Solar System Installation: 5 Reasons to Go For A Reputed Brand Only

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In 2020, the world’s renewable energy capacity saw a massive increase of 45 percent, with solar energy being one major contributor.

While wind energy remains the number one source of clean energy, solar power is also gaining popularity as more and more people opt for solar panel installations in their homes and workplaces. Of late, solar systems have been a sought-after investment as they come with several benefits such as reduced electricity bills, low maintenance, higher property value, and improved environmental conditions. 

If you are thinking about switching to clean energy, you can consider a solar system installation. However, first, it is essential to realize and assess your requirements, based on which you can consult with some of the leading brands in the solar power sector.

In addition, it is crucial to opt for a reputed brand when going for a solar system installation as it has the following advantages: 

1. Proper Placement and Installation 

Solar System Installation: 5 Big Reasons to Go For Quality

A lot goes into a solar system installation, including shading, direction, and tilt, all of which are important for maximizing power generation.

While you can set up the solar panels and equipment using DIY kits or after watching video tutorials, even the slightest mistake can cost you a lot. In addition, you will be required to have everything signed off by a licensed expert, so it is best to seek professional help for installation. 

2. High-Quality Materials 

Although the main component of a solar power system is the PV panels, even secondary components such as conduits, connectors, cables, inverter, battery, and mounting structure are important.

Therefore, when you opt for professional solar system installation, you get not only products made with high-quality materials but also high-quality workmanship and efficient results. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness

One reason why people prefer installing solar panels and their components by themselves is to save on the extra installation and labor charges.

While you may be saving a few bucks by setting up the equipment yourself, there are high chances that the installation could go wrong, or the panels get blown away or damaged during a thunderstorm? You will have to spend double the money you intended to save.

Therefore, always go for solar system installation performed by experienced personnel. 

4. Time-Saving 

Even though installing a solar system seems fun and exciting, it is a lengthy and complicated procedure, especially if you are not only well-versed with it. Moreover, you will have to design or affix the mounting structure to withstand approx. 170kmph wind speed, in the right direction, and handle the panel load. 

Doing this and setting up the cables, inverter, battery, and panels will take up a lot of your time, maybe even months before you are done. So, the better option is to go with a reputed company’s services for solar system installation.  

5. Professional Guidance 

Solar System Installation: 5 Big Reasons to Go For QualityIf you have your solar power equipment installed by a trusted brand, not only will you get quality services but professional guidance as well.

A trained executive will give you proper care instructions for the solar panels, including the cleaning method, how often to clean, and maintenance tips. Additionally, the team working on the solar system installation can assist you with documentation regarding any required permits, subsidies, and approvals. 

Other Things To Consider When Opting for Professional Solar System Installation? 

Now that you know the many benefits that come with opting for reputed brands for solar panel installation, here is more to keep in mind:

  • Always choose a reputed and well-established brand like Luminous, so you only receive top-quality services.
  • Check the company’s online reviews and ratings and ask around in your friends and family circle about their experience. 
  • Go with brands like Luminous that offer a comprehensive product portfolio. 
  • Ensure the company is certified and licensed. 
  • Lastly, make sure the brand you opt for has impeccable customer service, so all your issues are addressed promptly. 

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