Shopify Marketing Tips to Double Your Sales

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

Shopify marketing involves utilizing promotional and digital marketing techniques to drive users to your site and convert them into paying customers. It lets you manage connections with existing customers, boosting the possibility of retaining them.

With a winning Shopify marketing strategy, you can build and increase brand awareness, enhance customer loyalty, retain more existing customers, attract new clients, and improve sales. This article outlines some Shopify marketing tips to double your sales.

1. Leverage paid ads

While you may have the best Shopify website, you may not sell if nobody knows of the site’s existence. However, with paid advertising, you can reach a broader audience than you would organically. This strategy can effectively drive organic traffic to your store and boost sales.

You can use multiple platforms for paid advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Every forum has unique strengths and capabilities, so it is essential to choose a suitable option for your Shopify store.

Facebook ads are an excellent way to grow your sales. They are a cost-effective option for reaching out to prospects on Shopify. When developing a Facebook ad campaign, ensure they are eye-catching and exciting to target your store’s particular audience.

You can leverage Facebook targeting options to group your audience by gender, age, interests, location, and more. Instagram ads are another way to target prospective clients using the platform. Create captivating ads that target your unique audience.

You can also leverage Google ads, a robust platform that lets you put your ads on Google and countless other sites across the web. When users use search terms related to your products or services, your ads appear in SERPs. They’ll be directed to your Shopify store if they click on them.

Since the traffic directed to your store consists of people already interested in your offering, Google ads effectively increase your Shopify sales. With the help of Shopify marketing professionals like Shopify Experts Marketing Agency, you can create an effective paid ad strategy that can help double your sales.

Use email marketing

2. Use email marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to promote your Shopify store while growing your customer base and increasing sales.

There are various campaigns you can launch to engage your customers and prospects. If you have new subscribers, send them welcome emails. Since these emails have a high open rate, you can leverage them to encourage users to make their first purchases with incentives.

Brand story emails are a great addition to your Shopify email marketing campaign because they help you establish a connection with your prospects. You can update your clients regarding sales, new products, special deals, and news using newsletters.

Lead nurturing, and re-engagement emails also come in handy when looking to boost sales. Since customers usually open emails the most at specific times, tailor your email marketing campaign for more success.

3. Develop a cross-selling strategy

Cross-selling is a technique that focuses on establishing several revenue streams via one purchase. You can recommend a product or service that works perfectly with what a customer has bought or offer to extend a warranty.

Cross-selling is an effective strategy for increasing Shopify sales as it persuades clients to buy more than initially planned. With this technique, you don’t have to concentrate on looking for many new clients. Focus on the ones you already have and find ways to increase the amount each spends on your Shopify store.

4. Write compelling and engaging product descriptions

Product descriptions define a product and explain why users should purchase an item. They can also provide essential details to customers regarding a product’s benefits and features to compel them to buy.

Writing creative product descriptions is an excellent way to increase product page engagement, resulting in more conversions. When creating your product descriptions, focus on your target audience by determining the humour they appreciate, the questions they need you to answer, and the words they use.

Entice your customers with your product’s benefits and keep off generic statements. Provide proof for your product benefits and appeal to your client’s imagination. Add mini-stories in your descriptions to enable customers to connect your products and relate to the brand.

Use sensory words to keep readers engaged and develop trust using social proof. Epic product descriptions should be scannable and clear for easy reading.

5. Invest in E-commerce SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps increase your Shopify store’s visibility of SERPs. This drives organic traffic to your Shopify website for free.

For your Shopify store to rank high on SERPs, you should use relevant keywords throughout your site and optimize your site structure. Focus on technical SEO for improved website engagement and more organic traffic. Fixing site errors, submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console, and optimizing your images to load faster can help improve your technical SEO.

Improve user experience by increasing site speed and using a responsive design. Optimizing your product and product category pages, creating internal links, content marketing, and investing in linking building can help improve your Shopify store’s rankings on search engines. This will increase your Ecommerce store’s traffic, leading to more sales.

Share customer reviews

6. Share customer reviews

Customer reviews are a good way to show prospective customers you are an authentic brand. They can help convert prospects into customers because they trust past client views over what you tell them.

Since almost nine out of ten consumers read reviews before purchasing, sharing customer reviews can help increase brand credibility and sales. Adding user-generated content, including videos and photos, can help boost shoppers’ trust in your products and services.

How you respond to these reviews, especially the negative ones, also matters. So, in case of any negative reviews, address them satisfactorily and ensure the aggrieved customers are happy.

7. Create an abandoned cart recovery strategy

An abandoned cart recovery strategy is meant to re-engage and attract customers who added items to their carts but never completed their purchases. Since these shoppers have already expressed interest in your brand, you can convince them to buy.

Getting sales from abandoned shopping carts is much easier and more affordable than looking for new customers. You can offer discount codes to the shoppers who abandoned their carts through email, SMS, push notifications, and Facebook messenger to entice them to come back and complete their purchases.

8. Leverage word-of-mouth marketing

Providing an outstanding customer experience that surpasses clients’ expectations is the best way to get them to advocate for your brand. It is a great way to direct potential customers to your Shopify store.

To get the most out of your word-of-mouth marketing strategies, provide quality products, ensure a seamless order process and store user experience, exceed customer expectations, and make every customer feel valued and special by remembering their names and sending personalized thank you notes.

Referral programs are a popular form of word-of-mouth marketing, and they incentivize customers to recommend your brand to others. You can also encourage your clients to share their reviews and experiences with your products or services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Influencer marketing, events and networking, and customer testimonials are other forms of word-of-mouth marketing you can leverage.

Develop a customer loyalty program

9. Develop a customer loyalty program

A customer loyalty program is an effective Shopify marketing tactic for building and growing a satisfied customer base. It is an excellent way to keep your clients coming back for more. It is also a more affordable way to attract new customers with every sale.

For your loyalty program to gain the desired results, you must offer something valuable to your customers, including discounts for specific return purchases or points for referrals and writing reviews.

To create a winning loyalty program, survey customers about their desired rewards. Ensure your loyalty program on Shopify is available to all and includes various reward types like free products and shipping.


Shopify marketing is essential for increasing store traffic and sales. Use these Shopify marketing tips to double your sales and grow your business.

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