How to Ensure A Secure Career With the Right Education

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

Most of us have grown up hearing “education is the key to success.” But let us tell you now, what we have listened to all this time may not be right.

Education alone does not hold the key to your future success. The truth is, you need proper education to succeed in life. It would help if you chose the right education for yourself to achieve career goals and aspirations.

While it may sound effortless, ensuring that you have chosen the right education may not be very easy. If you aren’t sure if what you are doing is right, follow this article and find out what you can do to secure your future today.

1. Go With Broader Fields

Sticking to a particular field in the early stages of education may limit your future choices. Try settling for a more general field that has multiple career opportunities.

An education field that has various subfields can help you switch to different professions according to your skills. The more specific you are, the more doors you will close for yourself.

Therefore, keep your education along a broader field so you can avail more options and opportunities in the future. Do not avoid a field thinking it is too far out of your league.

If you find yourself interested in an educational domain, like teaching and mentoring, do not hesitate to ask yourself what can I do with an edd degree? If you are genuinely passionate about your chosen field, you will be able to get through by putting in all your efforts.

2. Consider Market Demands Closely

If you have one set goal in mind, you can work towards it with all your dedication. But if you find that you have quite a few abilities, and aren’t sure what to go with, do not pick blindly. Do your research and find out which field has better scope in the market.  

For example, the current pandemic has dramatically increased the trend of online education. The education industry once thought of e-learning as inefficient but now deem it as a practical learning alternative.

You can opt for online high school classes and enroll in better courses than you could have on campus. There are many other educational trends that you can follow to maximize the benefits out there. These benefits will help you shape up a better path for your future.

3. Learn More With Professional Internships

professional internshipInternships can serve to be windows that help you receive an outlook of the professional world. They will allow you to gain experience in the career that you look forward to practicing.

Internships can provide you expertise and help you understand whether this career path is fit for you before you risk your future. You can learn, first hand, if a specific job would or wouldn’t be right for you. 

But internships should also be chosen very carefully, as they could wrongly ruin your experience of a decent career. Ensure that you consult your advisors to help you find the right internships.

If you can’t find an advisor, you can always do your research yourself. The key is to look for small to medium-scale respectable businesses that are preferably close to where you want to work in the future. Such internships will give you a relative idea of what your future may look like without burdening you too much.

4. Avail Work-Study Programs

Internships are great learning opportunities, but an effective work-study program can provide more benefits.

At the graduate or undergraduate level, you can choose such programs to get part-time jobs along with your field of study. These are mostly offered to students with financial needs so they can pay off college expenses while studying.

Work-Study programs are great to keep yourself out of college debt, but they are also a great learning opportunity. You get the chance to experience hands-on what you are being taught, making the learning process a lot more effective.

5. Be Prepared

It would help if you were well-prepared for the future and ready to take opportunities as they come your way. The ideal way to ensure no opportunity is missed is by having a portfolio ready.

Regardless of how far you have come on your educational path, it is never too late for you to start preparing your portfolio. It will allow employers to gauge your level of discipline and organization better. 

You can start working on your portfolio by taking up different internships and doing mock projects. While studying, you will have many projects and thesis work necessary to complete coursework. Adding this to your portfolio will be worthwhile.

With every addition to your portfolio, be sure to add the inspiration and process that went into it. Be sure to flaunt your expertise in the field and your creativity for the employers to see. 

6. Seek Academic Counseling

academic counselingWhile it is good to opt for a field that interests you the most, it is better to consult academic counselors. Such counselors can help you identify your talents and skills while also analyzing your weaknesses.

At times a profession may seem enticing, but it can be the opposite of our expectations. Therefore, counselors and advisors can help you jot down a secure career path aligning with your academic qualifications.

Ensure that you are open and honest to them about your capabilities and interests, as it will help identify the right career path and area of expertise. 

Conclusion: Ways a proper education can give you a rewarding career

Deciding a set career path can be quite challenging. Similarly, it can also be a daunting task for those nearing the end of their educational pursuit and aren’t sure of what to do.

But one must not worry. There are always career counselors and advisors available to help you make the right decision. Even your friends and family can guide you based on their experience and knowledge of your skills.

The tips shared above can help you identify your life’s passion and pursue it as your future career path. But before you decide, make sure that you do sufficient research to ensure that you choose what is suitable for you.

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