10 Simple Tips On How To Travel Better With Your Dog Today

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Written By Rebecca Siggers

Traveling is one of the best stress-buster and instills a sense of contentment. Once in a while, make sure to take a break from the hustle-bustle and spend time amidst nature.

In case you have an animal companion, this is the best time to spend some quality time with him. However, make sure to check up on a few things before traveling with your dog.

From mindful packing to proper medications and first-aid, you must take care of it all. Also, don’t forget to plan the trip and avoid unwanted hassles on your journey. Keep reading to know the best travel tips that might help you enjoy some quality time with your dog in an effortless manner.

1. Test drive beforehand 

Pet owners love to enjoy exploring the new cities with their animal companions by their side. However, make sure to check if your dog can handle long journeys and road trips beforehand.

Take your dog on a short test drive while running the errands. Try out the 2 to 4 hours journey and observe your dog’s reaction on the move. In case your dog shows symptoms of motion sickness, anxiety, or any other medical condition, reconsider the long trips.

Pets that are prone to motion sickness and other medical conditions might turn miserable on road trips. Hence, let your pet be comfortable at home and travel with your friends instead.

2. Veterinary consultation 

Another thing to keep in mind before heading out on the journey is the medical checkup. Some pet owners ignore veterinary consultations before traveling. This is because dogs show mild or no symptoms at home.

However, certain veterinary diseases might not show up in the normal atmosphere. As the atmospheric pressure changes and there is a change in the oxygenation levels, the animal undergoes severe symptoms.

Before you embark upon the journey, make sure to consult the veterinary doctor regarding the health. A quick medical checkup is as crucial as the jackets for dogs for a smooth journey. 

For further peace of mind, be sure to purchase dog insurance and pack a first aid kit so you are prepared if anything were to go wrong.

3. Regular breaks 

Safe Pet Travel 2020: 10 Dog Travel Tips That Works WellAnimals adore an environment that is filled with natural aesthetics and cool breeze.

In case you wish to go on a trip with your dog, don’t forget to plan the journey that suits him. With the dog by your side, you must take regular breaks during the rides.

That means you need to step out and move around a bit every 3 to 4 hours. That way, your dog gets enough time to roam around and enjoy the changing surroundings now and then.

It might be a good option to list down certain pet-friendly places on your way. Don’t forget to stop by these places to lighten up your dog’s mood.

4. Stock up accessories 

Packing for a vacation is one of the most daunting tasks. Most people forget to pack enough accessories like hats, sunglasses, and other weather-protection aids.

While stuffing up your dog’s backpack, make it a point to keep the hiking and other pet accessories. Some items that you rarely use at home might come in handy while climbing up the mountains.

Hence, sit back and make a list of the essential pet accessories. Some accessories to keep in mind are pet pads, extra collars, collapsible bowls, and a hands-free leash.

You might also consider keeping the two-person tent and pet’s first aid essentials in the bag as well. Taking care of accessories is an important part of traveling. Please make sure to have it carefully before traveling.

5. Check the weather 

Once you settle with the travel destination, you might want to check up on the weather-related statistics.

It is essential to know the weather forecast and predictions before landing in a new city. Not only will this prepare you for the future, but also ease out the packing procedure.

Pack on a pair of extra clothes for your dog, in case of cold weather. Also, for the summer vacations, keep the clothes as light and comfortable as possible. Along with this, it helps in avoiding certain natural calamities like hurricanes, tornados, and landscapes.

6. Suitable accommodation

One of the most difficult tasks while traveling with your pet is accommodation. Also, this happens to be one of the most important aspects of your trip as well.

You are likely to spend the maximum time with your dog in the accommodation that you choose. Hence, prefer to spend maximum time finding the right pet-friendly hotel or camp.

Just because the company claims to be pet-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Hence, you might want to dig deeper into their pet policies, extra fees applicable, or room space for more information. Along with this, try finding suitable places near the hotel that might appeal to your animal companion.

7. Reliable resources 

Safe Pet Travel 2020: 10 Dog Travel Tips That Works WellInternet and social media can be both a boon as well as a bane. While exploring with your dog, make sure to use the resources available on the internet.

This includes the pet-travel apps that provide reliable information related to various aspects while traveling.

Mobile applications like Bring Fido allow you to spot the nearest pet-friendly hotels, parks, beaches, events, and stores.

8. Mindful packing 

When it comes to packing your dog’s luggage, you must rethink the items. Make sure to pack the stuff according to your dog’s weather and necessities if you are going on a summer vacation, stuff in some light-weight clothing that is both comfortable and aesthetic.

Also, keep the packed food packed with essential nutrients and carry a pet bowl along with you. You might carry a suitable pet crate, blanket, and compact bed to endure a good night’s sleep. Pet-care items like brushes, poop bags, and tick removers might help during the trip as well.

9. Proper medications 

Emergencies and medical hazards are inevitable even during well-planned trips. To take care of the emergencies, make sure to pack a pet first-aid kit as well.

Keep all the first-aid essentials, regular medications, and antiseptic ointments in it. Also, add some dressing items like bandages, gauze pieces, and antiseptic wraps for proper dressing.

Some essential medications are flea-prevention pills, antacids, antihistamines, and cough medications. Also, keep some antiemetics to keep nausea, vomiting, and other motion sickness symptoms in check. 

10. Take time to settle 

One of the biggest mistakes you make on your trips is exploring right after you reach it. Research suggests that most travelers fall sick during the first or second day of the exploration. It is due to a lack of acclimatization and awareness of the new surroundings.

Along with this, pets suffer even more in a new environment with different weather aspects. While planning your vacation days, assign a few days to the acclimatization process as well. Not only will this keep the motion sickness away, but it also aids in smooth exploration.

Final verdict: Dog travel tips 

While planning out an exploration, make sure to keep your dog’s needs in mind first. From the weather aspects to animal motion sickness symptoms, you must be aware of it all.

Try a test drive and find out your dog’s strengths and weaknesses during the road journeys. Refrain from long journeys if your pet turns out to have motion sickness.

Also, show mindfulness both in packing and planning the journeys, take regular breaks, and allow your beloved animal to settle and absorb the new surroundings.

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