5 Extraordinary Skills for Efficient Data Entry Operator Jobs

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Written By Anupam Rajey

Not every individual is born with a silver spoon.

Some have to struggle so hard to earn their livings and could afford to get only minimal education like a high school diploma or equivalent.

But don’t you think that with such a minimum education, it will be difficult to look out for a desk or office job?

Yes, it is but not impossible.

Even if you possess a very basic education you can opt for the data entry operator jobs.

Now, you might be thinking about how to do a data entry job?

Before talking in this concern, first ask a question to yourself: Do you know what exactly data entry job is?

If not, then just have a look.

A data entry job is all about transcribing the data from one form to another.

Data entry operators generally take the information in written form from various sources and convert them into digital format by entering it into the computer system.

The best part is:

You do need any specific degree to become a data entry operator like Doctors need MBBS, engineers need B.Tech. and so on.

Now, let’s bring into the limelight how actually the data entry is done.

How to do data entry jobs?

When you bring some vegetables from the market, do you directly run to prepare lunch or dinner?

Of course not.

You refine it by separating the unwanted materials, by cleaning and chopping it. After that, it is made ready to use.

In the same manner:

Every organization works upon some data and when the data is accumulated from different sources, it is in the raw form and to refine it and make ready to use, you enter the data manually in the computer.”

The entry of sales figures in the excel sheet, preparing a list of the vendors’ name, integrating database all this comes under data entry.

I must say, there is no rocket science if you are concerned about how to do data entry jobs?

But yes, there are certain skills that are really mandatory to do the data entry work efficiently.

“Because work is always known for its quality, else it is useless” 

Check out some valuable skills required to justify the data entry role completely.

5 Extraordinary Skills for Efficient Data Entry Operator Jobs

1. How fast you can type?

Generally, in the organization, data entry is not about entering one or two-page data.

They own data in bulk, which you need to enter on a daily basis.

So, if timely the huge amount of data is not ready to use, then obviously the workflow of the organization will be hampered.

And being a data entry operator, it is up to you to make the data available as required.

You know what:

“All this is possible with a good typing speed”

Not only this, you might be familiar that along with speed, accuracy also matters.

When you have typing speed in a combination with accuracy, only then it will work.

So if you want to be a data entry operator, ensure you can type faster.

 “At least, it should be 60 words per minute.”

2. A data entry operator needs basic computer knowledge

I must say, to survive these days in the corporate world- Basic knowledge of using the computer is a must.

So, if you really want to opt for the data entry field, do possess basic knowledge of computer.

“Being a data entry operator, you need to work on the office suite”

This may need your knowledge to use MS Word, Excel Sheet, Google Docs and other sheets.

These are the most widely used platforms in any kind of business.

Are these something you don’t know?

No worries, all these platforms are not a big deal to run.

I am not asking you to master them but at least basic knowledge should be there.

You can check various online tutorials, or take the help of any friend to gather some knowledge in this regard. 

3. Course or certification for additional advantage

This point clearly says, what it is all about?

Just give it a thought…

You went for the data entry job profile as a fresher with some data entry certificate course or an internship letter.

…And all the other candidates are also fresher but without any additional certificate.

Who would be given the first preference?

Of course, you.

Because you have something additional that others don’t have.

Probably, it will be good for the organization as they do have to spend too much time training you.

This is how you can have a competitive edge over the others.

Therefore, it is recommended to have some relevant certificate, internship letter or a degree in the field of data entry.

4. Acquaintance with office equipment

Although your job is related to data entry, still there are some other roles that you must be familiar with.

Being in an office, you must be well-versed with the usage of office equipment like printers, scanners, copier, calculator, tape readers, keyboard, etc.

You never know what kind of responsibility will fall into your lap.

Where either you have to scan some piece of paper or take the printout.

In that situation, what would you do if don’t know to do so?

It will be very embarrassing…

In my opinion, this is the very basic requirement with which every office employee needs to be familiar.

At some stage of data entry work, knowledge of using the equipment efficiently proves to be beneficial.

5. Loyalty to keep the data confidential

This is the most important skill that must lie within any data entry operator.

You might agree:

The confidentiality of data is the most important aspect that needs to be taken care of in any organization.

The leakage of data may be the biggest reason for the downfall of any company.

Now, you yourself can understand how valuable the data is.

Hence, a loyal data entry operator must have the ability to maintain confidentiality.”

If you do not have the self-control to keep the important information up to you only…

…Then you are definitely not meant for the role of data entry operator.

You must not have the habit of sharing information related to salaries, profit, and loss of the company, etc.

“To groom yourself for the data entry work, learn to maintain some confidentiality.”

Not only this will help to justify your role but it will also help you to be a loyal and trustworthy employee of the company.

And obviously, this will benefit you in the long-term.


Nowadays, data entry work has generated a huge scope for the individual possessing a minimum level of education.

Thus, people are getting more inclined towards the data entry operator role. Every employee is known because of the work he delivers.

But if every individual with minimal education proceeds towards becoming a data entry operator. It will be difficult to differentiate your work and yourself from the crowd.

It is the skills that help you to work efficiently and exceptionally.

So, if you have all the required skills like speed, loyalty, etc. to become a data entry operator then no one can stop you to perform extraordinarily.

There are many such skills that you aren’t familiar with, to get familiar with them read the above post and prepare yourself for the best.

Have you ever come across any data entry operator? Share what other skills you find that can help data entry operators to perform well.

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