Top 3 Practical Steps to Follow Before You Launch A Website

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To launch a website is not as simple a process as it seems. While there are currently platforms that allow you to create websites thanks to a visual interface, it may not be ideal for certain specific businesses.

In many cases, they will have to resort to a design agency and request the creation of a website. But before even thinking about the design, there are certain steps that must be followed.

From the selection of domain name and hosting to certain post-launch actions that will serve to ensure that the website does not present any errors. And even marketing actions on social networks to promote the website.

In this article, we list essential tips that you should consider if you intend to launch a website and be part of the process from start to finish.

Top 3 Practical Steps to Follow Before You Launch A Website

Consider that there are several steps that must be taken before you launch a website. Just as the creation and design of a website have an established process, the launch should also have it.

It is true that much of the website creation process involves design decisions and you can be immersed in these issues for weeks without paying much attention to the rest.

But launching a website does not just mean finishing the design and verifying that the site is online.

From the beginning, the launch of a website has a procedure that must be followed step by step.

One of the first, for example, would be to secure the domain name. It is a common mistake to think first about the design and then realize that the domain name is already purchased.

Therefore, when deciding to launch a website, a search is made to verify that the domain name is available. If this is not the case, you should think about variations or placing another extension.

There are certain steps and precautions that must be taken into account even before reaching the design phases.

Also, after the design, it does not end and in fact, there are phases after the design that you should consider.

Plan carefully from the beginning of the process and keep in mind all the steps you have to take from the moment you make the decision to create a website to the post-launch actions you should take.

Top 3 Practical Steps to Follow Before You Launch A Website

1. Create an action plan taking into account the objectives

Creating a detailed plan is not easy, particularly if it is a task that you have not done before, it is convenient to create a roadmap.

It is known as a roadmap to an action plan where a sequence of steps to be taken is considered.

For this, the objectives are taken into account and they are worked on based on them to discover what action to take to achieve this objective.

By taking into account the objectives, you will understand the steps you must take to reach it. Once you have established all the tasks to perform, you must order them.

In this way, you know which task should be done before others or perhaps in parallel.

2. Establish a timeline with deadlines

Now that you have established what other steps you should take into account for the launch of your website, it is time to set the dates on which each of these tasks must be performed.

Just like the start of any project, it is important to set delivery dates or deadlines to help you maintain a certain pace of work and to become productive on a day-to-day basis throughout the project.

Setting deadlines is helpful whether you work alone or if you have a small team.

In this way, each member knows to what date he must present his part or pass it to the person that corresponds according to the previously established schedule.

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3. Take certain inconveniences or setbacks into account

In the schedule you have created, you should also consider adding some extra time in certain tasks where there may be setbacks.

If you have had the opportunity to work as a freelancer in a project, then you know how careful you must be when estimating the time of completion of a project.

To avoid giving a bad impression to customers, freelances add a couple of days to any project.

In this way, they are prepared and have some extra time in case an incident occurs that does not allow them to finish within the estimated time.

That is if they consider that they can finish a small project in five days, add one or two more days and tell the client that they will finish it in seven days.

Take the example of freelances and consider adding some extra time to tasks that can be potentially problematic, such as the design phases.

There are certain tasks that will not need this extra time because they are relatively simple, such as domain verification, for example.

In conclusion

Launching a website is not only limited to the design phase. There are many tasks that must be done in advance and work that extends until after the launch of the website.

Some companies announce an upcoming launch and create some expectation in social networks, especially if it is a redesign or a new service.

Also, in certain cases, certain marketing actions are usually considered while the design process is in progress. In this way, it already has followers and can attract its target audience.

The actions you take depend a lot on your goals and you can choose to eliminate certain tasks if you do not consider them important to achieve those objectives.

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