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5 Amateur Mistakes Content Marketers Keep Making

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Written By Charlie Svensson

Creating content on digital platforms may seem like an easy job: you just come up with new blog posts and articles. Nevertheless, being a content creator involves marketing, social media management, adaptability, and creativity.

Specifically, at first, we all make a lot of mistakes that help us learn and grow. But sometimes, we fail to see the issues, and we drag them into every project. As a result, we aren’t happy with the result because we expected something different.

For example, you might find yourself doing the best SEO job for your site, but the growth is far less than what you predicted with analytics. So, you may ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?”

Your site can have slower growth because you picked a specific niche. Nonetheless, the cause can also be a slip-up that you keep missing.

In this article, you’ll learn about five amateur mistakes you keep making as a content marketer.

1). You focus on quantity too much

5 Amateur Mistakes Content Marketers Are Making DailyOf course, being a content creator can be a full-time job. Nonetheless, you don’t have to get obsessed with the marketing aspect of your work.

One of the biggest mistakes is to neglect the quality of your work, thinking that you’ll attract more people to your page.

If you start to post articles that have a perfect SEO score but that aren’t interesting to read, you are negatively affecting the growth of your site as well as your online reputation.

The engine might favor you because your website has more keywords than others. However, readers will quickly click off your page because your posts aren’t top-notch quality.

Another common mistake is writing long posts. You may think that a 2,000-word article might help your site. Still, if it is not structured correctly and is full of key phrases, people won’t read it. If you pair long paragraphs with vague words such as “most people” and “usually,” chances are people won’t share it. Even worse if you have grammar errors.

Lastly, content creators forget that articles should have a message or a purpose. Even if it is your opinion, it should be intriguing and beautifully written. Alternatively, if you write to inform people, limiting your post to just the bare minimum isn’t going to help your site.

So, if you want to fix those mistakes, here are some content creator strategies you should try:

  • Post-high-quality content. Instead of writing a lot of articles, try to write a few that are in-depth and interesting. Readers want to know the essence of your essay.
  • Post regularly. Remember that you don’t have to post one article after another, especially if you don’t have a team to help you. You can post once a week or twice, depending on your schedule. Just try to be constant about it.
  • Include SEO in your work. SEO methods shouldn’t be the center of your work. Try to use SEO, but remember that the objective is effective communication.
  • Use grammar software. If you want your text to be easy to read, try using an app that corrects your grammar, syntax, and tone. This way, you target the exact group of readers you want with a couple of specific expressions.
  • Include detail. Try using research papers for your article and quote percentages.

2). You lack perspective

When it comes to creating content, lacking perspective is a huge issue. We can easily follow our own beliefs and point of view. Sometimes, we need to change our angle and consider another perspective that might appeal to the reader more.

Some words that you use offer a tone to your content. For example, an article with a title like “How AI Will Steal Your Job” clearly shows your opinion. But a part of the audience who supports automation and technology might not even read your article because it seems bias.

Also, if they read it and find that you don’t have a complete explanation with arguments, they will think twice about clicking on your site again.

Moreover, if you keep writing content that only appeals to you, you might end up driving your audience away. Maybe you like a type of content that helps you, but how can it help others? Here’s some advice:

  • Write objective titles even when you are writing something that’s based on your opinion. Try to talk to your team about it and see what they suggest.
  • Have a logical structure. Your content should have a logical structure that follows a step-by-step thought process. Include arguments, counter-arguments, and be thorough.
  • Try different approaches. Write something from different perspectives.
  • Listen to other people. You can read comments and invite guests to make sure that your content appeals to more readers.

3). Your site lacks variety

Maybe you can include more perspectives into your content, but is it varied enough? This is a colossal mistake that creators make.

How can you reach different readers if you’re talking about the same three topics? Even if your site specializes in a niche, you still need diversity in your content.

For example, putting up only text-based posts may help with the SEO aspect. However, readers like to take a break from reading to see a picture or two that are relevant to the topic.

In contrast, if you multiply the visual content, you’ll have trouble with SEO. As a result, your articles will be harder to find online.

Lastly, if you only post long articles and you neglect videos and short updates, you might lack in variety.

If you want to increase the variety of your articles, try these strategies:

  • Include more pictures in your posts. Text articles are needed to convey your message and are great for SEO. Adding a couple of images can help your audience understand better. Not to mention that it makes them think that you are professional.
  • Alternate short and long posts. Updates and news can be kept short. Debates, collaborations, and full articles can be lengthy.
  • Vary your topics. Try to talk about different things to keep your audience engaged.

4). You fall for trends too often

5 Amateur Mistakes Content Marketers Are Making DailyThe fourth amateur mistake is falling for trends too often.

As a content creator, you might think that if you do what everyone else is doing, then you’ll have more success. But if the topics on your site are mainstream and general, people won’t stick around your website for too long because they might like a particular niche.

On the other hand, if a topic is related to your niche and is trendy, you can write your take on it. Otherwise, your competitors have one less adversary on the market.

Here are some tips about content marketing and trends:

  • Follow trends but don’t post about those all the time. If your niche is related to the topic, you can write about it.
  • Keep your originality. Even when you talk about a mainstream event, add your input.
  • Get inspired by your competitors. You can see what your competitors do and get inspiration.

5). You neglect feedback

Neglecting feedback is always a negative thing. You need to know what your addressees think about your content. So, not listening to constructive criticism can be damaging for your site.

Also, working with limited people is a mistake. If you work with the same people, you’ll eventually create a collective perspective, which is the same as writing alone. So, try to change groups once in a while, if you can.

If you want your content to become better, follow these guidelines:

  • Work with different people. Bring insight from other coworkers and let them express their opinions.
  • Track your results. See which periods are best for posting and what topics are preferred.
  • Ask for feedback. Create polls and rating boxes for readers.
  • Don’t listen to subjective criticism. If it is constructive, it’ll help your work. If it is subjective, it’ll confuse you.


These are the five amateur mistakes you keep making as a content marketer:

  • You focus on quantity too much.
  • You lack perspective.
  • Your site lacks variety.
  • You fall for trends too often.
  • You neglect feedback.

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