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5 Simple Office Safety Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe in 2020

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Written By John Packham

There is a lot of focus and discussion on how to keep our online interactions safe these days. After all, we live online.

Most of our interactions and conversations happen over the web. We share information, photos, conduct interviews, send money, and buy everything from apples to houses using the internet.

So it is no wonder so much attention is paid to the world of the web. But are we getting lax on our real-world securities?

What about our office safety? Are you safe at your workplace?

Even with the increase in workplace violence, school shootings, and random acts of violence that happen every day on the street, are we really doing enough to make sure our companies and employees are safe?

Do we have any office safety measures in place?

5 Simple Office Safety Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to change the level of security and safety in your business.

Here are some simple ways to keep your office safe in 2019 and beyond.

1. Know who is in the office

It might seem like a simple idea – and it is! But a great first step in improving your office safety this year is to focus on identifying who is in the office, when they are there, and where they are going.

Using something as simple as a visitor logger can help you electronically track people in the people, know how many people are present under your roof, and provide you quick information when you need it during an emergency.

You might think you don’t need to know who is in the building, especially if you work in a public place, like a library, but it is a measure that doesn’t require a lot of set up or maintenance.

And it can create a lot of trust and sense of safety for visitors and patrons to your facility. 

2. Know what is going on around you 

One of the problems with doing business is that you cannot protect your business from every possible risk.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t at least attempt to have a better understanding of those risks.

Throwing your hands in the air and thinking you are helpless against such threats is the wrong approach.

Rather than worrying about everything that might happen, take a walk through your office and pay attention to the things that could very well happen.

For example, if lights are burned out in stairwells, fix them. It is simple, but the extra light could prevent people from falling down the stairs in the event of an emergency, or just an everyday occurrence.

As part of this walkthrough, you can make your way outside of the office area and see what is happening around the perimeter, other businesses near you, and people on the street.

If your business is across from an abandoned building, you might suspect that vandals may destroy property. It might be a good idea to think about security for your own company if that is the case. 

5 Simple Office Safety Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe in 2019

3. Know where to get help 

As you continue to identify potential risks in your business and you continue to move toward providing a more safe and secure work environment for your employees, make sure you identify the places that you can turn to if you need help.

Need lights changed? Which electrician do you call? Need stairs fixed? Do you call a contractor? If so, who? Need that security company mentioned earlier? Which one is right for your needs?

You’ll want to collect all of that information and put it in a place where all of your employees can access it.

This is not so they can do your job. In fact, this will help them feel safer and more secure knowing that you have put these things in place just in case.

It is important to be prepared for anything, but you can’t be prepared for everything.

As you continue to identify businesses or resources that can help you make your operation more secure, write them down or document them in the binder or file online.

Over time, confirm that the information previously recorded is still valid and that your employees can still rely on that information. 

4. Know what products are best

Part of making your office safe means you need to do some research about the kinds of products that will be best for your space.

You might need to consider doors, locks, windows, or even digital security systems to help keep your workspace safe.

Simply thinking about safety means that it is important to you so don’t ignore those signs. If you feel that there are other things you could be doing to improve that space and keep your employees safe, follow your gut.

Check out several options for each need you have. For example, if you are installing new doors to prevent robbery, do some research about which doors are best and what features they offer.

You don’t need to overpay to get quality security features, especially when it comes to physical products.

When talking about digital security for your online operation, yes, price means a lot, but steel doors are steel doors. Bells and whistles don’t necessarily make your workspace safer, only more costly. 

5. Have a budget

The last thing to consider when thinking about making your office safe is how much money you can invest in making improvements.

If your budget is small, you can rely on your staff to fill in the blanks by being aware of the possible risks.

Identify those risks to management as they arise, and get the proper training so that everyone is aware of how to respond during an emergency or exceptional situation.

Figure out your training budget for occupational safety. Whenever possible, hire a professional to come in and give the training so they can see your office through fresh eyes.

It’s like getting two products for the price of one: a good trainer will be able to give you some advice on how to make your workspace safer for everyone.

Once you know your budget, work from the top of the to-do list, down.

Work on the items with the most risk and greatest impact. Fixing faulty locks, improving phone systems, and installing identification barcode scanners are all things that can be done for a fair price.

And can make a long-term improvement in your operation and the safety of your staff. 

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