5 Lucrative Business Ideas for Teenagers and Adult Entrepreneurs With Zero Investment

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Written By Tina Anderson

Are you looking for business ideas for teenagers and young adults with zero or almost zero capital and you are almost giving up?

Wait a minute, just a minute! Please read on before you give up your long-term dream of having a fruitful business and a fuller bank account just because you don’t have enough investment as a teenager or young adult. 

Why? Because luckily you don’t live in the 18th century anymore!

The greatest perk of living in the 21st century is that you can use the most magnificent technological advancement of all times i.e. the internet to make your life better and less laborious. 

However, does the internet only gives us free access to a gazillion of online platforms to get information, shop, stay entertained, and connect to people or it offers so much more?

Over the years, the internet has opened innumerable virtual doors for us to grab profitable business opportunities for free and earn extra bucks to make our bank accounts look fuller. 

With the internet taking over a humungous part of our lives, it has become extremely easier for us to increase our financial inflows by doing what we love without a hitch. 

Setting up your business the traditional offline way by pitching-in a huge investment is a thing of the past! 

In today’s high-tech age, you can start an online business from your home any day without paying an arm and a leg or pitching-in a hefty investment. 

All you need is a small yet organized work-space at home, an unlimited internet connection, lots of passion to pave your way to success, and yes ZERO investment of course! 

Here are some profitable yet super affordable online business ideas for teenagers and young adults you can start with right away without going through the trouble of getting registered as a business entity and incurring high set-up costs.

1. Sell products related to your hobby 

Don’t have hefty capital but love to write, paint, sketch, and make handmade jewelry or quirky lamps? 

If yes, then you can set up your shop on various online shopping sites and make money through your hobby conveniently. 

Selling your passionately made products on online market platforms increases your exposure and helps you target a greater market segment to establish a profitable business. 

Some online buy and sell sites let you participate in drop shipments where the goods you sell are stored at a warehouse outside your home. So, whenever someone buys a product, you have hassle-free shipment directly from the warehouse and profit straight in your bank account.

Isn’t it easy? 

Just get your creative juices flowing to come up with a unique idea and use your craft and talent to make an awesome product to hit the virtual market with a bang!

2. Offer content writing services

Over the years, since content marketing has become the heart of modern age businesses, demand for online content writers has increased considerably. 

If you can think out of the box, play with words and possess an impeccable typing speed then offering your content writing service is a great way to earn extra bucks while putting your creative skills to work.

To kick-start, begin by setting up your file for free on freelance websites such as Freelancer or Upwork and seek work to build your portfolio but this might take some time so be patient! A strong presence on a website will boost your credibility and attract more clients, allowing you to build a reliable clientele over time. 

By allowing potential clients to look into your work and projects you have completed on one single platform allows you to excel as a freelance writer and fill your pockets. 

3. Become a social media consultant and manager

5 Lucrative Business Ideas for Teenagers and Adult Entrepreneurs With Zero InvestmentDo you love surfing social media, follow all the latest trends, and have a knack for writing? If yes, then offering social media consultancy might be the best option for you.

Want to know why? Read on.

Even in today’s age, many entrepreneurs don’t have the time or wit to use social media to enhance brand presence and build a loyal customer following.

Moreover, some business owners don’t have the skills to understand the intricacies of social media and can’t use it at all. 

Hence, you can make money by using your knack for social media by helping entrepreneurs design a foolproof social media strategy or by handling and moderating their various online platforms from home without paying a single penny. 

4. Graphic designing

If you have an eye for design and spectacular creative skills, then offering your services on sites such as CafePress, Etsy, or Fiverr can help you grab clients and build your portfolio. 

Designing logos, info-graphics, product packages, flyers, posters, personalized gifts, and t-shirts along with numerous other particulars that an entrepreneur or company needs can be a fruitful choice if you are self-motivated and have a knack for designing.

However, never forget to boost your motivation levels and keep sharpening your skills now and then so that your concepts and designs always stand out.

5. Online tutoring

If you are a tech-savvy teenager or young adult who is good at something and possess eloquent communication skills with a passion for helping others then its best you become an online tutor or instructor. 

Many online teaching platforms such as Udemy, Learnopia, and Rcampus, etc. give a medium to online tutors to connect with millions of students from all parts of the world.

It doesn’t matter if you want to create an online training course on the latest coding programs, economics, playing a musical instrument, animation, or photography, you can teach any skills to others depending on your expertise. 

All you need is to create an interactive course plan, gather necessary course material and equipment, manage time to plan lessons and you can jump right in to start designing your training course and earn a handsome income yearly. 

Takeaway: Lucrative business ideas for teenagers and adult entrepreneurs

With everything becoming extremely internet-oriented each day, setting up a modern business has never been as easy as it is today. 

All thanks to the internet, now you can start a business with little or no capital and still make an ample amount of profit in the long-run and fulfill your dreams. 

However, always be vigilant and assess all online platforms and clients that you choose to work with to avoid any scams or frauds. 

I hope these business ideas for teenagers and young adults are good enough to strike a chord and have encouraged you enough to gather your wits and start a new business venture… without funds of course! 

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