Emerging Marketing Video Trends for Better Business 2021

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Written By Ian Pearson

Understanding marketing videos is the first step towards being able to create an effective video marketing strategy. Now, because marketing videos are so effective, this should be a top priority for any serious business owner and marketer out there.

The key thing lies in understanding all the latest marketing video trends and recognizing how they help you connect to your audience and achieve your marketing goals. Understanding why will help motivate you to invest in this particular method and it will allow you to create more effective video content.

Moreover, with newly-emerging marketing video trends, ignoring innovation means getting left behind.

Today, in a world plagued by COVID-19, the modern marketing landscape has changed forever. First, there is the fact that people consume more content than ever before. Second, due to the absence of traditional business events, they are more likely to attend virtual events, which also fall under this category.

There are many similar changes introduced due to necessity and caused by the plights of 2020/2021. With that in mind and without further ado, here are some of the emerging marketing video trends to keep an eye out for in 2021.

1. More video is consumed than ever before

Due to ever-increasing access to the internet and digitalization, in general, there has never existed a larger potential audience pool than today. Now, add to this the fact that we are currently living in a post-COVID-19 world, where, in a lot of regions, movement after certain hours still isn’t completely unrestricted.

Also, a lot of things that went for the pastime in the past are no longer as available and accessible. This puts us in a bit of an awkward spot where the majority of people choose to pass their time by consuming online content. Amongst this content, the video format seems to be the most popular by far. 

According to 2020 video marketing statistics, as many as 99 percent of those using marketing videos plan to keep doing so in the future. Moreover, 96 percent of them plan to further increase their spending.

There are some shifts in trend, as well. For instance, because more and more people are consuming video content at home, there is a surprisingly large portion of desktop users amongst this audience. In the past, things were leaning more in favor of mobile users. Also, let us not forget or omit the fact that there is more content created than ever before (again, for the same reasons).  

Wrap up: Due to the recent unfortunate set of circumstances, the global population has more time for video marketing than ever before. While the competition is also more numerous the potential gain is great, as well.

2. Livestream is getting more attention than ever before

Livestreaming marketing video trendsAnother fast-growing marketing video trend is live streaming. This is a concept that allows you to quickly grow your future attendance.

Some estimates claim that about one-third of people who come to your live-streamed event might decide to visit your next event in person or, at least, watch your next live-streaming session.

Other than this, it helps target dormant members, seeing as how the majority of live-streaming sessions pop up as notifications. As a result, your reach will be increased and you have a simple and accessible method to archive your event.

Now, we come to the reason why live-streaming is so popular in 2021. Due to the inability of the majority of event organizers to host a traditional event, live-streaming actually makes more sense than ever before. It allows business owners and organizations to skip making a gap in their regular event organization. This way, they maintain continuity and achieve some of their event goals, regardless of the differences in logistical matters.

Moreover, hosting a live-streaming event gives you an advantage of a much bigger potential attendance. Instead of being limited to people who are physically able to attend, you get a global audience.

Wrap up: Livestreaming is a video marketing format that can offer a suitable substitute for traditional event hosting. It is also a more engaging video format with greater potential engagement rates.

3. Professional video production is a growing industry

In order to understand just how big this field actually is, it is worth mentioning that the movie and video production industry is roughly worth $33.8 billion in 2021. Moreover, because more people consume video than ever before, it is expected that the industry will grow by 7.4 percent in 2021.

Considering the fact that the majority of other industries are currently in decline, this is definitely a huge thing. Even before this entire situation, it has been noted that the movie and video production industry grow faster than the economy overall.

According to experts in video production from Sydney, joining this lucrative industry requires quite a bit of strategy and technical prowess. Although lucrative, the field is highly competitive. Instead of just having an eye for the detail, in order to make it, one needs to learn how to make a shooting script, combine lights and shoot multiple takes.

Moreover, the work in the editing room is just as important as the on-set part of the job. In other words, it is a unique combination of art and craft. The latter requires knowledge and appropriate tools for work. 

Wrap up: Professional video production industry is on the rise. In this case, both supply and demand are on the rise. Because it is so profitable, it is also more competitive than ever before. This is one major consideration worth making before joining the field.

4. Focus on mobile and voice search optimization

Emerging Marketing Video Trends for Better Business in 2021Mobile users are a huge portion of your audience. So, making sure that your videos are mobile-friendly is definitely a huge boost to your marketing video efforts. In other words, if you are making a video primarily for the mobile audience, there are a couple of tricks you can use.

For instance, it is a great idea to shoot with a phone (with a high-quality camera as you can get). Also, a horizontal video and decent audio will greatly affect the quality and usability of the video. Also, while shooting, check focus and double-check your video after you are done. It is a bit of extra work but your audience will be quite thankful for it.

Other than this, you also need to focus on investing in voice search optimization. Never in the past was the concept of voice search so heavily used. In order to make your videos voice search friendly, there are several things you have to do.

First, you must make a proper caption and ensure that the video has optimized subtitles. Moreover, you need to reinvent the way you use keywords. You see, a traditional (written) keyword can afford to be non-grammatical.

People often don’t pay so much attention to interpunction or determiners. With voice search, keywords are usually far more grammatical.

Wrap up: Investing additional effort to optimize your video content for the way in which your audience prefers to use it is always a good idea. In this case, mobile video and voice search is more than welcome.

5. Short video formats

One of the recently fastest-growing trends is definitely short video formats.

Due to social media activity, Instagram Stories are an incredibly popular format. Nonetheless, these videos cannot exceed 15 seconds. A similar thing goes with TikTok which is a platform that is particularly popular with Gen Z and has an incredible growth rate.

All in all, making a shorter video format is not just a matter of time-constraint. It is a creative restriction that requires you to fit everything you have to say in such a limited time-frame. In other words, it takes some getting used to. 

User-generated video content is another point worth focusing on. You see, with present-day smartphone technology, the majority of users have the tools to create outstanding content. For you as a business, promoting this content can bring a ton of benefits without a single downside.

The key thing is that this UGC tends to be more engaging, seeing how people see the creator as more relatable. Additionally, it allows you something unique and interesting to share, thus gaining quite a bit of social media credit. So, paying more attention to user-generated videos might be a solid video marketing strategy.

Wrap up: Understanding that there are new content formats emerging every year is the only way to stay competitive in video marketing. Moreover, it is great to use any advantage you can get, one of them being exploiting user-generated content to your benefit.

In conclusion: Emerging marketing video trends

In the end, a change in format is really not that hard to keep up with. By understanding that your audience has greater hunger for video content, you might be inclined to come up with a new editorial schedule and even hire the help of professionals.

User-generated content is a great addition to your arsenal but you can’t solely rely on it. In other words, you need to combine methods and formats, as well as make a diverse strategy. This is one more reason why you need to track all these emerging marketing video trends with greater interest.

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