7 Impressive Ideas and Concepts for Your Next Luxury Event

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Being responsible for organizing a luxury event is a lot of pressure, especially on your first time doing it. All the experience booths, grazing spreads, and cheesy decor ideas you always do for average college parties would either have to be upgraded or totally reimagined.

Here are some of the best and most impressive concepts and ideas you can prepare for your next luxury event:

1. Drone Exhibitions Luxury Events

It is pretty common to hire a single drone operator to take awesome photos of regular events like small weddings and school homecomings, but you need something more spectacular than that for luxury events.

Still, you don’t have to lose the entire drone idea. But instead of an aerial photo shoot, you could hire an entire team of drone operators for an exhibition. This could take the place of fireworks displays, which are now widely considered tacky.

Furthermore, drone exhibitions look amazing any time of the day and are far more friendly to the environment.

2. Immersive Photo Booths

7 Impressive Luxury Events Ideas and Concepts for TodayThe typical event photoshoot backdrop or the classic green-screen-virtual-background just won’t cut it for your next luxury event. What you need is a photo booth that people will talk about for months after your event has ended.

There are a lot of walk-in photo booths you can rent to give your guests whatever experience you want them to take away. You can give them a vintage feel, Tiktok-glitter glamorous, or even full-on space sci-fi fantasy. 

3. Luxury Porta-Loos

Planning a luxury event is exciting especially when you get the full freedom to stage it in an exotic location. Turning the middle of nowhere into the event venue of a lifetime is one of the most ambitious feats that can put your name on the map, but it does present its challenges. 

For one, how can you expect your fancy-clad guests to take restroom breaks in one of those awful, smelly blue porta-lettes they usually have for outdoor events? The question is that you don’t have to. All you have to do is book a luxury portable restroom rental and you can make sure your guests don’t stop feeling fancy just because they have to take a quick loo break.

4. Around the World in One Buffet Table

If you could organize an event where you would send guests on an around-the-world trip, you would do it, right? Well, what if there was a way to do that without even having to change venues? 

What you can do is arrange for an impressive international buffet spread where the food is masterfully arranged like an international food trip. This way guests can have appetizers from Japan, pasta from Italy, steaks from Australia, and desserts from Mexico — or any other combination you think your guests might appreciate.

5. Escape Room Experience

As long as you are on the lookout for something different, you might want to consider arranging an escape room experience as the main entertainment for your next luxury event.

It is an activity that people can enjoy in groups, so you can ensure that there won’t be any dull moments at your next event. Make sure you incorporate your event’s overarching theme into your escape room experience for the best results.

6. Virtual Reality Booths

7 Impressive Luxury Events Ideas and Concepts for TodayApart from the escape room experience as your main entertainment, you need a couple of other fun booths unless you want to deal with people getting impatient in line for a turn in the escape room.

But jail booths, wedding booths, and kissing booths are all a little played out, not to mention a little too gauche to be considered luxurious.

7. Low-key Cleanup Crew

Finally, you should make every effort to stage a COVID-free event without sacrificing the luxurious feel of your happening.

While it is pretty challenging to make surgical masks and disinfectant bottles look glamorous, surely you can find a group that offers lowkey cleanup services from people who can do it while looking like a million bucks.

Just pick one or two ideas from this list and you can already stage the luxury event of the century — oh, and congratulations in advance.

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