3 Ways You Can Outshine the Competition as a Doctor or Nurse

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Written By Beth Rush

It is crucial to stand out in any job field. You’ll apply for positions alongside tens or hundreds of applicants, especially if you work in the healthcare industry.

Don’t worry about getting lost in the crowd of digital applications and resume-scanning bots. Use these simple tips to outshine the competition as a doctor or nurse and become the best medical professional you can be.

Use Your Time in Medical School Effectively

1. Use Your Time in Medical School Effectively

Starting medical school may feel daunting. However, there is a lot you can do while you are a student to improve your employability.

i). Flex Your Study Skills

You likely have a study routine if you’ve started med school, but beginning your specialized education is an excellent opportunity to practice new techniques. Medical professionals who have been in your shoes recommend asking a friend to quiz you on materials you’ve just studied to prevent mindless repetition or reading.

Scheduling breaks during study periods is also helpful. Letting your mind relax every half hour to an hour will restore your energy and concentration. Taking your studies on the go with flashcard apps can also maximize your ability to absorb information before important exams.

You’ll use your study skills throughout your career as you take continuing education courses and encounter updates to treatments or diagnoses. Developing more than one way to remember things will help you in the long run.

ii). Consider Medical School Extracurriculars

Extracurriculars are essential for med school students. Clinical experience pinpoints why you want to become a nurse or doctor, which may increase your passion for the profession or direct you to a new speciality.

You’ll also know how to answer questions in job interviews because you know exactly why you care about getting the role.

Research positions also demonstrate your natural curiosity for science and a proactive nature that may turn into leadership later. Look into medical school extracurriculars offered on or around your campus to discover teaching positions, community service, and volunteer opportunities in clinics or hospitals to become a more competitive future applicant.

iii). Take Thorough Notes

You’ll take notes in every class to study for future quizzes and exams, but they are essential even after receiving your final grades.

You can reflect on what you’ve written after graduation if you are dealing with a challenging case. Save them in file folders or digital storage. As long as you have an easy way to search through years of note-taking, you’ll never be far from a wealth of information.

iv). Get on-the-Job Training

People outshine the competition in any professional field if they have on-the-job experience before sending applications. Look for internships and volunteer positions while you are in med school.

You’ll practice essential abilities like bedside manner and customer service expertise to round out your academic knowledge with personal skills.

v). Follow Your Gut

Pay attention to medical topics and opportunities that engage your passions. Following your gut will lead you to your ideal role.

You’ll naturally put more energy into being the best without feeling too much additional stress.

Take Extra Post-College Training

2. Take Extra Post-College Training

There are many opportunities to receive post-college training after medical school. Adding courses to your resume demonstrates your curious nature and dedication to your career. Consider these ideas to stand out from the crowd of other applicants.

a). How to Be More Competitive as a Doctor

Doctors have a few unique chances to shine in their field. Think about these smart moves to showcase your passion and talents.

i). Land a Competitive Residency

Earning a spot for a competitive residency proves to future employers that you were already an impressive candidate before graduating.

You can make that happen by getting the best grades in your class, achieving a high United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) score and providing glowing letters of recommendation from well-known people in your field.

ii). Earn Great Reviews

Your future patients will find you based on their health insurance providers, but they’ll also look at your reviews.

If you can start garnering high reviews online from previous patients, you’ll bring in more business for future clinics and hospitals. They’ll see that as a much more desirable trait than another applicant who doesn’t interact well with patients.

iii). Hone Your Communication Skills

You may not have to write speeches or books during your career, but you will need to communicate with your co-workers and patients.

Consider perfecting your verbal and written communication skills. You’ll help your patients recover more quickly and foster a positive workplace environment by learning to listen and respond in ways people easily understand.

b). How to Be More Competitive as a Nurse

Nurses are essential within any medical field, so you’ll be up against many applicants for open positions. Use these tips to outshine the competition and land the job you want.

How to Be More Competitive as a Nurse

i). Earn Extra Certifications

You can take ongoing education classes to earn certifications that add more skills to your resume. You’ll also expand your career options if you’re unsure about settling down for one job long-term.

You could also escape the bureaucratic nature of hospital settings. Hospital nurses must work alongside department heads, board members, insurance representatives and other hierarchical structures to help patients. If you completed a Botox certification, you could work in a politics-free environment because smaller clinics don’t have an extensive, stressful chain of command.

Anyone wondering how to be more competitive as a nurse can consider extra certifications as job security. If layoffs must happen, management teams will want to retain the employees with the most to offer. Training for numerous skills and specialities will keep you at the top of that list.

ii). Develop Customer Service Skills

All nurses benefit from having customer service experience when applying for jobs, whether they go to nursing or medical school.

You’ll be the first face people see when they walk into a clinic or hospital. Knowing how to interact with people, handle stressed-out patients and communicate with them will make you an invaluable future member of any team.

iii). Connect With a Mentor

Mentors are excellent resources for current and future nurses. They’ll get to know you as an individual and guide your career based on what they’ve already learned.

They are also a great reference point for potential employers who want to know more about you. Keep in contact with a mentor throughout your career and you’ll always be a competitive applicant.

3. Focus on Your Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are equally important to your medical education. Here are some specific ways they’ll boost your career as a nurse or doctor. Keep them in mind as you make a name for yourself in your field.

Focus on Your Interpersonal Skills

i). Maintain a Positive Attitude

No one wants to work with someone who is always negative. It creates a low-energy environment and makes everyone dread coming to work.

Supervisors and team leaders will consider you for learning opportunities if they know you are pleasant to work with each week.

ii). Cultivate Workplace Friendships

Being a team player is integral to your career as a doctor or nurse. You’ll outshine the competition if people love working with or for you.

Cultivate new friendships and maintain them through workplace and after-hours bonding opportunities. Inviting someone to join you for lunch, hanging out on the weekend or chatting between appointments with patients will make you a highlight of the workplace, which is reflected in reference letters and interviews.

iii). Look for Leadership Opportunities

Anyone can start a career and coast with the abilities they developed in college or med school. However, people who lead the competition also lead their co-workers.

Seek leadership opportunities, like coordinating schedules, overseeing the administrative team or organizing monthly meetings with the medical staff, to optimize your services.

Attending training seminars is also a valuable way to become a leader. You’ll learn from the industry’s leaders and bring those skills back to your workplace or future jobs.

iv). Practice Self-Care

Medical professionals spend their careers taking care of others, but they should also care for themselves. Neglecting your self-care can trigger conditions like compassion fatigue, which leads to physical symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Bad moods
  • Difficulty remembering things
  • Insomnia
  • Anger or anxiety

Take a few minutes out of every day to relieve your stress by journaling, walking, reading or relaxing in a hot bath. You’ll have better physical and mental health to propel you to the front of the competition when you want to switch jobs or get a promotion.

v). Ask Questions to Keep Learning

Leaders always keep an open mind to new things. They never assume they know everything because they chase constant growth.

Ask questions about your industry, research the latest developments and seek ways to push yourself professionally. You’ll experience comprehensive expansion that makes you the best nurse or doctor.

Start Outshining the Competition as a Medical Professional

Start Outshining the Competition as a Medical Professional

There are many ways you can outshine the competition as a doctor or nurse. It all depends on how you use your time and focus.

Consider engaging in more medical school extracurriculars while you are a student, seek learning opportunities after starting your career and take care of your mental health. You’ll begin to outpace your colleagues and get the most out of your job.

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