2020 Super Strategy to Finance Your Marketing Business with Low Funds

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Written By Carol Adams

Despite some initial stage challenges, marketing business is considered more promising than the manufacturing businesses for the small budget entrepreneurs.

If you can manage the initial stage challenges, success will be yours. One dependable solution of all the challenges in the marketing business is  ‘funds arrangement at a cheap price’.   

Marketing management has gained more importance because of increasing competition in each business during the last couple of decades.

In earlier decades, marketing used to be just a practice to sell the goods manufactured or stocked.

Over the last two decades period, marketing has become more strategic that needs multidimensional attention to key areas like branding, advertising, sourcing, cost, price war, consumer behavior, etc.

Despite some initial stage challenges, marketing is considered more promising than the manufacturing for the small budget entrepreneurs all over the world. 

Key challenges in the marketing business

The best thing that you can invest to succeed in the marketing business, especially when you have limited funds, is your ‘strategic efforts’.

You might be having good quality products to advertise everywhere but you might not succeed to generate the traffic because of many reasons despite investing your best plans and efforts.

Why? Here are five challenges you will face in the marketing business because of a shortage of funds: 

Not finding the right market segment: It needs to involve specialist marketing consultancy agency that can guide in the right way

Not knowing to explain the product convincingly: It needs to hire the trade experienced professionals

Not getting rightly priced products: It needs you to buy the products in bulk quantity 

The invisibility of your existence: It needs you to build a strong noticeable presence through massive advertising & promotion

Lack of brand image: It needs you to invest in promotional schemes  

One dependable solution to all the five challenges is funding arrangement at a cheap price

Is borrowing good to support your marketing plan?  

The report by Competition Market Authority (CMA) states that 83 percent of Brits prefer online short-term loans by direct lenders as compared to 29 percent Brits who still prefer high street banks.

Using the short-term loan for small marketing business has become the common trend because marketing yields are better than the interest amount.

Prime reasons for better profitability in marketing businesses are – low expenditure, investment, infrastructure, profit sharing, etc. 

The short- term loans are commonly used to manage their marketing needs, as they are more prone to instant funding and same-day fund disbursal. 

These debts are provided for the short duration as the anytime available easiest to avail financial help to manage unexpected funds requirements that occurred due to different reasons.

Reasons like late payment, down season, buying in bulk to get more discount benefits of the volumetric purchase, etc.

There were around 4.3 million non-employing (individual capacity) businesses in the UK in 2018.

Almost 82 percent of businesses fail because of inadequate cash flow. And, 29 percent of marketing businesses fail because of running out of cash.

Don’t let it happen to you.

2019 Super Strategy to Finance Your Marketing Business with Low Funds

Is it good to use a personal loan for a start-up marketing business?   

It may seem next to impossible for getting funds for the start-up marketing business. Especially, when you are still to take off. Personal loans are given to individuals with the freedom to use.

Therefore, the state of your intended purpose is not a major concern. It is not necessary that loans do help you in your favor.

Of course, every loan has the knack of working or working not for the borrowers. The trick has pros and cons both: 

Pros Cons
Quick process Lower limit
Start-up business-friendly Personal liability
Low-interest rate Less support
Reasonable repayment terms & conditions  Guarantor or Collateral may be required

The alternatives to personal loan for a start-up business are ‘benefits’ by Govt., credit cards, and investors.  

How to plan for financed marketing 

Financed marketing is a good tactic to get an additional cushion for making the deals on credits or to stock more.

The fast circulation of money with profit helps you repay the installments on the time.

The following tips will help you plan concrete for getting unsecured HSTC for marketing business: 

  • How much you need
  • What is the money circulation period 
  • What is the minimum profit ratio and how much you can save for installment payment 
  • What is the consistency in cash flow
  • What is the cushion for repayment during the dull season

Double-check your marketing strategy

Just having adequate funds or a reliable source to get immediate financial help doesn’t guarantee in the marketing business.

You need to have a risk free strategy for each stage: research, sourcing, start-up establishment, sale, management, and expansion.

Here are five tips to help you improve your marketing strategy: 

  1. See the marketplace and success prospects as they are; not how you like to see them be
  2. Take a tough look at your products – “Do the customers actually need them?”
  3. Assess the available resources – ‘Do you have required skills, workforce and marketing infrastructure”?
  4. Reconsider your management abilities – “Are you capable to manage the challenges?”   
  5. Check your execution abilities – “Strategy implementation within permissible budget needs different skill and abilities than required for planning.  ‘Are you a good manager or sale personal?’ 

Concluding note 

Marketing businesses are a favorable choice for tight entrepreneurs.

But to succeed in this stream, you need diverse skills and abilities with insights into different areas like competition level, risk factors, changing the behavior of target buyers, price fluctuations, etc.

Having a strong presence on the digital landscape has become inevitable to make your marketing business noticed as the majority of buying decisions are made online.

Strategic noticeable advertising and promotion are the powerhouses that empower you for a big start. 

Nothing in this world is impossible and running the business through effective marketing skills is quite a possibility.

Many big entrepreneurs have used them and take their venture to new heights. You can also do the same.

However, you may be the owner of a small business but opportunities will always knock your door to make it large.

The funding options are available to help you and the online lending has the resources to fund yours immediately.

Utilize those resources for the betterment of your venture because the regular capital flow is always important to have a smooth life.

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