How Independent Fitness Businesses Can Benefit From TeamUp’s Marketing Course

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Getting a new business off the ground takes time and patience. Once your fitness business is ready to open the gym doors and take bookings for classes and sessions, you want to give yourself the best chance of reaching a large customer base.

We are living in an increasingly online world, and even the fitness industry is seeing a rise in online options. From live-streaming classes to creating on-demand content for members. Marketing your business is the same deal. To stand the best chance of raising awareness of your new business, creating an online marketing strategy is vital. 

That’s where the TeamUp online marketing course comes in. Creating an online presence is not as simple as building some social media pages and adding a few posts every now and again. You need to focus attention on your website, the SEO of which is at the core of basic online marketing.

There are a number of processes that need to be implemented and can be relatively simple, and then maintained to boost your online presence. The TeamUp online marketing course has been designed with new business owners and small business owners in mind. We take you through all the processes you need to know about from start to finish so you can iron out any kinks in your marketing strategy. 

Why is online marketing so important for business? 

Why is online marketing so important for business?Internet marketing helps you drive more qualified traffic to your website. This means that you reach more leads that would have an interest in your business and services. It gives you the ability to target specific demographics to increase your chances of obtaining more of your preferred clientele, and not to mention all your potential customers will be online themselves.

Whether they are scouring Google for a fitness business like yours or following certain hashtags related to your area of fitness on social media, there is no better way to create an effective marketing strategy.

Before looking at how the TeamUp online marketing course can help your business, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons you should have a good online marketing strategy in place. 

1. Online marketing is convenient 

Internet marketing is a 24/7 advertising ally. Your business and any marketing agency you might look into hiring are confined by standard working hours.

However, with a solid online marketing strategy in place, your advertising will be working for you even after you lock the doors for the day and head home. Your internet marketing will be doing all the grunt work for you. Plus you are not going to have to pay anyone overtime to keep your online marketing working for you.

A well-established online marketing strategy will keep working away whether you are open or not, so it is a no-brainer when it comes to investing some time to get it launched. 

2. Expand your potential customer base 

The reach of the internet is a really important resource for your business. If you start to offer online classes and create on-demand content, you are no longer limited to your local area for potential clients.

Equally, your class sizes are now no longer restricted so there is real potential to increase your income by taking elements of your business online. As useful as the internet is on a commercial level, it also gives you the chance to reach more potential clients with your marketing strategy.

Your online classes and on-demand content can be marketed to your ideal clientele across the globe, not just in your local area as in-person classes have to be. 

3. The rise of social media 

The rise of social media There is no getting away from it, social media is a huge part of day-to-day life and it is an incredibly important tool for businesses in all sectors.

The obvious places to start when it comes to social media are Instagram and Facebook. Creating regular posts on Instagram using pertinent hashtags is a great way to promote your business to a wider audience. Using Facebook is a great place for you to build on your online marketing strategy because it offers users several stings to add to their bows.

First off, it is the perfect place to build an online community for clients and members. Using a Facebook group is a place you can share information about deals, events, and even advice related to your fitness business with your current crop of clients. 

Additionally, Facebook ads are a great way of targeting potential clients. Facebook ads use the website’s algorithms to make businesses ads show up on newsfeeds for people who have been searching for and shown an interest in similar pages or businesses.

Once you’ve created your ad, you set a budget and a bid for each click, or 1,000 impressions, that your ad will receive. Targeting users based on the locations, demographics, and profile information you set in the ad means reaching more people who will actually click your advert to find out more. 

4. Personalizing your marketing 

This follows neatly on from creating a Facebook ad. With an online marketing strategy, you can direct it towards a specific demographic.

With an overly generalized marketing strategy, you can easily slip through the ether, and your ads, website, and social media posts won’t get any real traction. Personalizing your marketing towards your ideal clientele is easy to do when you have all the correct tools at your disposal, and as you’ll see later, they are easy to come by.

You can fix up your online marketing strategy to reach out to those who are either looking for or will benefit most from the services you offer. 

5. It is an affordable strategy for a fitness business

Marketing online doesn’t have to be an expensive option. There are plenty of free ways to market your business online, such as keeping up with the SEO of your website by using keywords and creating online content such as blogs and articles.

Using paid tools such as Facebook ads is also an affordable option. You can set a limit on how much you wish to spend when you set up your Facebook ad or Google ad, and you can expect to get a good return from as little as $100 per month.

Posting on social media is obviously a free strategy as well as it being a good way of engaging with your members and clients of your fitness business. 

How TeamUp’s marketing course will help your online marketing strategy 

This seven-part online marketing course was born out of our own clients’ needs. We found that a number of independent and smaller fitness businesses were finding it difficult to improve their online presence and as such, get more clients to sign up to classes and sessions, or purchase memberships.

While there are plenty of marketing guides out there explaining the importance of online marketing and SEO, we found that they were incredibly thin on actually guiding people through these processes. Each part of the TeamUp online marketing course gives a detailed run-through of the various tools and processes you need, and we also give you step-by-step guides on how to get them in place.

1. Building your website

Making sure your website has all the elements it needs to draw traffic and potential customers is step one of the processes. We take you through the steps you need to follow to get your website set up to attract as many visitors as possible.

With all the right pages and content, your website can be one of your best marketing assets and with a bit of time spent on it, it can really make the difference between being discovered in SERPs (search engine results pages) or being overlooked and not ranking on Google at all.

2. Setting up Google Analytics and how to track your website’s performance

Setting up Google Analytics and how to track your website's performanceFor anyone new to SEO, using tools like Google Analytics can seem daunting. There is a lot of information there, and without a decent walkthrough, it can be hard to know how to set it up for your website, and then equally, it can be difficult to understand what the metrics are telling you.

We take you through how to set up Google Analytics with a step-by-step guide, and then we show you how to get the information you need to analyze your website’s performance.

3. Understanding SEO and why it is important for your website

SEO (search engine optimization) is at the heart of all of this. Without it, your website will go unnoticed by Google, and subsequently, by all those potential clients you’re wanting to visit your website.

We explain how SEO works and its importance for your website. We’ll also show you the easiest ways to implement a good SEO strategy, which includes how to find and then use the best keywords to get your site noticed by Google.

4. Becoming a blogger

Blogs are a hugely important SEO tool. They give you a lot of opportunities to get noticed by google. Creating regular blog posts keeps your website fresh and current, increases users’ time on your page and website, and they are the perfect platform for targeting relevant keywords.

If writing articles seems daunting, then this guide is perfect for you. We explain in detail how to go about creating blogs that will help increase your visibility on Google. From the basic structure of an article to using simple SEO tricks, our writing guide is the definitive “how-to” when it comes to creating relevant, SEO-strong blog posts for your website.

5. Creating engaging social media posts

We’ve already looked at why social media is an important part of any online marketing strategy, so the next step is understanding how to create social media posts to engage with both current and potential clients.

Creating an engaging post on social media platforms is more than just picking a good picture or writing a snappy status. Our guide walks you through all the key elements of creating an engaging social media post as well as exploring the various types of social media posts you should be looking to create.

In summary

Whether you are a gym or studio business has been going for a while or you are new to the fitness industry, TeamUp’s online marketing course is the perfect companion for anyone trying to increase the number of clients and members that attend their classes and sessions.

It can seem like a steep hill to climb trying to understand all the different processes without a helping hand which is exactly why we designed and created this easy-to-follow online marketing course.

Additionally, it has been written with fitness instructors and gym, studio, and PT business owners in mind. Taking some time to read and familiarise yourself with these marketing ideas will be more than beneficial for you to take your business forward.

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