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11 Promising Signs That Your Remote Job Interview Went Well

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Written By Regina Del Rosario

The hardest part of remote job interviews would probably be the time spent waiting before and after the actual event.

You spend so much time anticipating the future, and when it is all over, you keep replaying in your head the questions you’ve been asked. You probably even find yourself wishing you had given better answers than those you managed to come up with during the interview

Many fixate on the idea that you need to have the perfect response for every question to ace your job interview. For instance, when the interviewer asks you to describe yourself, you churn out a list of power adjectives like “excellent work ethic,” or some such other combination of words that borders along the lines of a desperate call to action.

However, when you think about it, acing an interview should be about being honest about your character, experience, and limits so that you will have been truly worthy of your future employer’s time. After all, employers want the job interview to be an opportunity for them to know the real you.

Waiting for the final verdict could be quite nerve-wracking. It is even tougher to determine one’s fate following a job interview, most especially when the whole application process has been done remotely. There is no chance to feel the energy in the room, unlike during in-person interviews. Plus, there is no way you can read what the interviewer’s body language means from a voice or video call. 

So, did you just go through a rigorous and quite challenging remote job interview process?

If you have and you would somehow want to ease the burden of the wait, worry no more. We give you some of the major signs that your remote job interview went really well.

1. The remote job interview felt like a normal conversation. 

11 Promising Signs That Your Remote Job Interview Went Well 1 Expert tips to grow your business to success.The energy you or a potential employer puts into the conversation will always be apparent in how you engage with each other during the interview.

While the dialogue could start with a more business-like tone, a good interview will eventually turn into a good conversation. Active listening happens effortlessly when the exchange flows freely and feels suitable for both parties.

Interviewers will usually have a ready list of questions for job candidates. More or less, they also have expected responses that could fit the criteria of the job description.

A promising sign that the interviewers are genuinely listening to what you have to say is when they choose to divert from their list of questions to know you and your motivations better.

At one point, if the conversation shifts from your qualifications to something a bit more casual, it is a good sign that might mean they are impressed.

Suppose employers feel that you can perform the job opening’s vital functions. In that case, they usually steer the conversation to a more casual route that will allow them to have a glimpse into your real personality. 

2. Your job interview went over the allotted time.

Overtime during a remote job interview may be due to several factors. If your interview went a bit longer than expected because the hiring manager or decision-maker wanted to know more about you, there is a big chance that they want to see how you could contribute to their team in more specific ways. 

Disinterested interviewers or hiring managers usually would probably not engage too much following a potential candidate’s answer. So if you can steer the conversation to other more exciting avenues that pique their interest enough to divert from their prepped questions, it is a good sign that they are interested in hiring you. 

3. You are introduced to other team members.

Being introduced to other company team members is a good sign since it only means that they want to see how adding you to the group would add value to their existing company culture.

If they are seriously considering you for the position, the decision-makers would like to feel the team dynamic if they decide to hire you for the job.

4. Job responsibilities for the position are discussed in detail.

A good indicator that interviewers like you are when they take a deep dive into what the job entails.

Interested interviewers or hiring managers will talk in great detail about the hired individual’s daily responsibilities. They will have taken the time to get into the hired candidate’s specific duties. 

While some will often discuss day-to-day duties as part of the interview process, those interested in having you as an employee might choose to discuss other relevant aspects of the business.

5. They use positive affirmations. 

11 Promising Signs That Your Remote Job Interview Went Well 2 Expert tips to grow your business to success.Employers or interviewers may indicate that they like what they are seeing or hearing from the person in front of them by dishing out positive affirmations. 

If they nod or flat out tell you after answering a question that you’ve given a good answer, then it may be an obvious sign that you have grabbed their attention. This is crucial since you are probably competing with many other candidates for the role.

At one point during the interview, you may ask them what they are looking for in their ideal candidate. Should they mention some qualities or accomplishments you have discussed prior, it is often a great indicator that they see you as a strong candidate for the job.

6. They share their vision for the future.

When interviewers or hiring managers share their perspectives and professional visions with you, it could mean that they want you to picture yourself as an employee who would grow with the company should you accept the offer. 

This openness is a significant clue that says a lot about the interviewer’s confidence in you. The hiring team probably sees you as someone they can groom professionally for a specific role. 

7. The next steps of the interview process are often openly shared.

One of the most positive signs you should look out for when trying to determine if your job interview went well is if the interviewer has openly gotten into details on the next steps of your application.

More often than not, hiring managers or employers being direct with their language shows that they think you are a good fit for the role; otherwise, they may ask you to wait for updates with no real guarantee whatsoever.

8. They may use the word “when” instead of “if.”

Career coach April Klimkiewicz says, “Listen for verbal cues […].”

Hiring managers and HR professionals usually want to tread on the side of caution not to bring crushing disappointment to applicants if they don’t get hired, so they will often speak in general terms. For example, they might say, “If hired, the successful candidate would be responsible for so and so.” 

Saying something along the lines of “When you start training with us …” is a strong indicator that they see you as a successful candidate who could fill the vacancy.

9. They “sell” the job opening to you and talk about perks. 

When the key decision-makers are done with the task of making you prove why you should be hired, they may begin to highlight the best things their company has to offer.

It is now their turn to position themselves well in front of you. They may talk about the compensation package and other benefits you’ll be getting, or they may want to demonstrate how well you fit into the company’s culture.

If this happens at one point during your conversation, it is a sign that they want you to see why they will be worth considering as employers. 

10. They ask if you have pending job applications. 

When employees ask this question, they are usually trying to find out how determined you are to pursue the opportunity with them. This question may also be an indication that they want you on board.

Depending on your response, they may decide to expedite your hiring process to make sure you’ll sign up with them instead of other employers.

11. You get immediate responses after following-up.

Remote Job Interview: 11 Promising Signs That It Went WellThere are usually many candidates vying for that one job opening you are pursuing with any given company. Human resources departments often send a thank-you email to candidates as a common courtesy. 

After being sent a thank you email—if they do at all—you could try following up on your application. Getting an immediate response from them is a positive sign that they want to keep you actively engaged as a shortlisted candidate. 

Take It Easy 

The best thing you could do while you wait for the verdict is to put your mind at ease. You have given the best you can, and it is now out of your hands. There is no point stressing about something that is already done. Just hope for the best, whatever the result may be, and take it easy. 

Trust that if you have been honest throughout the interview, it should be more than enough to give you a good fighting chance. If your responses match their criteria, they will most definitely see that while they deliberate if your qualifications and personality can add value to the company.

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