties, you can make good money and pay off your student debt.

9. Sales Associate

10 Best Student Job Opportunities for Extra Income TodayThis kind of student job is as popular as fast food. You can become a salesperson consultant and interact with buyers.

As a rule, such a profession involves the correct sorting of goods, preparation of various marketing campaigns, and communication with clients. You may also need to clean up the store or carry out promotional activities to help attract new customers.

It is worthwhile to understand that such a field of occupation is associated with flexible psychological skills and selling goods to you. Any student should prepare several arguments that will work but most potential buyers.

10. Online Tutor

If you have good knowledge in any area and are ready to share it with others, then such work will be a good option for you.

Typically, many American students are looking for online schools to teach English to foreigners. The fact is that the threshold for entering this profession is quite low since many students know English well.

You will be able to share your knowledge with newcomers and talk about communication secrets in the USA. You can also become a tutor in other Subjects and prepare students for exams. This student job pays well, and you can earn up to $80 per hour, depending on your skills and types of clients.

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