How To Move Up Quickly In Your New Job

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

When you are starting a new job, the thought that you should start immediately putting pieces into place that will help you move up the corporate ladder may feel foreign. Generally, new hires are focused on trying to navigate a new workplace and figure out how to get along.

If you are serious about your career, however, there are things that you can do right away that will help you advance more quickly. Your early stages of the new job can be spent making a foundation that will help you later on. While you will clearly be always trying to put your best foot forward, there are more things you can specifically do to help the company. 

And these things will also be noticed right away which will put you on the radar of your managers. When the next promotion comes along, you will definitely be in the running. And if it doesn’t happen in that round, you will definitely be given your due at some point later. 

Here is a list of the things you can be doing to move up more quickly in your new job.

1. Save the company money

When you can show that your company is going to make more money with you onboard, you prove yourself to be an invaluable piece of the puzzle. As a new employee, it is difficult to make the company money as you are probably not in a position to do so right away. 

Saving money is just as good as making money. Your managers will definitely be very happy to see the savings that will help the bottom line that you have made happen and will give notice to them that you are one to watch out for.

One way is to save money on your business trips. Try to book places like a DelSuites short term rental instead of splurging on an expensive hotel suite. And while there, try to cook your own meals to save on the business expenses. 

If you are responsible for buying the products you need for yourself or your department, try to bargain with the purveyors to get the best deal.

2. Learn a new skill

learn a new skillBeing very flexible and able to wear many different hats within the company will go a long way towards moving up quickly in your new job. Start by learning new skills so you can position yourself as somebody who is able to do a number of different jobs. 

It also shows your managers that you are a self-starter that is highly motivated and ready to go the extra mile to help the company solve problems and be more successful.

A good example of this would be to learn about marketing even if you are not in that department. Since your new job probably relies on the marketing department, you can help to identify ways that what you do can help the bottom line. 

3. Find a mentor within the company

When you have been making a name for yourself as somebody who shows promise, then you will likely catch the attention of some of the more experienced members of the team. 

Reach out to them and form a relationship so you can be taken under somebody’s wing as a mentor. They can help guide you in the right areas where your talents can be showcased. They can also be a cheerleader for you when the time comes for promotion. 

You have to find the right mentor, however. The most obvious place to look is to think about the people in your office that you look up to the most. Look to people that are over you in the hierarchy as your peers will not be able to do much to help you move up the ladder.

Those people are a model of what you want to be when you get to their level within the company. Hopefully, you can get there a lot faster than they did. Once you settle on the person or people that reflect what you want to become, then you now have a roadmap of how to get there. Pick their brains about how they do things and see how you can replicate the success and possibly even do better at it. 

Next, make sure you know your goals. Not just by picking out the role that your admired colleague is in, but also further than that. That way you can articulate exactly why you want to move up in the company beyond just having a larger salary. 

4. Become a resource at your new job

If you follow the advice from earlier in the article about learning new skills then you are halfway there to becoming a resource in your company. 

You can go a lot further than that by being a resource to people in your field if you can focus even more. Work hard to learn everything there is to know about the industry that you work within. For starters, when you do move up there will be less of a learning curve as you know the ins and outs of everything that is required to be able to do the new job well.

Not only that but when you become an expert, people will come to you for answers. You will become the go-to person when somebody needs to understand the complexity of a situation. And if you are in that role, then it becomes a no brainer when a position opens up. You’ll get the call.

Along the way, you will also be cultivating relationships as you learn and grow. And these relationships will surely help you in some form or another later on. 

5. Understand the company’s goals 

company goalsYou have been spending a lot of time focused on your own goals in a bid to move up within the ranks of your business. At the same time, you have to understand your company’s goals and what they need to achieve them. If your goals don’t intersect then there is little chance that you will have much success within that company.

Taking the time to talk to the people in charge of the business, like the CEO and CFO will give you some idea of what they are looking to accomplish. Then when you see the goal you’ll also see the steps that it will take to get there.

That is the blueprint for you to follow. For each step of the way, you should be doing what you can, in your role to make sure that the company can meet the milestone. The better you are able to do that the more valuable you become to the company. 

6. Be ready to adapt

Unfortunately, company loyalty doesn’t really exist any longer. In this day and age, it is very rare for a person to stay with one company until they retire. The disloyalty goes both ways, of course. Your company may find you valuable at the moment, but that might not be the case forever. 

Make sure that you are able to make a move to another company if the opportunity presents itself and would help your career. If you have done all the things on this list then you are well-positioned to be a prize for other companies to win and will be rewarded accordingly. 

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