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The Remote Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: 12 Resources for Home-Based Business Owners

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Written By Sarah Cha

Running your own business from home is like being a superhero and a circus performer rolled into one. 

Juggling marketing, finances, customer service, and oh yeah, actual work. You are spinning more plates than a master chef at a sushi restaurant. And all this from your humble abode!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed as a home business owner? Yeah, we figured. It is like you are trapped in a never-ending escape room, and the clues to get out just don’t seem to be in the rule book. 

But guess what? This toolkit for home business owners we are about to dive into is going to change your game. It is brimming with resources for remote entrepreneurs—some you might not have even thought of—that can take your home business from barely surviving to thriving. 

Resources for Home Business Owners and Remote Entrepreneurs

Ready to bring some order to this beautiful chaos? Let’s get started!

1. Virtual Co-working Platforms

The hustle and bustle of a busy office can often stimulate productivity, and it is something many remote entrepreneurs miss. Enter virtual co-working platforms such as Caveday or MyWorkHive. 

These virtual co-working platforms recreate the camaraderie and energy of a physical co-working space without you having to step out of your front door. 

You can engage in productivity sprints, which are structured work periods aimed at boosting efficiency, take breaks together to mimic the social aspects of a traditional office, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

All you need is a steady internet connection, and you can experience the synergy of working alongside others from your own home office. Such a setup could be the motivation injection you need, and it is certainly worth a try.

Virtual Co-working Platforms

2. Second-Hand Tech Marketplaces

When starting or growing your home-based business, every dollar saved can be reinvested back into the company. Buying brand-new tech might seem tempting, but it can quickly drain your resources. 

Instead, consider exploring second-hand tech marketplaces such as Swappa or Facebook Marketplace. These platforms offer a wide array of lightly-used, perfectly-functional gadgets, ranging from laptops to monitors, and even high-end headphones or microphones. 

The products are often meticulously checked for any defects, giving you peace of mind about your purchase. 

Plus, by buying second-hand, you are not only saving a significant amount of money but also doing your part for the environment by promoting reuse. That’s a win-win in our book!

3. White Noise Generators

In the battle for concentration, a white noise generator can be an unexpected game-changer. 

Perhaps the quietness of your home office is deafening, or maybe random household sounds keep pulling your attention away from work. Websites like A Soft Murmur or Noisli can help you create your custom ambient soundscape. 

Want the soothing rhythm of raindrops, the low hum of a coffee shop, or perhaps the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind? You got it. This custom mix of sounds can mask distracting noises and foster a calm environment conducive to focus and productivity. 

A tried and tested hack, it is worth considering if ambient noise can enhance your work rhythm.

4. Community Membership

It is easy to feel isolated as a remote entrepreneur, especially when you face challenges unique to your circumstances. 

This is where joining a community of other remote entrepreneurs, like Remote Clan or the Digital Nomad Subreddit, can be immensely beneficial. These communities are a rich source of experiences, advice, and solutions from people navigating the same journey as you. 

Have a question about tax deductions for home offices? Want to understand the pros and cons of various digital tools? Need to vent about a client issue? These communities are your safe space to ask, learn, and share. 

Plus, staying in the loop with these platforms ensures you are always updated on the latest tools, trends, and best practices in the remote work realm. It is like having a support network at your fingertips.

5. Physical Activity Tracker

Working from home can sometimes mean moving from your bed to your desk and back, with little physical activity in between. That is where a physical activity tracker comes in handy. It doesn’t have to be a high-end smartwatch – even a simple pedometer will do. 

These devices track your steps, nudging you to move around and reminding you to take regular activity breaks. They could turn a short walk around your neighborhood or a quick yoga session into a regular part of your day. 

Not to mention, seeing your progress in quantifiable metrics can be a great motivator. Investing in your health is investing in your business, too, as a healthy body fosters a healthy mind.

6. DIY Sanctuary

Work-life balance can blur when your living room doubles as your office. Here is a unique idea to regain some balance: create your DIY relaxation space at home. 

Think of a small corner of your home filled with things that bring you joy and relaxation. Maybe it is a comfy chair by the window, a shelf of your favorite books, a collection of scented candles, or a music player with your favorite playlists. 

This spot is your personal sanctuary for when you need a break from the screen. Take a few moments to sink into your comfy chair, get lost in a book, or simply close your eyes and breathe. 

It is all about creating a mini-getaway within your home that can help rejuvenate your mind and spirit, allowing you to return to work refreshed and refocused.

DIY Sanctuary

7. Food Delivery Subscriptions

Eating well when working from home can feel like a challenge, especially when you are juggling a thousand tasks. Ever considered a meal delivery subscription? 

Companies like Blue Apron or HelloFresh send fresh, ready-to-cook ingredients right to your doorstep, complete with easy-to-follow recipes. It means you can eat healthily and save time on grocery shopping and meal planning. 

Also, cooking can be a therapeutic break from work, giving your mind a chance to reset. And the best part? You are fueling your body with nutritious food, which is essential for maintaining your energy and focus throughout your workday.

8. Improv Training Online

Public speaking and quick thinking can be crucial skills for any entrepreneur, and here is an unconventional way to hone them: online improv workshops. 

Yes, improv isn’t just for comedy fans or theater nerds. Websites like ImprovBoost or The Second City offer sessions that can boost your creativity, enhance your communication skills, and make you a more confident, charismatic speaker. 

Improv forces you to think on your feet, listen attentively, and work collaboratively – all essential skills in the business world. And it is a fun way to break up your workday and might even provide a few laughs along the way!

9. Repurposed Shipping Containers

Need a dedicated workspace but don’t want to rent a pricey office? Why not consider a repurposed shipping container

No longer confined to ports and industrial areas, these containers are finding new life as affordable, eco-friendly solutions for home offices. 

Companies like Backcountry Containers or Custom Container Living specialize in transforming shipping containers into fully-functional office spaces. 

Think about it: A separate, quiet workspace right in your backyard. Bonus points: You are giving a second life to a used container, reducing waste, and making a positive environmental impact.

10. Peer Mentoring Networks

Sometimes, the entrepreneurial journey can feel like a solitary trek up a steep mountain. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Joining or starting a peer mentoring network can be an enriching experience. It is like having a support group of fellow climbers, each with their own unique insights and experiences to share. Platforms like MicroMentor or SCORE provide opportunities for regular check-ins with other entrepreneurs. 

You can learn from their successes and failures, share your challenges, and even make a few friends who understand your journey. All this creates a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem that could help you navigate your own path more effectively.

Embrace Slow Tech

11. Embrace Slow Tech

In an era swarming with smart devices, a little digital detox won’t hurt. 

Imagine swapping out your digital notepad for a good old typewriter. Sounds strange, right? But there is something undeniably comforting about the mechanical clack of keys, the instant gratification of words printed directly onto the paper. 

It is the essence of slow tech – inviting you to connect with your work in a more mindful, tactile way. Not only does it reduce screen time, but slow tech elements also serve as unique, conversation-starting decor pieces in your workspace. 

Slow tech isn’t about abandoning progress, it is about reclaiming the balance.

12. Alternative Standing Desks

You’ve likely heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking.” Welcome to the solution: adjustable standing desks. 

Companies like Fully provide a range of desks that can seamlessly shift from sitting to standing height. Beyond just combating the ill effects of prolonged sitting, these desks encourage movement, improve posture, and can reduce back pain. 

Furthermore, standing can even boost your energy levels and productivity. Who knew the humble desk could be a silent ally in your entrepreneurial journey? Remember, your health is integral to your business success, so let’s stand up for it!

The Next Step For Home Business Owners’ Entrepreneurial Journey

This may sound like a lot at first. New tools, and new strategies for home business owners—it is like finding out the circus tent you’ve been juggling in also contains a gold mine. Overwhelming? Sure. But also pretty darn exciting, right?

Now, you’ve got this toolkit for remote entrepreneurs in your arsenal, tailored to bring that superhero in you into full light. Your home-based business is poised to leap tall buildings in a single bound. We are talking about less stress and more success. Now, get out there and conquer your world!

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