8 Most Marketable Career Skills to Learn Online in 2020

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Nowadays, the marketplace is very unpredictable, and this has made many people seek new career skills.

When you enroll for more courses, you become open to different jobs and also become more marketable to prospective employers.

Luckily, diversifying your career skills is now more comfortable, thanks to online learning, video tutorials, and webinars that are easily accessible online.

If you are an entrepreneur or seeking employment, some additional online career skills will help you beat stiff competition.

What are the benefits of online learning?

 Online courses are a great way of acquiring an education. It is preferred by many due to the freedom and comfort associated with learning online.

You can study from anywhere with no need to get worried about visa application or relocation. It is a self-paced way of learning, and this makes it more appealing.

Online learning is very flexible, and you can study while attending to other critical engagements. 

What are the in-demand online career skills and courses?

8 Most Marketable Career Skills to Learn Online in 20201. Blockchain developer

The demand for blockchain developers keeps on skyrocketing.

It is no doubt that blockchain will have a meaningful impact in the future.

Moreover, these are the best courses to take, with the growth of Fintech in 2020; the need for blockchain developers may even be higher.

To become a blockchain developer, some of the specialization courses to take are, for instance, blockchain specialization, blockchain for business or Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies.

It is then evident that most of the high paying careers in 2020 require STEM skills. And these abilities in mathematics and science will be more valuable in the future.

The course is somewhat technical, and you’ll have to set aside adequate time to attend online classes and go through the study materials.

However, if you lack time to do this, this shouldn’t be an issue. You can always check online learning forums and ask, “Can you take my online class?” and you’ll get many specialists willing to help you out.

These forums serve other students like you and will handle your quizzes, assignments, essays, and tests.

2. Machine learning

Machine learning is an essential course for the future. It deals with predictive analysis of self-driving cars, and you can utilize it in various ways.

Enrolling for this course is gainful since you’ll get the information early. Demand is on the rise, and most companies are considering using machine learning.

There are various possibilities for this course, and you can apply information gathered from the course on many industries, including finance, healthcare, and education.

An online machine course covers subjects like deep learning, anomaly detection, recommender systems, neural networks, and statistical pattern recognition.

3. Network and information security

Nowadays, individuals, companies, and governments store their data in the cloud, and cybersecurity is critical in protecting this information from hackers.

For companies that deal with the collection of customer data or sensitive data, they must keep their networks secure. And this is because they all need to stay away from data breaches.

Nowadays, there are increasing cases of data breaches, and some of the famous companies that have experienced hacking are, for example; Sony, and Linkedin.

Such happenings show how critical it is for companies to secure their data. Moreover, cybersecurity is one of the technical online career skills that are in high demand in 2020.

4. Public speaking        

Giving speeches is a stressful experience and causes anxiety among many. A public speaking course will furnish you with the skills to build your confidence and stay calm when speaking in public.

Although it may not be useful for people who don’t get nervous when addressing big crowds, it’s a valuable course for one who has issues giving a smooth and flowing statement.

Besides, public speaking is a common fear in business, and you need the necessary skills to lead meetings.

With this course, you’ll gain knowledge on how to conduct meetings and give compelling presentations.

5. Real estate investment

8 Most Marketable Career Skills to Learn Online in 2020Real estate investment is a rewarding undertaking.

It helps learners to use professional techniques to identify and evaluate investment opportunities in real estate.

These online courses will help you to avert most of the challenges faced by new investors.

It will aid you in building confidence and stay ahead of the competition.

Some of the courses you can take under real estate investment are; creative real estate investing and house flipping, intro to analyzing rental income properties, fundamentals of analyzing real estate investments, and many more.

6. Online advertising

To be successful in your advertising career, you require lots of creativity and excellent communication skills.

If you are considering beginning a career in advertising, an online advertising course is worth considering. It will help you enhance your communication skills to make perfect advertising campaigns.

You’ll also gain knowledge of the different types of digital ads, and how to create digital advertising campaigns.

You’ll also learn how to run social media ad campaigns and search engine marketing on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

7. Chatbot development

Most businesses use Facebook messenger for marketing their products and services. Messenger marketing is an excellent way for businesses to interact with customers in a conversational style as compared to conventional email marketing.

It is a marketing technique that empowers smaller ventures and startups to develop more solid relations and build trust among clients.

A chatbot development course will equip you with skills to design and operate a Facebook Messenger chatbot, which is valuable to all marketing departments.

8. SEO       

 The internet is an excellent source of information, news, and entertainment. And many rely on it to find goods and services online.

If you own a website, it is vital to have it rank on top search engines. However, with the ever-increasing number of websites online, getting on top of search engines is quite challenging.

As such, many website owners seek the latest information on SEO strategies for success. With an SEO course, you’ll learn the basics of using Google Webmaster Central Blog.

You’ll also learn skills like keyword search, social media marketing, content marketing, search algorithm, and many more.

Final thoughts: Most marketable career skills to learn online

There are various courses that you can learn online from the above career skills list. The good thing about online classes is that you can enroll for two or more courses at the same time.

Moreover, you can as well take advantage of free online courses. Besides, there are various free online career skills for anyone on a budget.

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