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Recruitment Methods Employers are Adopting to Employ the Right People

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Selecting the right methods when recruiting new employees is no easy task. First of all, you have to advertise in the right places, then you need to eliminate the dreamers, then finally select the best candidate based on several factors from the interview and screening processes.

The importance of drug testing in Albuquerque NM is something which employers here are all too aware of. This can be due to having bad experiences or simply thinking ahead of the game and what the result might be if they do not adopt a system of drug testing before employment or fail to consistently monitor staff during their time employed.

Here are some recruitment methods employers have adopted when employing the right employees today:

Recruitment Method 1: Drug Testing

Most employees can be trained but ending up with someone hampered by drug-taking can severely affect a business.

The only true way to know whether an employee or potential employee is taking drugs is to test for them. There are signs, of course, but many of them rely on knowing someone well, which is not possible when you have not yet employed someone or they have not been with your company very long.

The signs to look out for, when possible, include poor performance and mood changes. Physically, pupils may be dilated, eyes bloodshot, skin in poor condition, and the person generally appears tired and run down.

Recruitment Method 1: Drug TestingSo, how is drug testing arranged? Well, this can all be sorted out online and test results are even sent digitally. Skin samples can easily and painlessly be obtained by swabbing cheeks and local laboratory facilities can process the results quickly and efficiently.

The time it takes will be important so as not to hold up the recruitment process. A company may have been without a key staff member for long enough and need those skills replacing as soon as possible.

In addition to drug testing, there is also alcohol testing for employees. They are both addictions that an employer will want to know about before employing someone because they both hamper performance and can result in a safety concern. It is important to protect the equipment and people within any business.

Recruitment Method 2: Pre-Employment Checks

Apart from the medical condition of employees now and potentially in the future, which can be established by DNA testing, it will also be necessary to think about someone’s mental and physical capacity to carry out the job in terms of their skill set. This is about what they have learned in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience.

Checks to think of here include anything that a potential employee has been involved in with their life so far which may impact on suitability with regards to a role within the company. Background checks differ from checking on education and employment. They will relate to past activities which may include criminality.

Rehabilitation may make this irrelevant but, on the other hand, it could be important to rule someone out for certain roles. Military records should be explored to find out the reason for discharge from the army. Whether it was voluntary, forced, or related to ill health.

Testing employees can determine their suitability and also be confirmation that they have the skills claimed and needed for the job.

Recruitment Method 3: Covid-19

Recruitment Method 3: Covid-19Now, of course, we have an extra thing to screen for medically in addition to drugs or alcohol. We also need to ensure that our workers do not have Covid-19 and so are not at risk of spreading an infection to other employees. That could close our company down for several days.

We cannot take lightly anything that can affect the health of an employee, whether it be due to an unstable worker on drugs or one infected by Covid.

In conclusion, if we drug test and run the necessary background and skill checks as an employer, then we should protect ourselves from employing the wrong people. The right employees will prove to be an asset, whereas the wrong ones become a liability that could end up costing the firm money. So, invest now in the right pre-employment checks, including drug testing.

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