Making Pro and DIY Videos Remotely During Social Distancing

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Written By Torrey Tayenaka

The global coronavirus pandemic sheds light on the power and importance of video production for marketing and in-house communication uses. Technology and consumer trends prepare companies to use video as an effective alternative to in-person gatherings and promotional opportunities.

Statistics that show the pervasiveness and effectiveness of including video content in your comprehensive marketing plan have yet to consider the effects the pandemic has had on online video viewing.

The following numbers speak for themselves and will only prove to be more impressive over time.

  • 94 percent of marketers say video helps increase user retention of their product or service information
  • 96 percent of online consumers viewed an explainer video for information on a product or service
  • 92 percent of mobile online users share videos with friends and contacts
  • 84 percent of digital marketers say a video is effective at generating website traffic
  • 88 percent of marketers say they will continue to increase their video marketing budgets

Video Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic that spread around the globe in the spring of 2020 has affected how we all live our daily lives.

With remote working environments now standard for the foreseeable future, the business world adjusts to social distancing guidelines by creating alternative ways to communicate with consumers, existing customers, and internal staff.

Thankfully, before the pandemic, technology and systems are allowing companies to take full advantage of the power of videos for marketing and internal business communication needs.

Already an effective way to reach targeted audiences, video content is now even more important to market your business, brand, and the products and services you provide consumers without putting people at risk.

Why DIY Video Production?

Making Pro and DIY Videos Remotely During Social DistancingThe days of production teams gathering in person to plan and shoot video marketing productions are on hold as the pandemic continues.

To keep your marketing strategies on track, it may be necessary to take matters into your own hands from your own home. Everyone with a smartphone or tablet is walking around with the ability to shoot, edit, and distribute video content with ease. 

For digital marketing applications, quality matters, and steps need to be taken to ensure the content is produced with the same impact as if created at a professional video production house.

Armed with a basic knowledge of production and a creative approach, your home office can be used to produce video marketing content that will help you achieve your promotional and in-house communication goals and objectives. 

DIY Video Production Equipment Needs

Three primary production elements go into producing a DIY marketing video – video, audio, and lighting. A wide range of options is available for each, using equipment you already have at home or by purchasing additional gear or accessories.

i. Video Equipment

  • Smartphones: Unless you are a production professional or video enthusiast, your smartphone or tablet’s video camera is likely the best quality camera you have ever owned. The sharpness and functionality of video cameras improve with each new version, allowing you to shoot clear images that can be used for many types of marketing videos.

  • GoPro: you have an action camera such as GoPro lying around the house, this would be the perfect time to dust it off. These cameras were designed for people on the go and are used to capture engaging footage that will draw audiences and make them want to learn more.
  • Professional Cameras: Professional-grade cameras are still the best way to get the highest quality of video footage. They can be quite expensive and should be operated only by those with technical skills and production experience.

ii. Audio

While a built-in computer or earbud microphone will capture the audio needed, a separate computer mic will increase the sound’s quality a great deal. Lavalier mics and investing in an audio mixer are a bit more costly and provide a significant audio quality boost.

iii. Lighting

If you use a common desk lamp or other lights around the house, avoid aiming them directly at the subject to reduce glare and hot spots.

Bouncing the light off a wall or white cardboard will soften and more evenly distribute the light. Additional lighting equipment such as LED lights and clamps are more varied and accessible than ever, coming in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and prices.

Use of Stock Footage

Companies like Getty Images and Shutterstock make available millions of hours of vintage film and more recent video content related to a wide range of industries and topics. This is an easy way to make your DIY video look more professional and interesting.


Using professional voiceover talent for your marketing videos adds an element of credibility to your brand.,, and are examples of companies that offer various services from experienced professional voiceover artists.

Types of DIY Videos

If you have the proper production equipment and the creativity to think outside the box, there are a variety of effective marketing videos that can be produced from the safety and comfort of your home.

i. Corporate Video

It has never been more important to maintain communication with your team, clients, and partners. Company profiles and status updates help to keep everyone on the same page during these unprecedented times.

ii. Webinars

Without the ability to hold large, live events in conference halls and trade shows, live webinars allow you to connect with large groups of people through streaming productions.

Targeted audiences worldwide can participate and interact in real-time as you highlight your business and showcase the products and services you provide.

iii. Product Demonstrations

Video product demonstrations, explainers, how-to, and open-box videos allow you to show off your product’s benefits, functions, and features.

Video is especially good at breaking down complex processes and ideas through content that can be watched multiple times and referenced in the future as needed.

iv. Customer Testimonials

Your satisfied customers are the best spokespeople for the benefits and features of your products and services.

A simple talking head customer testimonial can be as effective as an elaborate video presentation for proving to consumers you have the solutions for their needs and problems.

v. Animation

Animation artists comprise another group of production specialists that remain largely unaffected by the pandemic social guidelines. Professional animators thrive when left alone to create dynamic animated content that gets consumers’ attention and compels them to act.

Hiring a Professional Video Team

Making Pro and DIY Videos Remotely During Social DistancingLike every other business on the planet, video production companies adjust to the changed and changing times, offering valuable services without putting their people and others around them at risk.

Using your existing videos and stock footage, a professional production team can create powerful marketing videos. File sharing and video conferencing allow you to maintain control and manage the project from home.

A professional video production crew can also instruct you on how to shoot talking head and other video content that they can add titles, graphics, calls to action, and sound to.

Editors and other post-production talent insert elements help make your video an effective marketing tool that will generate website traffic to increase sales and profits. If you need an idea of cost then feel free to try this video production cost estimator to determine the cost.

Strange Times Call for Creative Video Solutions

Social distancing guidelines and remote working circumstances force businesses to get creative with video solutions that keep marketing strategies on track during these strange and unprecedented times.

With the right equipment and creative approach, your marketing plan can continue uninterrupted as you continue to grow your business and your brand.

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